A Glimpse of Tromso: Experience whale watching, Aurora Borealis and dog sledding | SAS

We are so lucky to have
this amazing natural phenomenon. Humpback whales come to feed
for around two months of the year. Here, we find the biggest
concentration of humpbacks. You don’t find this
anywhere else in the world. Thousands of tourists come from all
over: Brazil, Australia, Japan and China. Isn’t that great? I’m Torkil Hansen. I’m a pro dogsledder
and run the Tromsø Wilderness Centre. They know I’m in charge. If they listen to
me, they get extra cuddles, food and joy. They are called Spiker, Bjørn, Liv,
Kudder, Lav, Lisbeth, Gran, Hvit, Donald, Ørn, Timmy and Hassel. They are my fellow travellers. Personally, it is a joy
to be out in nature every day. But it’s especially nice to show it
to all those who haven’t seen it before.

Antonio Breitenberg

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