Accessing Evolution | Originate with Michelle Parker, Episode 2

Accessing Evolution | Originate with Michelle Parker, Episode 2

the snowmobile as an access tool has made an absolutely crazy evolution back in the day we are riding 600 CC snowmobiles with handlebars that were down by our knees with paddles that were half an inch tall I mean the modern snowmobile these days they have like a power ratio of almost two to one 850 CC two-stroke engine 165 inch length tracks three-inch paddles I can’t even like sound cool when I’m trying to talk about it it’s black it’s got a little bit of red so basically my snowmobile gets me to the top of anything I need to get to the top of that thing certainly gets me everywhere that I’ve needed to go so far and so just as a tool to transport you farther and deeper into the mountains it’s a pretty incredible machine I have like really mixed emotions about using mechanized ways to access mountains I’ve always struggled with that balance of wanting to lessen my carbon footprint but also continuing to do my job in the best way that I can do it I don’t know the answer yet it snowed a little bit last night so it’ll be our first day filming and I’m just excited to be here get the ball rolling reports of 45 of Nu that’s centimeters and O’s American show but we’re in Canada so we talk in centimeters up here makes it sound deeper to access that you gain with the snowmobile is incredible they call the sled the four-man heli for good reason cause all of a sudden now or accessing the exact same stuff for a fraction of the cost we’re accessing stuff 6070 miles deep where no roads go [Music] all of a sudden we’re reaching some of the steepest terrain and the coast range you look around and you can basically ski off the top of any of them [Music] okay cameras ready Parker ready yep [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] the evolution of scheme has made it so that pretty much you’re always filming in the backcountry we’ll all go out to a zone on our own sleds then you double up you got two people on our extremely powerful machine going up something really steep things can quickly go wrong [Music] you just watch the slide tell him walk down the hill no yeah we’re all good I should have bailed early I was forcing it like I was like oh we could get this you should just turn around we’re coming home at the end of the day running on fumes because you just spent a hundred plus miles of snowmobiling to ski like two lines and it’s totally worth it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] one of the unfortunate sides to skiing in does leave a carbon footprint flooding is definitely kind of a tricky one to understand if I look at my total carbon footprint my flights are at the top then I’ve got my house then I’ve got my vehicle and then my snowmobile is below that and that’s kind of how I justify it to myself to take steps forward you have to look at the past and appreciate where we’ve come from mechanization has been a part of skiing for a really really long time and Tucker Conner represents the past [Music] the fact that you know Mark’s taking it upon himself to fix it up and keep it going there’s clearly like a deeper desire to be in the mountains in a different way [Music] when I’m out in that the filming world or the skiing world we’re always racing to be the first people to get to the zone and all of a sudden when you hop in this thing there’s no racing to anybody it kind of just takes you back in time it purrs like a kitten dries super smooth roaches it’s like a Cadillac on snow mixed with a Vida bus kind of style you know it’s like rolling over these little humps but you’re going eight kilometers an hour the whole rat race effect of being on a snowmobile it’s all of a sudden just washed away it’s not about trying to be the first person there it’s just about enjoying this classic piece of machinery my favorite way of accessing train is by ski touring and hiking up mountains and I’ve thought about ditching all forms of mechanized skiing many many times over I rely on fossil fuels to do my job well I’m not gonna justify that and saying that it is my job I think that we have a first-hand account of climate change in our field and so as skiers we have started to speak up I could avoid this question and avoid talking about climate change and say that will I have a footprint therefore I can’t speak up but I think that that would be equally as hypocritical because we all need to be speaking up right now [Music] thank you so much for watching your Legend eight give it a like or comment down below to subscribe click here for more originated action and be sure to check out last week’s episode playing right here if you missed it

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    Don’t worry about your carbon footprint. Carbon does not drive climate! Research cap and trade- it’s all a big scam! The Sun drives climate.

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    Please watch this video!

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    this is great!!!

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    Really enjoyed it until they started to talk about how C02 is bad for the climate….

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    Yay! Not only it is the end of the week, but new episode of Originate is here! You gotta love Friday! <3

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    I wish I could go back to Austria and ski 😔

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    Respect to the crew! Beautiful shots and amazing lines.

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    Sick video but they are uninformed if they think the Carbon footprint is an issue. Even if that was correct then they should be talking to India & China, not 2 of the most responsible & clean countries on earth (🇺🇸🇨🇦). The whole climate change issue has agendas all over it like the green energy bubble which made billions for certain people…. very inaccurate.
    Climate Changes & always has… enough with the savior complex. Sky ain't falling… just live well.

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    it is extremely hypocritical for a group of snow sports enthusiasts/professionals to preach to the rest of the world about combating climate change when they unnecessarily help contribute to that problem via the pursuing of their respective sports/professions. they fly all over the world to ski/snowboard different mountains, and they take helicopters, snow cats, and snowmobiles to reach hard to access terrains. their jobs certainly leave larger carbon footprints than mine yet i have to listen to them preach about how we all need to make the conscious efforts to reduce our carbon footprints. well, compared to you guys i'm doing less harm to the environment than you, so please, just shut up and ski/snowboard. don't get me wrong, i have no problem with what they do in terms of their sports/professions, but i do find it offensive when they preach to me about something that they are unnecessarily guilty of.

