Advanced Snowboarding GET AIR…Land Big Jumps!

Advanced Snowboarding GET AIR…Land Big Jumps!

Kickers and jumps. The big key to hitting kickers and jumps is Be nice and straight and carrying speed. I think the number one thing about hitting jumps is the speed. So what I like to do before I go out and do kickers is some of the drills I’ve talked about before the ten to Thirty foot rule the flat board drills Just being really comfortable going straight and carrying a lot of speed When I’m taking someone through the park that has never been through it well I don’t actually hit the actual ramp if there’s room to the sides then I usually have them go to the sides and maybe jump a little at That just right at the apex here so that I’m in the air a little bit and I get the to fill that unweighted ness Because a lot of the times they build the kicker & the ramps, and they’ve still got the the feature on the side The roller-Where you Know you can go off of the actual ramp or you can go off to the side of it-the roller And if you’re carrying that speed and you actually jump a little bit that’s the first thing to help you to build and and to get your body feeling that unweighted ness. So after I’ve really gotten comfortable going the off the rollers-the side of the the kickers of the ramps, and I’m ready to hit the actual kicker Remember ATML Approach that’s the number one thing make sure that I’ve got enough speed and that I’m going straight for at least ten to Thirty feet That means I’m not doing the S-turns. If I haven’t hit the jumps or kickers I look at other people and seeing how much speed they’re carrying and how much speed. Where they speed check. So I’d like to to look at the jump and I usually can calculate how much speed I need to to carry into the jump and Then as I hit hit the ramp and I come to the top I usually pull my legs up -jump Ollie Usually I don’t really do a lot of aggressive movement. I just let the The board actually kind of get shot off, but yeah, you can jump you can create more more more height if you do jump, and I pull my landing gear up, so After I’ve taken off, and I’m in the air I always like to pull my legs up and and try if it’s more than five to six feet I usually always try to get a grab in because I’m a lot more solid You’ll see a lot of people rolling down the windows though we call that rolling down the windows because they’re out of out of control a little bit off balance, so You might accidentally roll down the windows the first three jumps But start trying to get some some type of grab whether it’s your back hand your front hand if it’s mutes, stale fish, nose grab whatever, but the easiest grabs usually just just right down and The closest right here on the toeside right here if you start doing Behind you on the heelside it starts to get a little bit more complicated But your maneuver pull your legs up and if you don’t do the grab you’re at least nice And you’re more solid so pull your legs up and then while you’re in the air You’re nice doing your trick your maneuver And then at your landing you want to make sure that you get your board nice and straight again and I I like to to either land like an airplane does where the tail first and then smack so it’s kind of like a Beaver Smacking it’s it’s tail on the water. So you’re really stomping your landing meaning that as you come down You’re really extending through it and you know either I either come down with my tail first, and then my nose or all at once I don’t want to come down on my nose first usually if I do that, I’m going to Nollie over, and I’m going to be doing some somersaults so usually land on your tail first and then your front foot or all at once and then stomp it down and that’s called stomping your landings, so as far as the jumps and kickers Get it get a lot of speed because the kicker Actually goes back up, so I’m coming down and then it comes back up and shoots me up So I need to have a lot of speed so watch other people to see your speed check and a good rule of thumb is to go a little bit faster than you think because a Lot of people underestimate and then they get the air and they land on in the flat or on the knuckle and it really hurts but it also it would be really bad if you got too much air and and Just you cleared the landing so always go through and take a look at Your your takeoff and in your landing How big is my landing? Is it only 2 or 3 feet is it? 20 or 30 feet? Is it really? I don’t have a nice deep landing is it’s more you know not as inclined is it’s not a not as much slope and the thing is you the bigger the jump is the more of a Steep grade that you want to have for your landing because if I’m carrying this speed and here. I’m coming here And if it’s flat like that, I’m really going to hurt, but if it’s nice and steep I get through there And it just carries my momentum. It’s nice and smooth Go off to the sides at first-the rollers and either jump or Ollie right as it Starts going down right. I don’t like to jump right as it’s right here at the apex right there on the knuckle I actually like to jump a little early and I lift my legs up and then if I feel a little uncomfortable or a little scared or whatever I can just Extend my legs back down and I’m back on the ground So my my board is not very far off the ground But I’m actually getting that that speed and that unweighted ness feeling and again always progress up So I start small and then go up, so maybe the the first kick or first jump your hits Maybe only two or three feet then maybe 5 or 10 feet 10 15 and build up you know 20 30 50 And as you get more and more confident you might be getting bigger and bigger jumps. You really want to be out there practicing a lot of drills before you get into the park and start hitting jumps and kickers But as you progress through that and feel more confident with your speed and your approach should be Nice and flat then you can actually start doing nice big kickers and build up so the more confidence you have The more speed you’re comfortable getting the bigger the jumps you can hit Signup at Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “Advanced Snowboarding GET AIR…Land Big Jumps!

  1. Dennis gurgasin says:

    nice vid 🙂

  2. Dennis gurgasin says:

    Ni i just Went out snowboarding and i landed the method i so happy:)

  3. Mike Chen says:

    these small hill like things by the ramp are called knuckles i think

  4. Mitch MacKenzie says:

    Caught some big air after watching this!

  5. Rafi Ramadhan says:

    0:24 lol moving to the middle of the knuckle to put skis on… uhumm

  6. Gela MP says:

    3:33 he knuckled the shit out of that jump

  7. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Ha! Yeah more speed- go a lil bit faster than you think

  8. sbecktacular says:

    the hill portion of the jump to the left or right of the lip is called the "roller"…..
    the "knuckle" is the area you need to clear after leaving the lip of the jump in order to land in the downslope.
    thank you

  9. Addison Hill says:

    Excellent freestyle snowboard tips, keep making these snowboard videos!

  10. SkyOfStorms says:

    Lol these are the jump sizes I learned on XD

  11. Matt Martin says:

    Unweightedness— weightlessness is word you were looking for. Watching a bunch of your vids, good stuff! Not trying to be a grammar btch, just a correction. Thanks for the advice!

  12. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Did anyone watch the 1/2 pipe comps for the Olympics?? Snowboarding is King!! Kim & White were amazing!! Go BIGGGG!!!!!

  13. Ross Peterson says:

    at the place I'm at there's a jump where I believe the take off is to big because I'll start at the top of the hill and straight line it, while pumping, and I dont even make it half way to the landing. any advice?

  14. C Ben says:

    2:33 lollll even though he ate shit he needs to get out of da wey

  15. Javier Cespedes says:

    2:35 lol

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