Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Waltz Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Waltz Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. Hi! My name is Bill Shanks and I’m going to
demonstrate for you a Waltz Jump. When you’re doing a Waltz Jump, it’s very important that
you keep your whole upper body strong and straight. We’re going to jump up off of our
left outside edge, up into the air, and landing on our right back outside edge. I’ll demonstrate.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Waltz Ice Skating Jump

  1. Angelique Castell says:

    it doesn't at all..

  2. Steve Ruth says:

    i'm learning how to do a toe loop and salchow. I know how to do the waltz jump, but i cant keep my leg straight when i jump :[

  3. April King says:

    my teacher always has to tell me to bend my legs, unless you mean comming out of it and the foot that's in the air. cuz yeah tht one is supposed to be straight, which is harder

  4. beckii ashton says:

    Isnt that the 3 jump? or is the waltz just the fanxy name for it? lol

  5. Priscilla Collins says:

    he's much better at explaining it than that other girl

  6. Bianca O. says:

    im learning it now my sister is teaching me it and i still hang on the wall. but, i can go fast and land in a spiral postion

  7. Bianca O. says:

    oh and im trying to get of the wall. and i learned it tonight.

  8. chimchar817 says:

    whats on his neck?

  9. xoxotessyxoxo says:

    I am in figure skating and i can do this. i find this move very graceful and awsome

  10. froggy123000 says:

    um… this is advanced? What's standard? This is the first jump i learned… I learned it as a beta…=/

  11. B. Elisabeth says:

    No, this is not a toe-assisted jump. Jump without using your toe-pick. Your coach is, for some reason, telling you wrong. Sounds like its time to find a new coach if the current one doesn't even know basic technique for one of the most basic jumps.

  12. Katie Marie says:

    yay.. i can do this jump! But we call it a three jump.. hehe.. that man is funny.. hehe

  13. Andrea C says:

    i love the waltz jump but my fav i the flip

  14. Mary Lockwood says:

    But how do you turn to skate backwards do you need to do it as quick as you can

  15. Kimberley Huggett says:

    u do it from a mohawk, and not quickly, but nice and controlled

  16. ShaunananaLynnMakeup says:

    I love the sound the skates make on ice 🙂

  17. TaraMe99 says:

    yer i was told you can do it from back crossovers or mohawk

  18. BeefyMcWhatNow? says:

    amature village!

  19. Romy Siebelink says:

    I figured this jump out on my own, I don't even take lessons in figure skating. I even didn't know it was a waltz jump.

  20. Rebecca King says:

    Wow, this is advanced? i learnt this when i was like 6.

  21. Sarah Routledge says:

    we call it a 3 jump

  22. valeriepang says:

    same here too!

  23. Elanna Crook says:

    its one of the only jumps i can do- i can also stay on one foot while jumpign from forward to backward and i can do a two foot full roatai0on in the air- sounds cooler than it really is 😛

  24. gardener7 says:

    i learned this jump in pre frestyle and now i am doing double salchows and sit spins and things like that

  25. Priyanka Bhatia says:

    @kieracrimescene i agree:DD

  26. M Love says:

    @Cheybabyxo3 im in freeskate 1 and i can do a waltz jump very easily. just try not to get to forward and try to spring ur leg up high so you can turn and land on a bent knee. it just takes some practice and when ur able to do it, its pretty fun

  27. iceskaterflexiryn says:

    what's on the neck (at the back) of the one who demonstrated the jump? if it is the "rope" of the I.D., why is it staying up…

  28. NormalGorl says:


  29. pinkcherries65555 says:

    wow thats horrible ice or horrible blades if you hear the screeching of your blade on the ice. LAMEEEEE!

  30. sexiihunii1 says:

    haha i passed that move at my last ice skating lesson(: took me only 2 minutes haha 😀

  31. mooseling1 says:

    His backward crossovers leave him bobbing up and down. Is the whole point of sliding your foot across rather than lifting to avoid this? My coach is nearly 64 years old, and i reckon that if he made a youtube channel with all the jumps and moves on it, it would be the better than any video i have seen on youtube so far for them. Although at 63 or something he can no longer do as much as before :L But at his peak he was doing triple axels and competing at a high level…

  32. Customairseals says:

    @SparkieShuffler I also call it a 3 jump

  33. Customairseals says:

    @SparkieShuffler I also call it a 3 jump

  34. Eme Abram says:

    Advanced? … I learned how to do that when I was eight… Wow.

