6 Weirdest Celebrity Fan Art Pieces

( music playing )Mythical beasts,
remember, for the full
GMM experience every day click the thumbnail
with the green border to watch from
the beginning of
the episode. Yeah, now, one of
the most flourishing
corners of the internet is comprised of nothing
but weird celebrity fan art. For example,
one of Nicholas Cage’s
biggest fans took it upon
themselves to create
this… – Link:Okay.
Rhett:Yes, this is,
uh, Nicholas Cage
as Jesus holding
Grumpy Cat.
Very believable.
Uh, this is just
the tip of the iceberg
though, Link. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I didn’t know
Grumpy Cat had legs. We’re gonna play a… well, I don’t think
he typically is a baby. A human baby
for a body. That’s just the head. Now, here’s what
we’re gonna do,
I’m gonna show you a piece of
celebrity fan art, but the only thing
you’re gonna see is the celebrity’s face and then everything else
will be blurred out. That’s how I like it. And then I’m gonna
give you three choices, just three choices. – Just three.
– No, mm, you popped
my finger. – Yeah.
– Three choices and… – Pull my finger.
– You’re going to, um,
uh, try to guess – what the photo is
comprised of.
– With choices? – Do I get choices?
– Yeah, you get choices. And if you get three
of these right, – I’m so excited about this.
– Okay. You get a very special
surprise piece of fan art that I created just for you. You want this! I do– I want that
black cloth over it, too. You can have that too.
Let’s get started.Does this Kim Kardashian
fan art feature…
Please, please,
let me see her on
a centaur. – But that’s not what it is.
– Please. I think it’s–
I think it’s Hollywood
burning behind her because…
it’s anti fan art
right off the bat. Right off the bat.
You’re wrong. –( buzzer sounds )
– ( laughter ) Rhett:
It’s Kim’s disembodied head
restin atop a toilet!
Check that out, Link!Link:Ooh.
Is that something
you can purchase
so that she can look
at the back of your head
while you’re.. Uh, I don’t know if
theres an Etsy account – associated with this
or not.
– ( laughs )Uh, I do now if you
look closely
you can see her first
two marriages going down
the toilet.
– Yes, I can see that.
– Yes, there they are. Okay, Link,
not a good start but– Nice watercolor. Does this Ariana Grande
fan art feature… All three of these
are options, okay? So bizarre. You can choose
any of the three. What kinds of
fans are these? Uh, you know fan art
fans. If there’s any opportunity
to get Nick Jonas in on it, I’m in. Let’s do B. – ( chuckles )
– He was in “Jumanji,” man. – Let’s do B.
– Once I found out
he was in “Jumanji,” – I’m like, I’m in.
– Really? That’s what it– – that Nick Jonas–
– I mean, I love everyone
else, too. – I’m sorry to say, Link–
– Kevin and Jack, my friends. You’re wrong,
it’s C.It’s Ariana giving
a peace sign
with Pennywise the Clown
in the background.
– Link:That is nice work

– Rhett:Very nice work.Link:Where’s her other arm?Well, she’s– I guess,
maybe it’s been cut off, like the Charlie character. Huh, but the sleeve
would be. Rhett:Yeah, that thing
alwasy freaks me out.
But I like the clown.Clown is very realistic. Okay, does this Gary Busey
fan art feature… – All great ideas.
– Yeah. ( laughter ) And I think that
they all exist, it’s just which one
are you about to show to me. – Uh-huh.
– I really think
“The Wizard of Oz” rings true. especially with like
the brush style. – Mmm.
– I think that it’s
reminiscent of… some other Oz art
I’ve seen. Oh, really.
You’re into Oz art? Yeah, I’m an Oz art
proficionado. Hold on, pause for
a second. You’ve got… Did you notice that? What you been getting
into? You been getting
into cotton again? Oh, I’m sorry,
I broke my cotton promise. I’ve fallen off
the wagon. –Link, you’re right!
– Link:I got into cotton again.Rhett:It is Gary as
every main character in
“The Wizard of Oz.”
