Advanced Snowboarding Tips : Effortless Carving on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : Effortless Carving on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Oh! So carving, what
makes it so effortless? Two things: Speed and being on the back of the board. You gotta
move your hips back or otherwise you can move your bindings back, so you have more nose
and tail. Two tips for great carving.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : Effortless Carving on a Snowboard

  1. ABruni says:

    lol. now do it downhill on a black diamond that iced over. It was also closed so no ski patrol. Needless to say bloodied up my face, tore my goggles off and my bandana. But the snowboard was OK.

  2. Jason Yang says:

    That is totally not carving. this guy sucks
    carving gives you lower angle

  3. Jason Yang says:

    and thanks for make me feel like pro.
    i'm way better then this guy but i feel still not good enough. at the beginning of video he says "ahhh carving" fuck that HAHAHAHAH

  4. Jason Yang says:

    look for alpine snowboard carving it'll wow ya

  5. M G says:

    that is like worst then my Grandma……… and she does snowboard!!!!!!!

  6. dirtastegood says:

    Yeah. That is more like harving(high carving) I think it is just that the way he is doing it is not as cool and not carving

  7. Reilly Enns says:


  8. Joe Smoe says:

    no there not

  9. weeds502 says:

    its pow dumbass

  10. Joe Smoe says:

    no the 1.99 store

  11. BillyBobTS says:

    word lol I bet it's a huge adrenalin rush I don't think I could handle it that's why I don't do it.

  12. Ian Patricia Chan says:

    Thats cos its in america… no actually thats deliberate, people usually go there cos they like powder, i hate it

  13. videmiatrix says:

    i never see a men with this loser style take some lessons before teaching snowboard . it was american snowboard !!! i'am french so that 's make me laughing so much , come in france there is real teachers !!!!!

  14. Jerry west says:

    he said EFFORTLESS carving DUMBASSES

  15. dancejinz says:

    The title is effortless carving. I'm sure he can do cross under carves, or cross over carves to make it look *cool*, but this is effortless carves.

  16. smitty bobo says:

    you sound like just another arrogant french man

  17. Bob Evens says:

    looked pretty dangerous right there at 28-29 seconds. Seems like a good way to catch an edge.

  18. Adventurer47 says:

    What the guy is saying is that you need to be positioned more towards the back of your board.

  19. PizzatheHut123 says:


  20. Exhonour1337 says:

    Lol I went to blue mountain there was so much ice and my board looks like crap now -.-

  21. Jaekn says:

    its called, you're a sheep.. Some people, dont need that shit.

  22. Ian Patricia Chan says:

    I went to my local snowdome yesterday, and due to factors of large lumps of ice at the top of the button lift, and the boxes that i went on and fell off a few times, i have big dints, and loads of little p-tex furs that have been scraped out of my base. I tried ages trying to smooth it down, but i'm gonna have to get repair candles!

  23. Thytrin says:

    For real.
    I am self taught, never yet had a lesson and snowboarding for 6 years

  24. neikophotoskate says:

    well it is effortles thats powder tru a hill lke st, lue or horshue vally no powder at all lol

  25. G says:

    my god, this powder is heaven.

  26. daveoshame says:

    i wish england had better snow

  27. Evan Gunthner says:

    i like Blue Mountain. Not so much for the snow, but they have a great atmosphere there. Very laid back.

  28. david99a says:

    well know u can come to hemel hempstead snow centre the newest and most southen one in engalnd

  29. StonePhill says:

    useless wrong tips!!!

  30. zezimaking says:

    Wohyoo.. thats some wunderfull powder up there.. where is it?

  31. yoavsivor says:

    When you're in the deep snow, you really should lean back so you don't sink. In regular snow you should lean forward.

  32. jay wh says:

    doesnt matter if you have a v-rocker, you dont need to lean back

  33. beanazz says:

    you are right but snowboarding is all about adapting to your terrain. In the powder you see in this video, if you press on your nose, your board will sink in and create alot of drag making your carve inefficient. If you carve hard enough, your nose can sink to the point where even your boots and bindings causes drag and it will flip you over (like a 180). However, on packed snow, leaning fowards is a good way to be agressive with your turn.

