6 Tips! What to do After a Soccer Game?

6 Tips! What to do After a Soccer Game?

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Soccer Coaches, How to Play Soccer, Soccer Coach, Coaching Soccer What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of OnlineSoccerAcademy.com. Subscribe to our free OSA eNewsletter to get
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This video will cover what to do physically and mentally. Shared this video with a friend you think
will like it. This OSA video is sponsored by our parent
company Believe in it® Apparel. We are doing a Free Giveaway contest this week! Find out
how to win this White Marble Believe in it® shirt at the end of this video! It’s free
to enter! The best pros know how to take care of their
body physically and mentally. They know what they do after the game is almost as important
as what they do in the game. Key Point #1 – Be a class act. Before you
take care of yourself after the game make sure you are a class act first. Shake the
refs hands, shake your opponents hands, clap to your fans and thank them. Pick up any trash
around your bench area and leave your part of the field clean. Key Point #2 – Do a light cool down. Take
5 minutes and do some light jogging, leg kicks, stretching, etc. Do this off to the side so
the next team can be setting up on the field. Key Point #3 – Think about your game. Take
a few minutes and mentally do a walk through of your performance. List two things that
you did well, two things you can do better. Maybe write them down in a note on your phone. Once you mentally process your game, then
forget about it, enjoy the post game rush and get focused for your next game. A top pro once told me you want to have a
good game, good game, great game, good game, okay game, good game, good game. That is being
consistent. You are not perfect, no one is. Don’t be
upset if don’t have your best game ever, every game. So if you have an okay game that
is fine. It happens. But if you are consistently playing good you are doing great. If you do
have a tough loss, Watch this video to learn how to handle it. Key Point #4 – Re hydrate. You’ve burned
a ton of energy and fluid if you played hard. Make sure you re hydrate. Get a glass or two
of water down you or some cold gatorade. Key Point #5 – Eat right. It’s probably
not a good idea to slam a Burger King Whopper after a game. Don’t get me wrong I love
a good whopper, but try to eat something light and healthy after your game, before it’s
time for a big meal. Click here to watch our nutrition videos. Key Point #6 – Rest! Think of rest like you
are re charging to play great again for your next game. Try getting your legs up on the
couch or taking an ice bath. These suggestions will help you remove lactic acid which causes
soreness. Watch the getting your legs up and ice bath OSA videos here and here. Bonus Tip: You can apply this video to what to do after
practice too!! 2nd bonus tip! Organize a team night after
your game! Soccer is supposed to be fun so after it’s over get your team together for
putt-putt, bowling or dinner at Timmy’s! Yeah you know Timmy! Timmy!! Team bonding is important. Here’s an OSA
video about How to Build Team chemistry. How to win this shirt! You can enter one time to win this White Marble
Believe in it® shirt. You can train in it or wear it to school It’s your call! The ONLY way to enter is to visit this link
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worked for you! My name is Jared Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that
up with hard work, anything in life is possible! Believe in it®!

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