Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Carve on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Carve on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay, so we’ve had
a few weeks on the slopes we’re ready to try some advanced techniques. One of the first
ones you may try is carving. Carving is putting the board on a steep edge. So just the edge
of the board is in the snow and making turns really no skating whatsoever. A lot more dynamic,
it’s important that your body is more dynamic. I’m going to ride away you can watch me carve.
That’s carving.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Carve on a Snowboard

  1. Connor Abbott says:

    it would be nice to see more upper body moment to compensate with your edge hold

  2. crazypianolady says:

    He makes it look so easy!

  3. ezekiel0920 says:

    i find it harder to carve on my heel edge.. any tips?

  4. iz2sicc says:

    @zachspeakz Wrong. That is a common misconception of carving. You can carve without ever transitioning into the opposite turn. What you are describing is exactly what you said, "linking turns." Carving is applying pressure to either the toe or heel edge of the board and allowing the board to ride out. You are doing a carve correctly if the track you leave behind you is a thin line. This means that your tail edge followed along the same exact path as the nose edge.

  5. iz2sicc says:

    @iz2sicc What this guy in the video is doing is allowing the sidecut of the board to dictate the turn radius. If you want deeper, tighter carves, upper body will come into play. There are situations where you are going to need to turn those shoulders. Especially in mogul fields. Try navigating a mogul field using just your lower body. Upper body and hip usage is also needed in steep runs. You are right about the arm thing though. Keep them tucked and steady.

  6. iz2sicc says:

    @Zigz94 Ah.. I thought you were hating on Shaun White in general. I saw a lot of haters turn into supporters after his performance in the Olympics. He was very visibly head and shoulders above the rest.

  7. iz2sicc says:

    @zachspeakz I do tree runs carefully. I do a dry run first. This is where I do it mellow to plan an attack route and make sure it's free of wells. Next run through, I go at it. If you have a clear path, carving around them is fine. However, in tight situations, you are going to want to use skidded turns. This is sort of like a fish tail movement with the tail of your board. The purpose of this is to make quick and tight turns while scraping your speed so you don't go too fast right into a tree.

  8. Ruben Ratkusic says:

    @ezekiel0920 seriously ? i found it like waaaay harder to carve on the toe edge. But what i did was that i started driving down the hill while braking in an toe edge position. And then i started to get a feeling of it

  9. SerendipitousJ says:

    That's carving!! Hahaha he looked so happy at the end!

  10. Ramon Santiago says:

    is it just me or is it ALOT easier to heel carve rather than toe carve?

  11. JDShortFilms says:

    @XB0XFR34K nah mate, for me, its just easy both ways tbh

  12. Ramon Santiago says:

    @JDShortFilms idk why but i just have trouble sometimes toe carving

  13. JDShortFilms says:

    @XB0XFR34K how long you been boarding for?

  14. Ramon Santiago says:

    @JDShortFilms when i lived in germany i boarded in the mountains for 2 years (once a year) and im in virginia now and i boarded last winter ……so its on and off but i know the basics

  15. JDShortFilms says:

    @XB0XFR34K so you find it harder to toe edge, i can understand why, i suppose it feels much more natural leaning backwards up the mountain, rather than forwards down the mountain; maybe try the falling leaf on your toe edge, and then try riding switch, then it will be really easy when you swap back round

  16. GarrettTheBiker .garrett says:

    carvings easy

  17. barrowscasper12 says:

    @Skratch3hot bend ur knee's as much as possible so that u can get over bumps whitout problems and from heel to toe just practice allot. and bend ur knees at a confortable angle not just as far as it goes 😛

  18. Nathan B says:

    people are hating on him and i admit that this isnt the best video but i think it actually might be the best carving video on youtube right now. At least he explained the difference between what is considered "carving" and what is a regular turn persay.

  19. Cailey Dawn says:

    i catch edge when i try to do that…

  20. maxdelay says:

    If you like carving use alpine snowboard….. this snowboard is for other situations

  21. wilf648 says:

    This is how you carve!!!!! How to Snowboard: Extreme Carving Opus 3

  22. BGTOCAK says:

    If that was me at 0:42 there would be an accident right there

  23. Cive Dino says:

    thank you dude 😉 🙂

  24. pwpro says:

    @TheAmericanWhimp faster.
    it is skid that slows u down.
    afaik, linking turns without skid is called carving.

