Abstract Painting Demonstration Acrylics With Water | Surfer Rosa

Abstract Painting Demonstration Acrylics With Water | Surfer Rosa

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Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting Demonstration Acrylics With Water | Surfer Rosa

  1. DJ sucker says:

    I thought abstracts were total bullshits until i saw this

  2. catchsrklive says:

    It looks like someone vomited on a beautiful painting 😷

  3. Semeer A Podi says:

    Good one

  4. john morris says:

    Love your work. It's inspired.

  5. AT A13 lover says:

    Inside Scoop: Working for Burlington

  6. AT A13 lover says:


  7. A Potato on Youtube says:

    can someone tell me what, is that canvas he's using?

  8. КА-ТЮ-ЛЯ TV says:

    How many hours does it take to do that?

  9. Brigitte Proulx says:

    Très belle toile, je l'adore! Quel beau claquement de doigt! Bravo! Je vais tenter de quoi avec autant d'eau.

  10. Sheep Walkers says:

    Canvas sizes?

  11. paulo reina says:

    Maravilhoso…. estou aprendendo muito com você, será que é possível me informar o nome da cantora e música da primeira deste vídeo

  12. john morris says:

    I always find your work a real motivation and I watch what you do closely because I'm trying to learn

  13. Sagar Sagar says:

    Question..how much do you spend on color😂

  14. Sagar Sagar says:


  15. Sagar Sagar says:

    Beauty of abstract art is..people cant explain why they like…but they like somehow.

  16. atotstiutoarea pamantului says:

    That's a talent, yea, that's incrediblee

  17. Sergey Demynov says:

    что за хрючево?

  18. DA VID says:

    World War 2 in Art

  19. Shernaz Sharma says:

    Beautiful n Inspiring !

  20. raj varma says:


  21. Jay maraz says:

    Its a water spray?

  22. Rapid RoseMusic says:

    That's amazing like how do you do that great job I love art too and you really inspire me

  23. Amanda Germanotta says:


  24. kiing's ¿ says:

    It's so beautiful, one of my favourite pieces out of all of your work

  25. Virender Rana says:

    It's a masterpiece

  26. Maria Silva Maria says:

    Lindo seu trabalho adoro arte

  27. Maria Silva Maria says:

    Pena que não falo sua língua

  28. Maria Silva Maria says:

    Mas me escrevi mesmo assim so pra ver você pintando essas belas telas em abstratos

  29. Camille Boutt'e says:

    How can I buy one of his pieces?

  30. ROASTING MEDIA says:

    bro which paints do u use plz tell by the way love ur drawing plz if u have free time check my on Instagram @onkarsethi_art.

  31. Kayla Vandiver says:

    Does anyone else Crete stories in there heads as he's making the paintings, or am I going crazy?

  32. Pietro Cristantielli says:

    Questo è veramente bellooooo

  33. megan posey says:

    What is mixed with the water he throws on the painting?

  34. XSeries Meme says:

    How much is that?
    Ill buy it for 80 dollars

  35. Michael Madison says:

    what is the device you used at 2:29, some kind of sprayer? is it special or just a simple sprayer?

  36. Nausheena Sha says:


  37. Gucci Prince says:

    Those sounds though…

  38. Roxanne Sumners says:

    I’ll think, “oh, stop. I like it now… then now… … “ but you just keep making it better, more interesting – you are a true genius… I love, love, love your work!!!

  39. Lalit Vavdara says:

    This is pure abstract

  40. Estela Guerrero says:

    did you use pouring medium? thanks!

  41. Daniel Giles says:

    Paso 1: Compra pinturas de diferentes colores

    Paso 2: Avienta la pintura ALV

  42. Treneace Goulbourne says:

    This is all oil based paints?

  43. Mikhail Maxi says:

    Простые картины, нужно больше души вкладывать

  44. Ivory Xu says:

    Love this one. Great work! Thanks for sharing!

  45. kennef chef says:

    at the half of the video its earth and the sun

  46. arte y bocetos says:

    So amazing 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨

  47. Анна Баранова says:

    Браво мастеру!!!👍👏👏👏👏

  48. ThePandaLeo102 XD says:

    Nombre de la canción!? (Name songs)

  49. Kenneth Myles says:

    My Man… that's AWESOME !!!
    5 STAR'S ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  50. Lissa Cellete says:

    Love it 😍

  51. Melissa Phillis says:


  52. Bestest Inventions says:

    is the paint more runny than usual acrylic paint?

