Advanced Snowboarding Tips : Dynamic Free Carving on a Snowboard

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : Dynamic Free Carving on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the
Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay, so a dynamic
free carving. It’s basically a blend of the two skills, you’ve just seen the crossover,
standing tall, and then the cross-under using our ankles and our knees to really make the
board turn in the different shapes and go fast. Let’s see how it goes. We’re going to
turn around.

Antonio Breitenberg

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77 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding Tips : Dynamic Free Carving on a Snowboard

  1. 60X3-paaulsens says:

    Omg u got 68,000 videos

  2. 1337superboy says:

    from what i know you have to shift your hips forward and back ward during heel side to toe side transitions and vice versa

  3. Alex Z. says:

    this helped me out at least a little bit.

  4. dance2advance says:

    Where is this taken?

  5. Dylan Weberbauer - Session Keyboardist says:

    that really is outstanding filming

  6. marsdog says:

    pizza!!…french fries!!

  7. kingrolandofdruidia says:

    You call that carving. If you came out and played on the east coast ice hills you would be screwed. Tip, get yourself a donek or coiler or f2 and a set of trench diggers if you want to lay down some skier swallowing ruts while doing some body dragging eurocarves.If not, thats cool, just go back to skidding around and stop calling it carving

  8. Melanie B says:

    he's definitely not European.. nice try though.

  9. kingrolandofdruidia says:

    Who's whinning? Yea I came off a bit harsh, but what is shown in this clip is not advanced carving. Im not saying the guy in the vid can't ride or that style of riding isn't accecptable but its not advanced carving. To much skidding and rudder turning, no angulation. If you want to see real advanced carving check out one of the purecarve clips.

  10. kingrolandofdruidia says:

    or check out some of the swoard extremecarve vids

  11. infoowetrust says:

    Aspen Snowmass….wow no one there. Awesome roadtrip

  12. John Inglis says:

    What goggles are you wearing, i know there anons but what model?

  13. andrew cotterill says:

    bloody yanks whine winge life live it. who cares about all this.

  14. videmiatrix says:

    another poor video of a poor teacher with poor style just turn right turn left jump twenty centimetre what an amazing technique make laughting us make other one it's video gag ah!ah!ah!!!!!

  15. dancejinz says:

    This is how everyone should carve. This takes years of experience, you must be able to incorporate some advance techniques to be able to carve this effortless. Unfortunately most people think that just because they've learned to carve ( or link skid turns ) that they've mastered carving, mastering it takes a lot of time and effort and years of practice.

  16. Maciej Długosz says:

    buhahaha that's shit. u dumb asses call it carving . lame lame lame and lame again

  17. Raph. Nom. says:

    Brrr, ugly style. Not very stable. Nothing to teach about.

  18. NTAFNM says:

    from what i've seen, that mountain is choice.

  19. Ian Patricia Chan says:

    How evevry one SHOULD carve. then i am deeply apologetic. 🙂

  20. Eric Colby says:

    there are many different ways to carve, and ways to balance your body weight while you carve. It does take alot of experience. And movin your backfoot into the snow and how much edge you put into your carve, also body weight throws a factor. the best way to learn this stuff is by doing, and practice. I never learned from watchin videos, just gotta get a feel for it

  21. Ainsley Harriott says:

    fuck you thats what its called wanna cry about it be my guest

  22. Will Burton says:

    It's a big "SLOW DOWN" sign

  23. WINNONAAA says:

    That's the shadow.

  24. sithspwn says:

    The "point" is to show you, idiot. If you want to do what he does, mimic him. Some people learn best when shown. There are plenty of others videos out there to suit your particular learning style if these types of videos don't.

  25. Daniel G says:

    well said!

    A picture says a thousand words. Imagine how many words this video says.

  26. 메케산대포쑤시개 says:

    stop preaching idiot

  27. superdonyoungy says:

    he's not as good as he thinks he is, still needs to neaten up his stance

  28. superdonyoungy says:

    Yep, correct, I didn't say it wasn't.

    With a good stance you should be able to swap between the regular (natural) and goofy fairly easily.