  34. afcanesfan says:

    i know, he might as well have jacked himself off on video and afterwards just said "ahhhh now what a great nut!"

    worthless, not instructional at all

  35. BlazzedTroll says:

    we are gonna go old fashion british parliment on youtube here and i am gonna motion to say that expertvillage be banned from youtube until the village grows and gets some people that can do more than repeat a damn title…if i wanted instructions this bad i would read a blogspot article… damn

  36. davidgeorge11 says:

    Exactly. That wasn't carving. Carving is when you're 100% (or close) to turning on nothing but the edge–not sliding your turns at all. When a board is leaving only a very narrow trail in the snow–that's carving.

  37. garrrrrrrrettttttttt says:

    yeah well……they dont usually leave the snow in parks powdery

  38. the superman says:

    aspen ski school of aspen

  39. the superman says:

    this video is still stupid. like all of the videos by this guy, he only gives you really obvious tips in the last 10 seconds of the video.

  40. Gembenjamin says:

    But doesn't that make it harder to turn, because if you lean back on ice or harder terrain the board doesn't reacts as fast in turns.

  41. Gembenjamin says:

    Cheers, thanks for the info. Will be putting it to the test next week in the alps..

  42. Anh says:

    exactly, also he doesn't transitions properly either. Carving is meant to gain speed so if you just transition from one to the other without going flatboarded (for like half a second) you lose speed

  43. TouchWhereiP says:

    today was my first day with 2 of my friends, i didn't learn how to carve, but my friend told me how he does it, and he's a lot better than this fruitcake

  44. Simon Chalifoux says:

    If you ride on pow, this is a great tip.

    For riders who ride east coast like Quebec maybe you should try to put more whieght on your front foot.
    Makes the nose edge grip in the ice or groomed snow, then lean back to finish the turn.
    You attack the next turn by putting some pressure on the nose again. Or maybe just go buy a snowboard course for an hjour or two and don't listen to that guy. who resume some hours of practice and a lot of concept in two phrases…

  45. Unicorn Girl333 says:

    carving is easy once go for 10 hours strait and cant go to work for 2 days cause u fell on ur ass like 200 times

  46. akajambas says:

    these videos are fucking stupid, those aren;t even good tips, stupid bitches

  47. Steve Yuan says:

    it's over?

  48. James Neale says:

    use your knees buddy

  49. Cadam2019 says:

    @afcanesfan i lold

  50. Ruben Ratkusic says:

    LOL… these tips suck. so does the cc sync :L

  51. asd asd says:

    learn boarding 😉

  52. Will Adler says:

    that was breaking down the mountian not carving lmao

  53. Kyle Mays says:

    Ya nice. I've been on a run like that where there's powder and it's not straight down. Which one is that

  54. docsharp00 says:

    @ottob916 just remember, the french femal team was the best for paralel slalom and boarder cross (Karine Ruby, isabelle blanc, deborah anthonioz), the french male team was also the best for some years at the boardercross, HP big air (mathieux crepel, xavier de la rue, pierre vaultier)… don't think that you are the best of the world guys 😉

  55. miketwo345 says:


  56. rshenster says:


  57. Prankster10001 says:

    0:37 Using the chair lift. Your doing it wrong.

  58. Josh Nesmith says:

    again wtf

  59. jsnoopy10 says:

    anyone else notice the skier walking up the mountain in the background?

  60. Miles BRAH says:

    Somebody give him the link to a video like "How to give good tips for carving."

  61. Chinh Phan says:

    @polywoly15 that's what expert village does…they talk more than teach.

  62. reddog418 says:

    Worthless. Is carving that easy on POWDER? Yes. Groomed runs? Fuck no. You can't get away with that shit on harder snow, you'd be bombing down the mountain.

  63. Grant Robarts says:

    What does "expertvillage" come up with ANYTHING about "how to…" Most of their videos are absoulutely horrible, like anything to do with dirtbike trail riding or motocross.

  64. Nedelcho Nedelchev says:

    @Prankster10001 I think he has different skis, look at them. 😀

  65. Sam p says:

    this guy sucks. Im gonna talk to expert village and see If I can replace his videos. He barely said anything about carving, and most of what he said was wrong..

  66. DarthLai says:

    0:40 in the background, lol?