  53. M Marques says:

    i love those Raphael brushes as well 🙂

  54. rayjoong says:

    So amazing

  55. Sanjida Jarin says:

    This art is so pretty iam working to be an artist i love art

  56. Elo Tarb says:

    Ist das alles immer nur mit Wasser verdünnt
    Wieviel Pinsel benutzt du für ein Bild

  57. Horacio Moura says:

    Qual preço de um conjunto de telas como estas..??

  58. E A says:

    Love the musick

  59. doli karmakar says:

    Wow awesome loved this🧡

  60. debrajo l says:

    Anyone know what YELLOW this is at .10 ….the 2nd color added???? Thank you for any information 🌹

  61. Алёнка Алёнушка says:

    Very interesting:-)

  62. Shreyan Gupta says:

    Why are abstract so expensive?

  63. Augustine Lopez says:

    The work fits the title nicely. Love it. 😀😎👍👍👍✌

  64. Jimmy Francois says:

    I feel like I just took a ln abstract paint 101 class. And I'm ready to start

  65. Qasim Zaidi says:

    What is the name of the brushes he's using?

  66. Claudiane Ponte da silva says:

    Eu acho muito lindo essa loucura de pintra eu sou amarada nessa coisa hum nes bmoy

  67. saddy audetore says:

    Am i the only one who thinks this is just a low class art some rookie lvl art i don't see any skills in it its looks good at the end no doubt but i dont think its a high lvl art

  68. Hanaku P says:

    Hey man, just started following you, love this concept so much going on!

  69. Clfairley says:

    Love your work. You said you use water. Was that white paint n water mix that made those colors like that?

  70. Alan says:

    I cant tell because it moves to fast, is that a brush or silicone paint shaper you are using John?

  71. SweetDiabolo says:

    really cool 😍😍👍

  72. Lalo RS says:

    This is ASMR 😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Carlos MSR. DB. DOM. says:


  74. Tao Gusu says:

    Is the paint you poured during minute 2 just watered down acrylic paint??

  75. Jose Suarez says:

    Oe men se te aruino la pintura 😂 se ve orrible, seguro que sabes pintar ? 😅😂

  76. Wandler3g /ztem_Graff says:

    Legend says. He is the new Bob Ross

  77. annie is a bunny says:

    Actual footage of me doing my makeup.

  78. Spider-matt says:

    haaa sale il met du sperme a 2:06 😟😟😟 dégueu

  79. Marco V. Jadue says:

    fuckin' geeenius!

  80. Amber Amber says:

    Kolejna piękna praca, ułożenie kolorów przypomina mi trochę kosmos… nasza planetę 🌍🌎🌏w bardzo dużym przybliżeniu….piękne!

  81. ¡Anonimus Oficial HDZ! says:

    Has un cuadro de Galaxia :3

  82. Hilcia Elvir says:

    Disfruto ver sus cuadros y su destreza al pintarlos.

  83. sss says:

    When do you peel off the masking tape for each layer? When it is still wet(not fully dried) or after it dries out?

  84. Eline says:

    greatttt music choicee

  85. M_K says:

    What’s that ?

  86. ᴀʏᴏɴ ᴄʀ says:

    너무 좋아요 !

  87. ThePurplegiraffe01 says:

    Can't help but laugh at the noises throughout 😂 great job though!

  88. Katherine Garza says:

    Amazing 😊🎨🖼

  89. Tiago Rasoilo says:


  90. Crochet Happy says:

    I cant believe he ended with unpainted edges on all the canvases. It always seeps through

  91. Alex Kononenko says:

    The only piece I actually don't like. Background is awesome, final drops are too, but the stripe in the middle has dirty colors. Especially the left side. Maybe it's intended.

  92. Janet Vitela says:

    How did you get the crisp white boarder?

  93. Janet Vitela says:

    And what are you using to make the paint so fluid it seems to spread over the canvas so easily!

  94. libellule says:

    Super tableau bravo j'aime aussi l'instru derrière ça fait Californien style The Alchemist. Encore bravo

  95. bentomar1 says:

    please, what paint do you use?

  96. mario cabra says:

    Excelente todos los dias nos sorprende y nos motiva ha pintar mil gracias TODOS LOS DIAS estoy feliz de encontrarme de nuevo con la pintura noto que he progresado bastante,de nuevo mil gracias.

  97. kfactor99 says:

    3:25 nah it's too milky, not loving it.
    3:35 ooooohhhhhhh

  98. William Bennett says:

    When he bucketed that white on I thought you,ve blown it now son, but no he blew it and fantastico

  99. Nora Ramirez says:

    Looks great, what is that in the blue container at 2:15?
    Good job

  100. J.M. Gross says:

    one question. How do you avoid the textil fiber when you pain? using more paint quantity or you apply a first layer like white gesso?

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