A Day With Tyler Myers During Off-Season Training

(intense music) (ice scraping) – Hey Canucks fans, Tyler Myers
here at my home in Kelowna. Just about to have a
workout in my home gym, make sure I’m ready for
the upcoming training camp. This is a usual workout. We usually have a few phases
throughout the summer. We’re in the last phase now,
so get a little bit of legs in, I’m skating later today. Just like any other player, I think guys take a little
time off once the season ends, but whenever it does, I
take three to four weeks. It starts to pick up, depending
on when the season ends, around July 1st. (vigorous music) For sure, five days a week, I usually try and do a little somethin’ on the weekend, just a little bit more fun,
whether it’s hoppin’ in the pool or somethin’, just to
get movin’ a little bit. But, yeah, usually five days
a week are the bulk of it. (powerful music) Especially as I’ve gotten a little older, I find out every year it’s
better not to peak too early. Take it gradual, but when it
starts to get into this time of year, getting into later August, you want to start ramping it up even more, make sure you’re ready for
that training camp grind. (lively music) I think I was always as dedicated, I think I’m working out a lot smarter now. It takes time. You figure out the
things that work for ya, the things that don’t, things
that I’ve turned to and worked on with my trainer, it
has helped me a ton. The way the last two years have gone in terms of health reflects
that, what we’re doin’. Definitely found a good
rhythm and routine. (rock music) So we’re just headin’ to
West Kelowna right now to go for a little skate. Early July is when I start
kinda get one to two skates a week in and then
towards the end of July, might hop on a bit more. I have found that as I have gotten older, earlier on when the
off season would start, I’d hop on right away,
I’d be skating really hard and by the end of August I’d be like, alright I need a break. And, I just found the last few
years that it’s really helped me kinda gradually, kinda ramping it up. I always find every year
those first few days at camp are quite a shock to the body, no matter how (laughs) in shape you are. As long as you’re ready
for those three days, once you get three, four,
five days in the camp, you’re feeling pretty
much you’re in game shape. (energetic music) – When we come out on the ice, we’re particularly
focused on biomechanics. So, it’s a little bit of
an unorthodox approach, where I’m just basically breaking
apart all the biomechanics of each guy’s movement,
looking for hiccups, making sure that there’s
no dysfunctional patterns, making sure that we’re
picking up any weaknesses or latencies on a off side
and we’re trying to make sure that we stop and we try
to think our way through that so we can establish
some good patterns. (robust music) The turnover into
conceptual to performance is really, really good with Myers. He’s a thinker, so you can see
him processing information. Because he’s such a, kind of
has such a unique structure, he’s such a tall guy, it can
be a tremendous advantage, but at the same time as
he extends arms or legs, he has so much more range
at the end of his extension that we have to make sure
that we’re responsible to make sure there’s joint
integrity but also coordinate those patterns, whether it’s
him being able to explode out to the full length of his extension, but also to be able to effectively break at the end of his
extension pattern as well. – Training’s done for the
day, just headin’ home to relax now, spend some
time with my family.

Antonio Breitenberg

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