  25. Zyncler says:

    anyone got a link on a video on how to just carve with your tail end? you know to like maintain speed without going into a stop position?

  26. beanazz says:

    i think the easiest way to explain carving is when you begin your turn, lets say toeside, face 45degrees diagonaly downhill, put your board on your toe edge, and try to keep going at the 45degree angle. you'll find your board naturally turns without skidding. Thats carvingXD

  27. zeyneb majid says:

    screw the guy boarding! that is one talented camera man!

  28. Tiffany Wong says:

    @zsoccastar007 i would guess he was either filming from a little automated buggy thingy or on skis. most likely not on a snowboard.

  29. Adam Naništa says:

    pro snowboard tip : ollie

  30. jahwarrior69 says:

    if carving is for advanced snowboarders than I am uber pro

  31. mexalkid says:

    i hate stoping at this speed man i caught the snow one time and hurt my back i wemt flying

  32. ali gasimov says:

    the only thing that i liked in this video that ther wasnt any ads

  33. Koen Scheltenaar says:

    What are all these bad reactions? This guy carves really good!

  34. Amy Zhang says:

    on the toe side turns, he looks like he's kneeling on the snow. its so cool.

  35. alinazmi says:

    when i carve i have a tendency to give my weight to the tail of the board is that ok?

  36. Koen Scheltenaar says:

    @apexiblaster I get you point :p

  37. Mario Matis says:

    @alinazmi you should give it to the nose

  38. alinazmi says:

    @supermariom1998 OK thanks…

  39. Redsonjiamoo says:

    Been looking at alot of these but this guy ufp1701 seems to be a really good teacher. Ive just started snowboarding was looking for some tips. I just wish I had found this guy before my frist go a snowboarding. Thumbs it up if you watch his videos too 😀

  40. Jeremy Petropoulos says:

    @zsoccastar007 pretty dialled cam man lol anyway im going on a snow trip nxt month anyone got any tips 4 me lol never been but i feel i will take to it very easily as iused to skate a bit now i i scoot i also rode BMX for bout 1 1/2 years lol 😛 any tips and feedback would be much appriciated peace out 😛

  41. Jeremy Petropoulos says:

    @jeremysc00ts also its gonna be so dif coz im a reg on BMX(good footback) but ima natural goofy on skateboard and scooter hahah peace out 😛 (again lol dub peace haha:)

  42. proddywinks says:

    Ive watched a few of this guys other videos on carving . This is the first one where he is ACTUALLY carving . Not very dynamically but to be expected in an instructional video. I started searching through this guys segments B/C in one of the other vids he was saying you should ride the tail when carving which is wrong. Here in this vid though hes got better form. Ive been teaching snowboarding for 15 years and i couldnt imaging that the aspen snowsports school would want peeps Ruddering.

  43. J C says:

    @metalcore211 what kind of board are you using?

  44. J C says:

    @metalcore211 When you carve you need to bend your knees when you're leaning forward and squat when you are leaning back.

  45. Chuck Pederson says:

    Great Video! i know that i was going to slow before!

  46. Louis4357 says:

    i dont really feel like i learned anything…

  47. Filip Voss Åkerström says:


  48. W33DProduczion says:

    Its not realy cool

  49. razorcon92 says:

    alot of people are complaining about how his videos are not very inciteful.maybe if you'd stop objecting his explanation on how it should be done you'd learn something;i went snowboarding yesterday and i remembered what he said about basic manuvering when trying to turn and quote "a little weight on the back of the board nose in the air and a slight turn"it worked effectivly for my first try soooo………yeah…..any questions???????

  50. Col Frogfoot says:

    the camera man was probably skiing

  51. Skiman Lachapelle says:

    Advanced ? its one of the basics

  52. Huntgod920 says:

    Going for my first time next week.. any tips? And how do I know if im Regular or Goofey? I skateboard gooffy

  53. Just Some Fails says:

    Awesome Camera Work

  54. Stephen Westerling says:

    @WillDrawenek if you skate goofy you'll probably snowboarding goofy as well. Learn to carve first. It's tough at first but if you practice you'll get used to it

  55. MegaSugarManiac says:

    Ur videos don't explain anything so DISLIKE!!!!