    The perfect stance leaves you centred over the board head turned the way you want to go and squatting down a little through the knees, not getting low by leaning at the waist and concentrating on not bringing your rear shoulder around so your upper body is square to the bottom of the mountain.

    The rookie academy in NZ churns out some good riders.

  29. superdonyoungy says:

    Don't get me wrong, he's still very good.

    At 0.35 seconds he swings his back arm around to the front to throw in a speed check, he needs to do it as he needs to shake some speed but that motion is one you will use constantly if you're learning, completely acceptable in this case but an example of "scruffy" riding.

    To spot a beginner look for that back arm and rear shoulder coming around to the front, to get rid of it, concentrate on turning your head 90 degrees and keep your shoulders in line

  30. superdonyoungy says:


    Yeh mate, I got that lol, sorry my bad! I'll explain, regular is a snowboard term

    Right foot forward is always called goofy in board sports IE. surfing skateboarding etc… it comes from surfing btw. In surfing (which I do all the time) left foot forward is known as natural and it sometimes is in skateboarding, depending on where in the world you are.
    In snowboarding left foot forward is known as regular (generally) unless you (like myself) ride with guys who also surf and skate.

  31. h8termsofuse says:

    haha whats that?
    totally agree with bloodyknuklz…
    this is neither dynamic nor anything called freecarving :DDDDD
    bit flat for carving at all

  32. alex calina says:

    i agree man 100% because thats how i learned and it took me only 1 day : )

  33. Hardcoreliefhebber says:

    Learn how to fall.

    And most importently don't be scared to fall!
    Everybody fall's at first. After a while you feel much more secure and you will try/fall.
    Then on a moment it's some sort of a "Click" and youre off :).

    Have fun!

  34. SilentAssassin says:

    i agree. and don't break your falls with your hands, cause that's how people break their arms and wrist. Well this holds true for the most part.

  35. James Hayward says:

    that's advanced…well then I'm a pro. I'll just change my name to Mrs. pro britches…Shredder of the Gnar

  36. James Hayward says:

    and if your board is flat and your feet are flat and your legs are straight when your going down the mtn, call the dentist, cause you're gonna catch a mean edge and knock your teeth out….work your board…..lazy asses. lol

  37. Amy Ellis says:

    @kingrolandofdruidia Right on the money fellow shredder. The angulation is minimal and he is using his upper body WAY too much.

  38. Ethan Welker says:

    omg i miss snowboarding sooo much i hat summer

  39. beanazz says:

    did the description just say he was a professional snowboarder?…

  40. Alex says:

    omg I give credits to the cameraman

  41. Alex says:

    @mcebro07 omg me too.. where do you live?

  42. DavidSkis says:

    It would be nice to see some higher edge angles in the carving. Nice of you to post the video though.

  43. DavidSkis says:

    It would be nice to see some higher edge angles in the carving. Nice of you to post the video though. Can't wait for winter!

  44. xXbackcountryXx says:

    @dancejinz This would not take years to learn are you kidding me? Someone could learn this in less than a couple weeks a slow learner maybe a season but freaking years I don't think so unless you have a serious learning disability!

  45. Scavonii says:

    that was not dynamic at all. that was like the most basic carve and you skidded out a bit. they should find some better people for these videos

  46. Scavonii says:

    @mizukisegema ok so what. i don't care how long he has been boarding. he is not that good. he is completely static. there is no flextion or extension at all for one and he is not twisting and rolling the broad on foot after the other like you should be with a dynamic carve. and he is not helping out anyone when he is not offering any good input to what you should be doing what you should in a proper dynamic carve

  47. Leave no Trace says:

    That does not look like snowboarding, that looks more like standing lazy on board. Use your body to make more radical carves and stay low, then you have better stability and better ability to control your body, and your board. Dont give bad advices.

  48. Leave no Trace says:

    @123Proudmama You can't just bent your knees and keep your torso up. You need to lower them both. It's our more natural position that way. But reason why people stand straight and look lazy, is that bending knees and staying low is extremely demanding for your body to stay that way, you need to train for that.