  35. Nicolas DeJesus says:


  36. oisin o neill says:

    he dragged his toe pick way too much after the landing

  37. MichalisRbw says:

    I skate for 2 months, and i tried this yesterday, it was the first time to try it, and my friend told me that i did it totally correct, until the third time i tried it when i fell off with my elbows, they still hurt:P

  38. Caitlin Matthews says:

    its hard bunny hop

  39. Sarah Routledge says:

    @votetropicana well in england it's a three jump it even says it on my passport and on NISA? damn…

  40. Grace Melanson says:

    umm i dont think a waltz jump would be classified as an advanced skating jump. an AXEL would be classified as an advanced jump. besides the bunny hop, the waltz jump is usually the first jump that people learn.

  41. Grace Melanson says:

    umm i dont think the waltz jump would be classified as an advanced skating jump. besides the bunny hop, its usually the first jump people learn. lol, im at about freestyle 3/4, and my coach still makes me practice it 🙂

  42. 10me20 says:

    waltz jump is easy. salchow is hard x.x

  43. Roxie TheBelieber says:

    @showgrrl69 I don't know I just noticed it because of your comment 🙂 but it looks like he dosen't know about it lol 😀

  44. Katherine Reber says:

    first of all, that is NOT advanced. he also left out several important details.

  45. amuletspade131415 says:

    I want to try this trick but if I'm just an Amature then would it be possable that I would end up with a broken ankle?

  46. Katherine Reber says:

    if that's advanced, what isn't? a bunny hop? o wait, that's right. they seem to think that is advanced as well.

  47. Katherine Reber says:

    @amuletspade131415 no. just try out small, then, as u practice more, grradually make the jump bigger.

  48. Lauren Elise says:

    can anyone tell me how hard this is to learn coz i would like to try it for the first time this week 😀

  49. Katherine Preston says:

    I found this one of the hardest to do! I used to skate all the time and it took me half a year to even get anywere near as good as that. I've taken a year off though because of horse riding. Now everything is f*cked up…I can't even do a Forward Spiral anymore…And I have no idea where my coach is…Oh dear :/

  50. Ella iol says:

    this isn't advanced at all!!!!!!!!!

  51. Sachburger says:

    @TheNinjagals 3 jump you land on the same foot

  52. The Owl-like one says:

    I can half do it. But I can't keep my leg up when I land. -_- Good tutorial though!

  53. Chocola says:

    Waltz jump are not advanced…….

  54. Islaie O. says:

    @kieracrimescene I always feel like I'm losing my balance on the bunny hop lol

  55. scarlett harradine says:

    this jump is not advanced but it was a good vid 🙂 it was the first jump and the easiest jump i learned!!!

  56. GilBatesLovesyou says:

    @lyricsmaker102 Indeed, his follow is way too deep.

  57. Madeline says:

    make it seem so easy. last time i tired that i fell on my head..

  58. Megan c says:

    finally can do this without falling and good speed but its the 2nd jump you learn to do….

  59. Stacey Boulden says:

    he really needs to get his skates sharpned, that sounded horrible

  60. Adriana Swantz says:

    That's not a good sound, plus that jump was weak, you need to us more strength to go higher, believe me I'm a professional figure skater and I have done ballett for 5 years

  61. Gemma Perry says:

    waltz jump? i call this a three jump…

  62. Gemma Perry says:

    @TheGameMofos that sound was because his skates were sharpened, he was cutting into the ice on a string edge therefore making a sound, you cant do that if your skates are blunt

  63. Megan says:

    advanced? i learned this on my first day. NO JOKE!

  64. ashleyismyname4525 says:


  65. ashleyismyname4525 says:

    wow so hard it bacicly looks like hes a perfectional but hes not

  66. farytaildream says:

    Very nice for all of you who can do it. But it isn't the easiest thing to do and getting it perfect is extremely hard and requieres a lot of training, so just accept that there are people who might want to learn it and to whom this is already a hard jump.

  67. Fick- Logik says:

    @ashleyismyname4525 well duh!

