olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and a
mobile addict on his birth date so if you remember last week I showed you the
worst skate ever today because it’s my birthday I’m gonna skate those plastic
wheels that came on that skate and because I’m 37 I’m about to do 37
tricks with the worst wheels ever enjoy my machine is not plastic city paper
mammals next GI bill shitty rapist mash hey and fastest prices rate little baby
for banks up my game norm I ain’t you see I chill they say
I’m real every day out there kiss my son hip-hop get the car to feel
on us around my god
y’all now shopping at lids results McGavin sees test all out in the streets
he’s an ultimate genesis form our founders of beast light in the fire so
high streets yeah they’re getting shouts with
their clouds disease not driving their fault
and on all license sublime ANATEL fountain preaching my niceness teaches
our homegrown devices my own loan own devices dead slamming heads with the Bisons nice and
you use it at one toward with y’all catch just bizarre music
but quit uses your God because the curtains harmony will pull a
patient’s visions with bodies – who’s this stupid
you probably tax buy some stuff lottery that’s just by era the fun three the
robbery accent girl yeah brother Stefan I pray that wish
we’re all bent over so far back wood until they could get
they’ve been taking a long shit Lee is dead who’s rich to choose the business sick
with my song bricks at my ball stick to the ball and
out of hip-hop yourselves
that’s the break mister do what it takes to just dance with my
wife melody show Cordura big okay Madagascar life in earth traveling
circles they’re watching NASCAR explosive suppressive snacks the food we
eat poison the water no longer voices think these are choices or inevitable
fail we can change the who states that to break to do wait for
our culture wait they’re vultures

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. daves2hd says:

    Congratulations with your birthday man. Hope you had a good day, but it looks like you enjoyed yourself plenty 🙂

  2. Michał Styrylski says:

    Looks like that plastick wheels weren't that bad xP
    Happy birthday and keep making that great work (love your vids)

  3. Jose Gavaldá says:

    Sick! I hope your floor recovers from those massive scratches. Worth the fun I can tell. Parabéns!

  4. Leon says:

    Happy 37th Birthday lino🎉🎉🎉

  5. Arina Thomsen says:

    Happy birthday, Ricardo! You video will take quite a while to watch when you are a 100 lol.

  6. Tanya Gates says:

    Happy birthday!!

  7. mountveggie says:

    Trick 37 was SICK!! Awesome stuff!

    And happy birthday!!

  8. AdamerioPhD says:

    i enjoy your videos and my girlfriend (portuguese) finds you to be the only skater that isn't annoying (myself included). so thanks for all the fun vids

  9. elias burgstaller says:

    Happy B-day Ricardo! You and ShopTask are really underrated rollerblade channels👍

  10. April Bayona says:

    You make me feel like a wheel addict too man, and I don't even know how to skate hahaha

  11. Martin Petrov says:

    Happy birthday!!

  12. Lucas Dias says:

    Happy birthday!

    I can't believe you actually skated those wheels, kudos my friend.

  13. Anana DoMato says:

    Happy birthday, and again, youre welcome to brazil

  14. Gabriel Bakaman says:

    Happy birthday !!!!! Sick ! Congratulations <3 how long it took to get the back flip ? You will make a vlog ??

  15. Adam Slater says:

    Happy birthday! Thank you for getting me back into skating after 15 years, keep up the great work dude your videos are inspirational and you're doing more than you realise for the community!

  16. Dire Wolfy says:

    Do a parallel slide on them lol

  17. piotrjerzy pierwszy says:

    i wish you nice birthday evening with "gold"

  18. rik de blick says:

    They will end up your favorite skates 😂😂

  19. Edward Taylor says:

    Happy birthday Dude! another sick video..that backflip!

  20. Lala Lala says:

    Dang I thought you were much younger than me happy b day to you and all the rest of us 1980 babies

  21. vadn1 says:

    Downhill with plastic wheels…….

    Happy Birthday……

  22. Ivan_money_ Bags says:

    Happy birthday and happy birthday to all those other youtibers that also have their birthday today

  23. JunVanMars says:

    Happy birthday :3 wonderfull video.

  24. Daniel Naron says:

    Happy birthday!! I too will be celebrating my own birthday. Sadly, I cannot do 31 tricks. I will have to settle for 3 or 4. 5 or 6 if I’m lucky .

  25. flwei4 says:

    Happy birthday Ricardo !! You did realy well with these wheels haha
    Keep the work up, and don't forget why you started to skate : Because it's FUN (even at 37yo ! :p)

  26. Michael Yeung says:

    Happy Birthday dude!! Your channel is super awesome! Thanks for everything, i'll definitely keep watching and learning and spreading, keep it going bro, you rock!

  27. Florin Haiciu says:

    cool tricks! …. (you are definitely crazy 🙂 )
    Happy birthday!

  28. Juan David Leon says:

    that was awesome

  29. gofixmix says:

    Happy birthday man! 💥

  30. Benjamim Trejo says:

    Happy birthday!! And awesome video as always!👍

  31. Joao Soares says:


  32. Tom Arthur says:

    That was a creative video idea. Thanks.

  33. Tom Arthur says:

    You got some hip pointers for your birthday. Thanks again, creative vid.

  34. Weed Weed says:

    Happy Birthday Bro, wish You everything best in the world ^^ Last Trick Was SICK Bro !!! 😉

  35. Colin Thia says:

    Happy B'day Ricardo! Still inspiring us at 37! Wishing you good health and continue to do so for as long as you can!

  36. pochysama11 says:

    That last one was amazing! XD I just got myself some good quality inline skates for the first time and all thanks to your videos!! Thank you Ricardo for always being such an inspiration!! And Happy Birthday! 👏✨😆

  37. Pablo Livia says:

    happy birthday lino keep on rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Dante Bazzea says:

    so sick!

  39. James Towers says:

    Hahaha 😂
    So good!

    Lino, don't try downhill with those wheels 😉

  40. Cole MacGrath says:


  41. STR Skating Academy says:

    वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा (Wish you happy birthday )….

  42. Pete Candy says:

    Happy Birthday 🎂 Buddy 😊

  43. sebastian vela jaramillo says:

    I saw 35 times the trick 35, awesome!

  44. Jokerr Fox says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  45. Te Za says:

    Happy birthday Ricardo! 100 years of great life with skating on perfect (not plastic) wheels 😉

  46. Benjamin David says:

    29 was best ! So much style.

  47. juna wood says:

    thats like ice skating

  48. Jessica Curbelo says:

    I really laughed with the video. good way to train, xd. very hard not to slide with those wheels

  49. Tenis Dimants says:

    Happy birthday Lino, awesome creativity. Im wondering now to get plastic wheels for an edit haha 😀 Back Savannah all the way was one of the favourites, also the ufo down the bank to rail yea

  50. KarloJCA says:

    Belated happy birthday Ricardo!!!
    Thanks for celebrating with a video! 😀

  51. Rubén Azócar says:

    Funny video… Happy birthday late Ricardo… I hope it was a special day with your family …

  52. Troy says:

    Happy Birthday Lino! Love you man!

  53. ** Buca says:

    Cool way to celebarate a b-day, man! All the best! 😉

  54. mm abdo_alhalabe says:

    Happy birthday day 🔥👌

  55. timrobot says:

    Haha Nice. Happy Birthday Lino! Enjoy zone 37!

  56. Child OfGod says:

    Wow and all that on plastic wheels

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