– Link:Yes!
– Rhett:Look at that.Link:Yeah, I told you,
I bought this on Ebay.
Yeah, this is also
what Gary sees every time he closes
his eyes. Link:One’s already
halfway there.
( Rhett laughs )Okay, now, you remember
the only rule of “Good Mythical
Morning” is that we’re
not able to talk about a particular pop star. You know, the guy
that started on YouTube. You’re using
the wrong hand. And then, uh,
and then Usher said, “I’ll take you
under my wing… – I, yeah–
– And then he became
worldwide star. – That guy.
– Yeah. We don’t talk
about him, so we’re gonna
talk about, – Bustin Jieber.
– Okay. Rhett:Now does this piece
of art which actually
belongs to Macklemore
feature Bustin Jieber…
– Bu-shemi?
– Bu-shemi! Mm. This says a lot
more about Macklemore – than anything else.
– Yeah! ( laughs )
That’s right, man! Is he– is Macklemore
not Canadian? – ( smacks lips )
– I think that’s
the connection. I don’t think
he is Canadian. – But Drake though.
– He is Canadian. – Yes.
– But I actually don’t know
about that more. See kids, I’m still
in the know. The Saturn is out
because of the album covers. Steve Buscemi is too
on the nose. – Hmm.
– I’m going with the dripping
down to his ‘Canadian bacon.’ It’s like– it’s subversive. Avert your eyes, Link,
you’re right. –( ding )
– Rhett:Look at this.yup, that’s maple syrup
right down
to the “Canadian bacon.”
– Link:Macklemore.– Mackle-less.
– Yeah. – Would you…
– Yeah. – That’s horrifying.
– Right. – Ooh, and the posture of it.
– Yeah. You know, he’s still
waiting for his
hash browns to drop. ( laughter ) Did you know that
about Bustin? Yeah. Hey Link,
you got two right, if you get
this one right you get
the special fan art. Yeah, why are you surprised? And finally,
does this fan artof Rhett and Link–
That’s us.
Link: Yes, I’m the one
on the right. Rhett:Feature…There’s a lot of room
down there… Yeah. The faces are so small. – Mm-hmm.
– A lot of room for some
spraying hoses. – Mm-hmm.
– Or knee-high socks.
Very high. – Wow.
– Hm. – Hm.
– But a single fig leaf? That better be a big
fig leaf. Yeah, well, for me, yeah. – I mean, just to fill the yard.
– ( laughter ) – Yeah.
– ( laughs ) – And for other reasons.
– Other reasons, yeah. – Uh…
– Bustin Jiebers. ( both chuckle ) The heads are too small, I mean, too young
to be firefighters. I’m gonna say that… baby doll dresses
and knee high socks. You don’t believe
in baby firefighters? No, I do not believe
in that mythical beast. Link! You! Are! Right! –( ding )
Yes, it’s us in baby doll
– Link:With hairy legs.
– Rhett:and knee high socks.Link:That’s… that’s odd.I didn’t think any of our
fan art was that odd.
No, this is great,
the only issue– What do I win? The only issue
I take with this is we are not
the same height. I mean, come on.
Come on. Link:Everything else,
Link, I spent
a lot of time on this. – ( game show music playing )
– ( sharp exhale ) – ( laughter )
– Are you freaking serious? I am so serious.
This is me sleeping on
a plane – with herpes all over my face?
– Yeah! ( laughter ) Rhett: Based on a photo
taken by me. Based loosely on the photo
taken by me. I don’t think
the herpes were
that apparent. There was no herpes! Uh, no, there’s always
herpes. I know but it’s
lying dormant! – Yeah, but this…
– It wasn’t out on
the plane! This is like if you have
x-ray vision and you can see
through your lips, there’s herpes
under there and they probably
look just like that. Little balls of
herpes energy. – Will you sign it
for me?
– Sure. Thanks for liking,
and subscribing. You know what
time it is. – Hi, I’m Sana.
– I’m Newa. And we’re in
Tangkuban Perahu, Indonesia, and it’s time to spin
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