  49. Chris Ehle says:

    @Scavonii Nice, I agree, his body is to static, and I didn't see any torsional flex.


    @MyThaddius yeah, a lot

  51. Skandalos says:

    LOL why do people call this carving? It just isnt.

  52. seiyab24 says:

    @Skandalos how is it not carving.

  53. Charmaine Li says:

    @MyThaddius Kind of. You have an advantage because you're used to standing in that position. For me, I just came back from my 4th time snowboarding and I'm also a longboarding. I found turning quite difficult in the beginning, since it's not merely weight distribution by foot but moving the entire body. However, once you get past the learning curve (like I did today! and did a whole run) it's REALLY fun!

  54. Charmaine Li says:

    What's the difference between skid turns and carving? Thanks, I'm a beginner.

  55. ecurb dnyl says:

    These are fine turns but not great examples of a dynamic turn. You're still riding fairly static .

  56. Tomasio says:

    thats some sexy carving

  57. KillyMcPhilly says:

    damn… i wish i could carve that well

  58. timothée Chancel says:

    c'est quoi c'te godille de guignol?

  59. Troy Martin says:

    A nice clip of a bloke riding fast down a slope but there are more informative clips available on youtube.

  60. 259haru11 says:

    Good job. Wish the videos were a bit longer and informative though.

  61. Simon Timbs says:

    @DarknessBlooding you're telling someone that has 3k+ days of experience boarding….maybe you should accept the fact that he knows more about it than you and learn from him instead of making yourself look like an idiot by criticising him.

  62. Aleksey Kuzmenko says:

    @dancejinz deep observation about noob shit. yes, i have nothing better to do, just like ur pointless comment.

  63. Eric Su says:

    lebron traveled

  64. TBF82 says:

    @TschernoBillFilms You're right, Opus 3 is cool…!

  65. sebreens says:

    actually, he does it pretty unconfident

  66. aarya09 says:

    i probably have been boarding 1/100th the amount of times this guy probably has, but i would mob on him and carve with much more steeze, there is nothing dynamic about his unconfident static "carving" hes probably normally a skier hah

  67. Scavonii says:

    ok but by the time you get to carving you should be a more dynamic rider than that. and then there is also the fast that he is not even really carving. He is actually doing nothing more then a high speed skidded turn which is fairly easy to see from the snow spray coming from under his board and the track he leaves in the snow is way to wide for him to be carving

  68. Will B says:

    he has a positive stance, instead of the duck, so it looks weird

  69. superdonyoungy says:

    Yep, swung around too much, no good for landing switch and weight distributed to the rear causing the rear shoulder to come around on the toe edge thus making him skid out a little, which is ironic considering its a vid on carving,

  70. FailBoatGaming says:

    I think he's from aspen Colorado

  71. nowpantsless says:

    id be embarrassed showing that kind of riding as 'carving', you cant even keep an edge all the way through a turn

  72. vinh photog says:

    Dude, this looks great…but you're not teaching us how to carve or providing us any useful tip.

  73. ERIC BRAMMER says:

    This is AASI "dumbed down softboot carving" at its pinnacle. MY hip, on a 200cm Tanker, is NOT 2-1/2' above the snow mid-turn, but rather 4"-7" off of the snow, mid-turn (oh, and I'm 51 yrs.old), even in softboots. On Plates (oh, Lordy, did I mention PLATES in conjunction with AASI— Forgive me, they know not of what I say) I'm LOWER by another 4", on both turns. No, this, while it's technically 'carving', is about as dynamic as racing in a Dodge Minivan… It sux

  74. ERIC BRAMMER says:

    Oh, and, my 9 Yr. old could carve better than this 2 years ago, on his Chopper! He does half-loops, Toeside, carving at 45* to the snow, with ease. And, he lives in Alabama…

  75. Arrslicker says:

    Where are the tips?!??!

    reported for false title and tags.

  76. Christoph says:

    This is Bullshit!

  77. Bob Dobalina says:

    . . . and dude, get a wind-protector thingy for that mic. 😉

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