  68. Adal MartCruz says:

    wow stop according to my recent experience this isn't waltz, it was a simple weak jump with no style and the cross foot where's it?

  69. Chocola says:

    @thebestbyme Actually this is the waltz jump … and this jump is pretty simple i could do it when i was 9… and you can atually go into the waltz jump without the cross overs but the cross overs bring more speed and helps you get into the air more.

  70. Kailey says:

    @thebestbyme if you crossed your feet, you'd over rotate. hes demonstrating the single waltz jump.

  71. Kailey says:

    @thebestbyme whoops sorry. actually, if you crossed your feet, you'd be doing an axel.

  72. jessrum78 says:

    You need to bend your knees more but well done:)

  73. SoftCookie says:

    you should end with the left foot in front and bring it back once you've landed..

  74. RazorEdge363 says:

    dude! Im the only 6th Grader in my district
    who can touched the rim.:) Thanks to that the
    program offered by the site:
    JumpHigher (d0t) info
    It has increased my vert by 3" in just less
    than 3 weeks! Ill keep this up so I can
    jump higher..:))

  75. MsValentine00 says:

    It's more like you tripped over the beginner buckets and accidentally did a waltz jump.

  76. Megan says:

    no… its not like i was five, i was 12. because i started super late. they started me off as a junior (in my fsc, there's canskate, junior, and senior) so… yeah. cuz my friends told my coach im already pretty good.

  77. Megan says:

    also… ive only been skating for two months, and you wouldnt beleive how much ive improved.

  78. Megan says:

    after what? the bunny hop… hehe, i love saying that 🙂

  79. hershychic1 says:

    Ok… a few beginners getting a little exaggerated? Just because you can DO a waltz jump doesn't mean you do it well.

  80. Yanni Papadakos says:


  81. sslr says:

    i dont really think thats advanced but what ever

  82. Kevin Mann says:

    how is a waltz jump advanced?????

  83. Åsa Perup says:

    More for like beginners, no hate!
    You explained it good 🙂

  84. Janine Wan says:

    So, are you a World Champion yet?

  85. slimjim jammin says:

    i call them free jump

  86. Ayame Whisper says:

    yes…it looks advanced for some people…for those who can't even stand on skates

  87. shelbyjaneb99 says:

    Guys… It's advanced for beginners. That's what they're doing.

  88. dreamnskye says:

    So, for anyone getting a wee bit cranky about the "advanced" title. It might not be advanced in the grand scheme of things, but it is one of the first jumps you learn. I think that adds a difficulty to it in some respects. I mean sure, a bunny hop. But this is the first real experience of your feet leaving the ice so it can be kind of intimidating. But fun! Landing your first jump is a really exciting moment, no matter how advanced (or not!) the jump is. Or how shoddy it is. Keep skating! 😀

  89. 1Stoya says:

    Called a 3 jump in the UK, my six year old granddaughter does it and she thinks it's advanced lol!

  90. WeirdCupquake says:

    They taught me this when is was in basic wow lol it's not advanced anymore then

  91. hadeel elbackush says:

    they REAAALY need to clean their ice

  92. acadia0719 says:

    I was doing waltz jump in basic 5 and laybacks in 6. Yet some stuff basic 6 I didn't do right. I don't understand how I could do more advanced stuff but then still had trouble with basic stuff. still confuses me. XD

  93. period club GIRLZ'ONLY says:

    not advanced……..

  94. Luna McCurdy says:

    NOOOOOO!!! He is dragging his toe pick! But anyways, i luvvvvvvvvv salts jumps so much. What level are you guys in? I am in free skate 6 (the last level) . 

  95. ITS GONE says:

    Waltz jumps aren't advanced, they are the first thing I learned after passing all the basic skating school levels.

  96. Walter Babst says:

    This guy is a terrible teacher, "i'm going to demonstrate this…" (performs it) Big help you bald fuck who can't do anything else with his life but teach ice skating

  97. Evii_art says:

    That is not advenced !

  98. morgan says:

    they teach advanced for beginners yall chill

  99. VividlyVivi says:

    for all of y'all saying its not an advanced jump, yea, its not if we're talking figure skating. but if we're referring to regular ice skating, yea its more or less considered advanced.

  100. Lajos Wass says:


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