Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Absorb Terrain when Snowboarding Powder

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Absorb Terrain when Snowboarding Powder

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. So, the thing about
riding powder is you can ride it a lot faster and a lot more variable terrain. However,
you do need to ready for that terrain and to absorb it, that’s why we’ve been flexing
our legs. If you do go off of your jumps make sure you land, you get your landing on a flat
board and you’re landing with flexed knees. Nice and bent, so you can absorb the terrain.
Let’s see how that looks.

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Absorb Terrain when Snowboarding Powder

  1. Signum says:

    I couldnt see anything for powder lol!!

  2. mtnDEW98 says:

    what the hell is that guy saying while hes riding?! lol what is he doing making sound effects?

  3. TBITB says:

    almost kissed the tree at :43!!!

  4. tatania19 says:

    might be that you have your weight too far back. if you lean back to far it is harder to dig your toe edge in.

  5. Elliott Blackwell says:

    gahh this makes me wanna snowboard soon!

  6. zSniperGuyz says:

    yes! me too! it actually kills me because i know i have to wait till next winter and my board is just sitting in my room wanting to be ridden

  7. Elliott Blackwell says:

    haha i went! went up to mammoth. it was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  8. zSniperGuyz says:

    aah lucky!

  9. Elliott Blackwell says:

    haha yeah but the snow level was kinda low. u can go now but ud be dirt boarding XD

  10. Elliott Blackwell says:

    haha thats exactly how far i live away from mammoth

  11. 001qwertz says:


  12. usergroupX says:

    YES !!! that was hilarious !!!

  13. CrashOrgasm says:

    A little more to the East south east….

    South African

  14. tim1210 says:

    helmet saved my friends life and would have prevented my concussion… wear one

  15. AhlamSuxCock says:

    I don't get it. Maybe you could ease up on the speed and steady the camera so I can see what you mean by this absorbing the terrain. Riding fast on your demo won't get you any extra points.

  16. DevinRAR says:

    insurance to cover your inability to snowboard and be smart and NOT go into trees a week into the sport?

    Don't learn to ride in trees, ride in a open mountain.

  17. Luke Giduz says:

    riding through trees is fun and exciting, its like a maze that you have to work out super quickly or else get yourself wrecked

  18. Marcus says:

    when u jump…on powder…do u try 2 land flat or on ur tail….i hv no idea what the brit is saying…i normally board on groomed snow so yeh…im goin korea soon so i wanna knw

  19. Eirik Sørmo says:


  20. Gordon S. says:

    Hey expert village i heard u love it

  21. r0ffen says:

    I don't get it, don't really see any absorbing action there at all… Get a wider stance, keep low to the ground and go fast! Oh and get a backplate and helmet for godssake!

  22. J Smith says:

    @STorpedo actually you would be caught DEAD

  23. Matthew Mosso says:

    doesnt it seem he rides towards the trees then turns away from them really quickly?

  24. Hayden Sousa says:

    Wtf, he didnt teach anything. GOD DAMN YOU EXPERT VILLAGE STOP WASTING MY TIME!

  25. saac- afalla says:

    Tadpole140 surf in summer

  26. Rick Bellinger says:

    busch league

  27. larama says:

    why do everyone say nice and bent?

  28. walt says:

    this is just a shitty video of him snow boarding didn't teach anything

  29. Richard Molloy says:

    i waer a helmet when riding black diamonds and terrian parks

  30. Gay Gayersen says:

    Let me se you do a kickflip, you expert…..

  31. TableSide88142Orchid says:

    @TheCowboyssuperbowl O yea and with some of them steezy kids that laps through A51. Their confidence rode out with them on stretchers with fractured skulls and concussions. So I gotta hand it to you confidence might just be the key

  32. Daymjo says:

    @Peaceryder mmyea i dont think so.. I'm what you might call an 'advanced beginner' by your definition I guess. In the sense that I'm now learning to ride fakie and im jumping off natural kickers. And this shit is pointless to me. Why? Well, first of all, he's doing it wrong. He's not leaning on his back foot enough to stand out in the pow and he's constantly losing speed and thrusting as if he was having sex 0:36 … Secondly its not educational.. 'keep ur knees bent' RLY!??!

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