4- To England – How to Watch Soccer by Ruud Gullit – Animated Football Book

4- To England – How to Watch Soccer by Ruud Gullit – Animated Football Book

Hi guys, this is the fourth video about the great book of Ruud Gullit – How to watch soccer. It is about the chapter: To England. In 1995, Ruud moved from Italy to England and began playing for Chelsea in London. Once again, he had to adapt, going from European top to English Average. One of the big differences he spotted is that in Chelsea, some players were less quick with the ball and not always moving, unlike his former teammates in Italy, which is what makes them average. A great example of English soccer is when the manager, Glenn Hoddle, put Ruud in Central Defense. The first deep balls, Ruud chested them down, let them fall to his feet and passed to the nearest teammate. The fans loved them, but Chelsea players had never played like this before. Michael Duberry, a killer at the back, was expecting him to kick the ball straight back up field (He was like: What the hell are you doing?).
Ruud was thinking that they could attack building up from the back. At half-time, the manager said: “Ruud, I know what you were trying to do and it’s great, but not here and not now. Would you please move up into midfield?”. In England, the midfield area is where players fight for the ball. With his insight, he managed to avoid those duels and find himself in free space. Premier League clubs had begun raising their income in the mid-nineties with lucrative television contracts, enabling them to buy up expensive players from abroad: Eric Cantona, Jürgen Klinsmann, Dennis Bergkamp, David Ginola and Faustino Asprilla all went for English pounds sterling. The same happened for managers as well, as the supreme example being Arsène Wenger. In England, clubs in the lower divisions often employed a tactic that involved letting the grass in the corners of the pitch grow a little longer. Since the ball rolled to a halt there, it hardly ever went over the line. From there, they would cross the ball toward the opponent’s goal. Another difficult tactic to defend against, if the defenders kicked the ball over the touchline then one of the opponent players would throw it in all the way to the goalmouth. As every video, I will finish with something he said: “It could be frustrating sometimes, but you have to sacrifice your own interests for the team, even when you disagree with your coach’s tactical vision”. And at the end,
it would be great if you read the whole book. It’s so impressive!
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