Adaptive Skiing : Adaptive Sled Safety

You’ve just seen our pole sled in action and
how it works and everything. But there’s a few things I want you to keep in mind. One
is, you want to do this with more than one or two people, and you want to do this for
a number of reasons. One, the puller that is pulling the gear sled, needs to have high
endurance levels and a lot of stamina and strength to be able to do this activity. And
so, you probably don’t want one puller doing the whole activity by themselves, because
they’ll get tired more easily. So, have somebody so you can switch on and off. Another thing
to keep in mind if we keep walking here is if we have to take a turn, we want to take
a big, wide sweeping turns. Which is also another reason you want somebody to help be
a buddy puller or what I also like to call, is a buddy pusher, that can help guide and
pivot the back of the sled as you’re making turns. So, the more people you have helping
out, the more fun it’ll be, and the more effective your equipment will be.

Antonio Breitenberg

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