A WKND in SUNUNGA, EP. 2 – Classic Sunset | Professional Skimboard and Surf Adventure

A WKND in SUNUNGA, EP. 2 – Classic Sunset | Professional Skimboard and Surf Adventure

Whoa dude … we just got to Sununga we were supposed to have small waves this afternoon we thought there would be no waves at all … but as soon as we got to the street close to the beach and I heard the whistle I just ran straight to the beach there was a set coming, I saw Renato and Leandro getting some bombs totally unexpected ! dude, look at these waves ! Tell us Leandro, did you skip work today ? I did brother, I did … look at this ! These waves, bro … Go, lucas ! So unexpected Sick day, huh ? Damn, brother … 🙂 wow, today … EPIC Sunset world class waves at Sununga sick waves … look at Pedrinho ! what’s up, Pedrinho … did you dye your hair ? what’s that, Pedrinho ? so your mom doesn’t know you got your hair dyed ? No. No ? No. and how are the waves ? Perfect ! is that your dad, Pedrinho ? Unexpected. On fire. Surprising. Amazing. Boardless ! (haha) CLASSIC ! One word, Renato … hah … CLASSIC ! Uff … wow, what a day huh ? Sunset in Sununga, world class waves gotta rest for tomorrow, cause it should be the day hehe, it was really special to me I really enjoyed it you were lucky to get the sider working and really easy it was a good way to get used to it you got a sick one in the end this is the best wave in the world for Skimboarding no doubts about it what about tomorrow ? tomorrow, its on ! it’s the day I just hope the siders are crossing the whole beach no crowd tomorrow, we’ll be up at 5:15am and I think we’ll be at the beach by 6 the early birds get the worm 🙂 “do you have catupiru ?” did you like this video ? Subscribe to OndaSkim channel

Antonio Breitenberg

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