Advanced Snowboarding Part 1 GET SPEED… GET AIR!

Advanced Snowboarding Part 1 GET SPEED… GET AIR!

Now we’re going to talk about flat board drills. These are done outside of the park first and it really helps out with the Approach, the first part of ATML Which is the most important part of it. If your approach has ever messed up, You usually shouldn’t go off it. If you’re hesitating You shouldn’t go off because you generally, you’re going to need to have all that speed or momentum. Any Hesitation can really set up a bad landing. So as far as the Approach What we want to do is go straight 10 to 30 feet so a flat board drill is just that, we want to start keeping our board flat and straight for at least 10 to 30 feet and Once we start going straight and flat like that. There’s no friction/least friction We’re just going down the way the gravity pushes us, so we’re going to start going down the fall line we carry a lot of speed and then we’re going to do a quick stop or a power stop so that we slow down fast and we can do it again. Now you want to try doing these both toeside and heelside power stops so that you can get Comfortable in case in the park you have to do that quick movement. It’s something that you use in Necessity and sometimes you use it as in fun so this drill is Pointing your board straight and flat and then count to see how long you go straight and maybe Calculate your distance and see how long you can go Build it up So maybe I go straight for Two or three seconds the next time five seconds next time eight and ten maybe fifteen twenty seconds see how long you can go as you progress through this drill You you actually ride it longer. See how long you can hold and see if you can go down steeper terrain because your approach as you get into kickers and big jumps. It’s a really steep Ramp as you come into it So you want to build. You progress up by seeing how long you can do it and then steeper terrain as well This really helps out with the Approach part of ATML. Go do these flat board drills. Have fun! This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR!

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