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    Basically a video about how they believe in something but aren’t willing to compromise, while preaching to everyone else and expecting everyone else to compromise.

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    Absolutely loving this series already!

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    vertical feet/day > carbon footprint. How much fuel would a heli burn?

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    Sweet shot at 6:25

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    Currently just about everybody in the developed world relies on fossil fuels for everything, not just our jobs.

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    snowmobiles are whack for many other reasons than co2 emissions

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    LOVE this vid series so far. Well done. Beautiful lines, skillfully skied!! Now I can't wait to ski this season. TY for triggering the skiing bug.

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    Everything she is wearing contains items created through fossil fuels. Her skis and boots are also possible because of materials derived from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are in everything. This video was sponsored by Red Bull who are huge consumers of fossil fuels through their events, swag and the pursuit of getting the epic shots. I'm an avid snowmobiler and use it as a form of recreation and not to access ski terrain. I can almost guarantee that the carbon footprint I make is smaller than the one left by a skier skiing at a ski area using lift access(once you factor what all goes into maintaining and running a ski area). And in most places across the US we do have motorized and non-motorized areas on public lands for those seeking to earn their turns. So unless we all go back to wearing natural wool and skiing on wood skis there going to need to be a compromise. The fashion industry is doing far more damage to the earth than backcountry recreation folks.

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    CO2 and the combination of clima change…
    I belive in human clima change but not because of CO2
    Thats Bullshit!

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    Relax your upper lip 👄 Michelle.

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    Where are the electrics one

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    When they take the sleds up to the top, then ski down. How do they get back up to the sleds? Honest question lol

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    hum I wonder how many of these champs actually drink red bull? Great to see the drinking of it a precondition of sponsorship, it might help them getting the message in sync with the image…

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    I see a lot of joy in their faces talking about sledding and the Tucker cat! Many of these adventures would not be possible without a sled, snowcat, or heli. Very few elite athletes are able to venture more than a couple of miles into the backcountry on human power alone. The ski industry is changing! Daily lift tickets are almost $200/day at major ski resorts. Season passes are $800-1500. Fun times waiting in the traffic and standing in the lift lines so you might get lucky to find a few untracked lines. Heli skiing…$1000-2000/day? Let me do the math…I can get my own latest and greatest snowmobile for about $200/month! I can pick and choose to ride the best powder days of the season. I guarantee the carbon footprint left by running sleds isn't even a fraction of the carbon footprint emitted by cars regularly sitting in standstill resort traffic on I-70 in CO or I-80 (and hwy. 89) in Tahoe!

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    Why not just come out like Dan Treadway and own your carbon footprint for your pleasure?

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    Take a shot every time they say 'access' or 'accessing'.

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    "speaking up"(?) hey, DO something (about carbon footprints) #actionspeakslouder

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    "carbon footprint" Oh please grow up.

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    Thanks for your openness in discussing the use of sleds in the backcountry. One issue that you may also want to consider is the impact sleds have on other backcountry users. I love skiing great lines deep in the backcountry, but even more important to me is being able disconnect from the mechanized world. When you have put in the effort to tour to the top of a peak there is nothing that can sour a perfect day more than the high pitched whine and acrid fumes of a sled charging up the skin track and spraying you with debris as it blows past you. I love the skiing you all do and you all seem like really decent folks. I have the feeling you personally would try to be considerate, however in general that has not been my experience snowmobile users.

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    Great skiing and terrain but if they have issues with it then give up using motorized vehicles in the backcountry. Ian Macintosh has already said he wants to hike in to this terrain.

  58. Thor B says:

    Literally everything in the world relies on fossil fuels. This is about deepening the dialogue and trying to get people to think about the repercussions of their actions. Any dialogue, regardless of how “hypocritical” is worthwhile.The people who benefit from and love spending time in the outdoors the most need to become the people who fight for a change more than anyone else. I am of the opinion that any conversation on issues that are so large and difficult to deal with is a good thing.

    The next thing to do is start lending that privilege of being able to spend time outdoors/being near true wilderness to others who would never otherwise get to experience that.

  59. Vlad Rybicka says:

    I love your movie. It is a very inspirational and uplifting piece. Please, please, please don't be a sucker for those new age green Marxists who make you guilty to drive snowmobiles. I grew up in the communist country and I know what is new ecobolsheviks are trying to achieve; when you feel guilty you are more successive to manipulation and their power play. Never in the history of your wester civilization we are more clean and gentle to our planet through out our technology and science advances than in the past. Enjoy what you are doing and don't pay an attention to these new power monsters who using our conscience for their dirty and evil politics.

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    Great footage! I'm hooked.
    @38, I still aspire to keep playing hard and push my limits. Thanks for the motivation. It's a different ski film perspective than I've seen lately, thanks!!

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