3D Dog Sledding – Our Next Adventure

3D Dog Sledding – Our Next Adventure

Hello everybody. We’re just leaving our
Quebec vacation and we thought we’d have time for one more adventure. And
what are we doing, Patricia? Well, today we thought we’d try dog sledding. We didn’t realize how popular dog sledding is. We called around a few places that were totally booked but we did manage to
find this one. Just a outside St. Nicholas, Quebec. So, south of Quebec City. And so, here we are we signed up for our 3 hour adventure. Not quite sure what that entails.
– But, they’ve got a big dog. So, that’s always a good start. I don’t know if anybody else had a big
dog but you know it shows they care. Or, they are ready to invade Quebec City
with a Trojan dog. Alright, let’s Go! (French Instructor)
This is the brake. One foot to slow down. And both feet brake and stop. And when we are stopped, you stay on it until we restart. Because the dogs, they just want to run. Without it, they run without you. Patricia:
It’s a little bit tricky. These guys just want to go. He wasn’t kidding when he said the dogs want to go.
They just want to run! Chris:
Oh, he’s making poo!!! It smells! Ewww.
It’s fresh, Patricia. Chris: Don’t fall off!
Patricia: I almost did. We’ve reached the halfway point. You can see they have a nice teepee with some cookies, milk and hot chocolate and wood-burning stove. So, that’s a nice
break. This is the place where I am going to take over. Actually, I took over just before here.
The instructor stopped and said “there’s a really steep part coming up.
Just when you think it’s bad, it’s going to get horrible. So, you might want to switch. She sat down and I pushed her up the hill with
the dogs. OK! How did that go, Patricia? Awesome. Really enjoyed it. Great outing. Great day. Feeling just a little chilled now at the last minute.
Chris: I would recommend the half day. Three hours is nice if you are dressed for it. Forty minute tour? Maybe to get a taste of it if you are on a tour bus but, if you can take half a day, definitely worth it. Three hours, much better. Alright, let’s hit the road.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. KatherinVII says:

    Whoa! Going to make sure I put this Adventure on my Bucket List. Thank you for the excitment!

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