Advance Snowboard Lesson: Dropping Cliffs

Advance Snowboard Lesson: Dropping Cliffs

One of the most exciting things in Snowboarding is a Cliff Drop! It’s Pure adrenaline, but we want to make sure that when we have that adrenaline that it lasts for the rest of our lives! So it’s always a great idea to scout your landing Just like when we talked about Park we Scout our takeoff and we scout our landing. We kind of Guesstimate about how what our speed is going to need to be to clear whatever might be at the bottom of the landing While you’re scouting Your takeoff and landing make sure that there’s enough snow because there might be hidden obstacles You don’t want to be taking off and then under one inch of snow there be a big huge rock! Hesitation kills you need to have that speed to clear the obstacles and to land in the sweet spot!! You don’t know how many times I’ve seen people come up to a jump or a cliff and they hesitate and then they don’t have enough speed and they grind over the rocks and Hopefully they’re alright But really that’s the big key in in cliffs and in in parkor pipe – is that hesitation Kills!! You need to carry your speed because the speed is what’s going to give you the momentum to get across the obstacles so once you’ve decided that it’s safe to hit the cliff you want to make sure that you carry enough speed and Choose where you want to take off!!! When I’m taking off a cliff. I like to to ollie off of it
Just to make sure that my my nose doesn’t dig in or hit a rock or something and then I’m flipping over it so It’s a good idea that to actually ollie a little bit lift that front leg off the snow and then pop off your back off Your back foot so that you can actually clear any obstacles you’re getting a little bit more extra air Just to give you a little bit more support a little bit more cushion. The landing is the most important thing so if there’s any Chance there might be rocks or hidden obstacles Don’t do it. After you’ve jumped off the cliiff you want to keep your nose up So I might do a little grab a mute or a nose grab I usually don’t do a tail grab because that’s putting my my nose down. I want to keep my nose up in the air Just for my landing, so that’s going to prep me out. Now if you’re a great rider, and you’re doing flips or you know 540’s or 720s whatever you’re doing spins off of them It’s a little bit different, but as you’re just beginning in to cliffs It’s really better to be safe so keep the nose up a little bit more You really want to keep your body nice and aligned straight! You don’t want to be opening and turning too much again This is all up to the rider, and and your your skill level But for basic good cliff riding you want to be aligned Straight down there and keeping your front of the board up a little bit more so that when you land It’s your it should get your tail that lands first. We want to land like an airplane Back foot and then front foot kind of stomping our landing And we want to make sure that we have enough speed to clear any obstacles that might be out there This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like and comment Cheers FFR!

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    Awesome video of Cliff Drooooooooooops!!!!!! It's dumping now cliffs are filling in! Snow snow snow!!!

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