  67. RetroRotor7 says:

    fresh pow!!!

  68. Grant Thomas says:

    @avilionstars How is he not carving right? You are a disgrace to the snowboarding community if all you do is critique other people's riding styles. There is not a right way to snowboard, you just do it!!

  69. skidrowdie says:

    It's like surfing…. on snow!

  70. TwFManiacal says:

    Yeah this guy must suck!!!!!!Because a Aspen Ski resort is gonna hire a amateur snowboarder to be a teacher!!Like really kids, shut the fuck up!!If you already know that his vids arent for you then stop watching them!!!!There are plenty of others who have different videos on youtube

  71. shy0dusk says:

    @samsamsamsamsamaaaaa iknow righ for starters wtf was he riding without his board on his head i mean wtflolitrlb8 everyone know you don't use your feet and he didn't put anybackside 10's in i mean common he should put the fucking cheats on. This is near perfect carving in near perfect pow get the fuck used to it kid.

  72. shy0dusk says:

    anyone notice the skier hiking up underneath the chair. I'd only hike for backcountry.

  73. Charly Schwarz says:

    wie steif ist er denn da runter? und der frontside war ja mal unter aller sau

  74. Sam p says:

    @shy0dusk video should be titled: beginners snowboarding tips: ugly short radius carving in powder.. looks fun, but try doing it on a 40 degree face in taos making wide turns with no pivot or aft movement. not floatin little bitch turns down the bunny hill. And with the misleading title, dumbass texans will be on the mountains taking your very limited advice on "how to carve" onto groomers, flying into trees and causing other catastrophes trying to turn leaning way over their back foot..

  75. blueovaltrucks says:

    you need powerd for what he is doing!

  76. Steven Chingling says:

    Yes. You've shown me you're skills. Now can you give me a tutorial! I'm just kidding..

  77. ThriftyCougar says:

    ha this guy does semi bad tutorials and guys tuts help but you still learn from experience you just gotta go out and experiment

  78. Cali MD says:

    damn it!!!! a worthless expert village video, the second i clicked and seen the name, i paused, left this comment expressing how worthless everything on expert village is, and proceeded enjoying YouTube.

  79. SimenMagnussen says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, press and hold 9 XD

  80. nitram801 says:

    ?? he looked a little in the back leg to me…

  81. Trouttaranaki says:

    Kevin you might as well be on ski's, that was a waste of a nice slope!

  82. proddywinks says:

    Ive been teaching snowboarding for 15 years! In all those years we have NEVER tought peeps to ride the back of their board. Must be a west coast thing /shrug.

  83. xXGEN3000KBMXx says:

    @polywoly15 no not jk…… was true

  84. Kirk Madgwick says:

    yeah especially this one

  85. Helenka Filar says:

    yeah, must say that youre a genius. this is briefing my friend, not teaching.

  86. Midknight1124 says:

    Today I learned I'd like to snowboard in powder

  87. xAlliance says:

    nice lightsaber.

  88. Chuck Norris says:

    @calumnicol lol snow shoer

  89. Sam Ocean says:

    *to the dude in the back* your going the wrong way mate 🙂

  90. willysheepboy says:

    aka speed checks…

  91. Konstantinos Bakopanos says:

    he is standing up like an antenna! this is no carving mate!

  92. trickie355 says:

    I would like to see that beautiful snakey line that you can only get from carving after doing that little run. Methinks it may look a little flat. Interesting demo though. As an aside I too have been teaching for over 10 years. =)

  93. floyd084 says:

    seriously, he didn't specify how you want to be on the back of your board when your in powder. put too much back foot on packed snow and you lose control. If carving was as simple as knowing two words nobody would need these videos. Try the Snow Professor, much better explanations.

  94. freetheflow says:

    "Ta-daaa and that was me carving. Thanks for paying me to snowboard and talk about nothing Expert Village!" – The Guy in This Video

  95. lifeshort says:

    His name's Kevin, you penis.

  96. lifeshort says:


  97. wilmsoful says:

    that doesn't make it any better. And "you" was right. not you're.

  98. lifeshort says:

    He didn't write "you", he wrote your which is possessive. You're is the contraction of you are.

  99. wilmsoful says:

    In that case there's an "a" missing. Thanks.

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