Acheter et vendre sa planche de surf, le concept en 2 minutes

Acheter et vendre sa planche de surf, le concept en 2 minutes

Economy. It’s a young and fast-growing start-up. The platform is entirely dedicated to
the world of surfing. The report and the explanations of Elise Gallant and Brice Divoni. Back from session for Nicolas, beginner surfer,
who just tried the second-hand surfboard he bought through the website
Akewatu. On the Internet, it was the website with the biggest offer. I didn’t really know what I was looking for. They helped me. I chatted live on the website and they advised me well. The start-up has seven employees. Akewatu is a Maori name meaning
Next session. The adventure was born here in 2017 close from Bordeaux. It is a unique website of its kind, We connect sellers and buyers with boards located all over the world. We are no longer limited to the surfboards that are just around us, now we can
buy surfboards that are everywhere and that’s a real value. In average on Akewatu there is 400km between a buyer and a seller. It gives you more possibilities
to sell and buy the right product. Concretly, each seller, like Denis, deposits his
board in a partner store. There are few dings on this one, but that’s no big deal. And apparently it has no water on the rails. The board is expertised and
pros take over for shipping. It makes life a lot easier. I can’t see myself going on
shipping websites for such a big product. In addition, you have to pack the boards so you really have to get large boxes. It’s not
not easy as an individual to do that at home.
The website helps us to sell
our own second-hand boards on one side and on the other side it bring people who never entered this store and
who, later, could come buy their boards and all their
accessories. Word of mouth is key in our profession, so it’s interesting. In one year,
a thousand boards have already passed through Akewatu. We have a real impact on the community. We facilitate
exchanges. We also think that it’s very good for the planet, because these 1000
boards are no longer sleeping, they have changed of hands. A dynamic that Akewatu
now wants to step up.

Antonio Breitenberg

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