A Motorless Moto Trick

A Motorless Moto Trick

KURTIS DOWNS: No one with
BMX really messed with it, so I figured that someone had
to step up and start doing the Moto tricks on the BMX. Hey, what’s up? Kurtis Downs, 26 years old. My world’s first would be a
dead body backflip on a BMX. ANNOUNCER: Backflip dead body. ANNOUNCER: What was that? So the dead body backflip is
when you put both of your feet all the way through
your cross bars and extend your body as
if you’re trying to be flat out in front of the bars. And then, get your feet
all the way back through, grab the pedals, and, hopefully,
you’re coming in straight. I came up with this trick– just
every single show you’d watch– look over on the Moto side and
see the Moto dudes just doing these massive extension
tricks through the bars, and no one with BMX
really messed with it. So I figured that someone had
to step up and start doing the Moto tricks on the BMX. To be honest, I learned
this trick kind on the fly. I decided that I would
sit down on the ground, and keep putting my feet
through the bars a couple times. And then, just came show day,
and it was an awesome day. Feeling good on the
bike, and Moto dudes were out there sending them. So I figured there was no
better day than that day. Kurtis Downs, right here. The first perfect
score [INAUDIBLE].. Kurtis Downs. Moto trick. Yeah! Dirt bikes are awesome! Kurtis, it’s cool to just
watch him ride the BMX. He’s these kind of unique in
that he has been trying to do a lot of the Moto tricks on his
BMX, especially the dead body flip. The dead body flip
works on a dirt bike, because you’ve got
the weight, and you can pull yourself back to it. But the BMX is so
light, I honestly don’t know how he does it. But it’s spectacular to watch. It’s just that much
more rewarding when you– when it makes you
have to fight for it. It means that it’s doing
something that’s challenging you, and making you work. So when you’re able to come
through at the end of the day, and pull off a trick like
that you honestly pull all your hard work and effort into,
it’s the most rewarding feeling ever. Click here to watch
more unbelievable worlds first presented by
Ripley’s Believe It or Not. And for everything
else unbelievable check out Ripleys.com.

Antonio Breitenberg

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18 thoughts on “A Motorless Moto Trick

  1. Squirrel4g says:

    Thats so fire

  2. stiff buckets says:

    When I was little I didn’t think they could do that on a moto and now…

  3. Brodie Dell says:

    First view!

  4. Bluezombie - For The Win says:


  5. css172 says:

    I love these video!! awesome trick

  6. Bev says:

    I never understood how you get your feet back on the pedals on a bmx bike after a mid air trick and not being able to look down at the pedals. I mean they aren't in fixed position so how do your feet find them within a split second on the way down?

  7. Properly Duct says:

    The cliffhanger is insane

  8. Dope Dog Browning says:

    my uncle did moto with you he went pro for fifteen yearsb

  9. GABIL3G3ND says:

    I'm the 100 Like!!! I love BMX and the nitro Circus!

  10. Luke Hurtig says:

    This dude sounds just like Larry Enticer lol

  11. local enterprise broadcasting says:

    Front flip captain Morgan….do it boss ….i know you can

  12. Alex Karliychuk says:

    BMX with FMX tricks looks insane! =)

  13. centauro22ar says:

    199 likes!! Travis Pastrana!!!!

  14. ellstacker adventures says:


  15. BrunoValads _ says:

    Can't wait to see a Double Backflip Cordova on BMX

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