Adaptive Skiing : Adaptive Gear Sled Demo

Now that we have Joyce transfered into the
gear sled and she’s wrapped up in the sleeping bag and has the crazy creak for back support,
she’s pretty comfortable and she’s all set and ready to go on a snowshoeing or cross-country
skiing outing with her friends. Some things to keep in mind is, we have some poles here
for Joyce. They’re a little shorter than your everyday, like, alpine skiing poles, but if
your participant has the use of their upper body, encourage them to use these poles just
because it’ll engage them in the activity, create a stronger sense of the experience,
and just an active participant in the snowshoeing activity. So Joyce is going to use these poles
to help her puller pull her, and just also, to help enjoy the activity. Patrick up here
at the end of the ski, as you can tell these poles extend out, he will put on the system
and basically it straps in the front, sort of like a seatbelt. It just straps in. And
some things the puller should keep in mind, is, when you’re out here on the snow, it’s
hard to get traction just in your regular boots. And so I enjoy using either snowshoes,
or I also enjoy using what are called yak-tracks. These are just, like, super-duper, heavy duty
rubber bands that stretch across the bottom of your shoes, and you can see how there’s
a wire coil around it. And that just digs into the snow, and it gives the puller some
extra traction as he starts pulling. And, Patrick, do you want to just take a few steps
and see how it all works? And, off we go!

Antonio Breitenberg

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