5 Exercises That Can Help Prevent Ski and Snowboard Injuries

5 Exercises That Can Help Prevent Ski and Snowboard Injuries

– Hi, I’m Dr. Cassandra Lee, coming to you from the
Sports Performance Center here at UC Davis Health. If you’re thinking about
hitting the slopes this season, here are five exercises
to help you get in shape and prevent injuries to
your lower extremities. The first exercise is a plank. You can either do this in push-up position or on your elbows. So the key is you wanna
keep your elbows lined up with your shoulders. You wanna tighten your glute
and make sure you don’t sag. So you’re engaging the
entirety of your core. If you’re feeling feisty,
you can actually switch over to a side plank, and that helps take care
of all your obliques. (rock music) Next exercise we have is the Superman stability ball exercise. Why this is important
is that it strengthens the entire posterior chain. What does that mean? This is all the muscles on
the back side of your body. This is your back, your
glute, your hamstring, in addition to your core. This is important because
this helps you stay upright as you go down the slopes. Next exercise we have is for the hamstring or the posterior chain. These are important to
help also prevent injuries to the knee, especially with the ACL. So what you wanna do is do
this on the stability ball. You can either lift up
and just focus on more on the hamstring, or you
can actually do a curl and that focuses a little bit
more on the hamstring here. The key with this is you
wanna maintain the hip bones as straight as possible. You don’t wanna rotate. So definitely activating the glute, as well as the hamstring. The next exercise is a squat, because that’s what you’re
doing down the mountain. So this the first version,
which is a chair squat. What you wanna do is sit
into your back pocket and onto the chair. The key with this is you
wanna tighten up that core, engage that glute, engage that quad. If you wanna do something
a little bit more advanced, you can grab a weight and
do this as a goblet squat. Again, the key is look straight forward. Don’t look up because what
happens is when you look up, you’ll end up loading
up your back muscles. The last exercise is lateral band walk. This is for hip stability, because actually knee stability depends on how strong your hips are. So what you’re gonna do is
put a band between your toes and actually step side to side. You can probably go into
a little bit of a squat so that you can really activate your core, your glutes, and your quads. But then as you step side to side, you’re really focusing
on that glute medius, which again, helps with knee stability and helps prevent injuries. Once you’re up there,
remember to actually take time to warm up, because cold muscles
are at more risk to injury. And stay hydrated. And most importantly,
have fun and we’ll see you out on the slopes.

Antonio Breitenberg

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