  56. Hana212 says:

    You just demonstrated it. I need you to explain it.

  57. Mason Bot says:

    He's carving way too big

  58. itzThatKidAMAC26 says:

    This guy is a boss

  59. louhazosc says:

    Maybe I missed the "How to" section in this…Re-name the video to "Watch me Carve"

  60. Chris Little says:

    no instruction at all, just a guy saying be dynamic and watch me carve.

  61. Natalie Cheetham says:

    …. I learned nothing

  62. Tuomas Kokkonen says:

    Cameraman really is good but you talk way too much…

  63. Richard Polk says:

    Awesome. No instruction on how to do it whatsoever. Another massive phail for expertvillage.

  64. Mg.Productions says:

    watch and learn, watching should be enough, just analize his riding,body position and go out there and try

  65. Moth says:

    i think the camera man is on skis

  66. TheThumbStrum says:

    It sounds like hes in a cardboard box talking to us

  67. Shifty Moon-Sugar says:

    it sounds like an earthquake when hes going down the hill.

  68. Bentley Beckley says:

    I can carve both ways, I just wanted to laugh at how simple it is, after you learn. BTW, some good advice, when going from heel to toe side, is to make FAST transitions, and make your board more parrallel to the run, the slower you start the easier it is to feel how you do it.

  69. TheTillhammer says:

    Im here to relearn some of that muscle memory. Im going riding for the first time in 4 years in a couple of days

  70. Lucifer Johnson says:

    If that was me from 0:35 – 1:18 there would have been an accident.

  71. Lucan Gagnon says:

    1:22 Get then London look!

  72. LokiDoki says:

    screw the video I learned this on my own 😀

  73. Jonathan Thienes says:

    This video taught me nothing…

  74. Rachael Miller says:

    hes better than all of yous so shut up

  75. Sharkis011 says:

    more likes than the video lol

  76. Chris Riddle says:

    Expert village is a waste of time 100% of the time.

  77. sk8FreakOoo says:

    Wow thanks for that I learned so much! Not.

  78. Volkan Yavuz says:

    video is useless

  79. Nathan de Vries says:

    Filmmaker: Carolyne Harvey .. I suppose you mean WOman 😉

  80. mag400 says:

    … I'm so new to snowboarding that I actually learned something from this video.

  81. K Russell says:

    That's… being a dick…

  82. d Chi87 says:

    Shits lame …no explanation .

  83. TaraTeen says:

    Wank !

  84. Stephen Curtiss says:

    Any suggestions on what a good video would be?

  85. Skyler Lee says:

    U didnt even show it right lol u jst did it

  86. evilpinne says:

    checkout Mathieu Bozzettos short clip on it here on youtube, just search for his name and carving and you should find it. It will explain it somewhat at least.

  87. EpicSPAZmonkey says:

    how is this a "How To"?

  88. Howard H says:

    Useless video. Learned nothing.

  89. Miki M. says:

    You are a very good snowboarder, this is video is great  , but … There is nothing for lesson . Please , explain the tehnique of carving , step by step .

  90. Vitaly Savicks says:

    Utterly Useless Snowboarding Video: How To

  91. tacos4u632 says:

    well, thats expert village for you

  92. Daniel Martinez says:

    You mean "Let me show you how I carve on a snowboard." Absolutely nothing educational about this video. 

  93. kshamwhizzle says:

    you sound like you're from London!

  94. TheConan1978 says:

    Thats carving!!

  95. Peter Muster says:

    this is not really advanced

  96. GPS to GO says:

    Love it!!

  97. Paul Kubin says:

    Second of your videos that were basically "watch me do it," and zero about HOW to do it.

  98. Norman Bfifteen says:

    Mr Huge blindspot… Didnt even see the other boarder that almost collided with him.

  99. TkiFilms says:

    This video is actually useful if you've already tried carving be cause it shows you what it should look like

  100. Rotaks says:

    This video finally shows me PROPER posistion!

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