3 year old TWINS SNOWBOARDING for the first time | Adventures!

3 year old TWINS SNOWBOARDING for the first time | Adventures!

Snow! Snow! Estelle Hi You ready huh? Are you excited? Yeah Are you, uh, a little nervous? No You’re ready to, to, snowboard down the snow? Yeah ok How do you stop? Remember? I can’t! Put your heels back I can’t! Put your heels back I can’t! Yes, you can It’s so fun! Good job honey. Now if you want to stop put your heel up. Ready? Ok Bend your knees a little bit. Come on. You got it, come on No You got it! Come on No! Yes, you can do it. You’re brave Bend a little bit. There you go. Skoot! Skoot skoot…skoot You got it baby. Let’s go! Turn, turn, turn. Good job E! She’s doing great. Again? Or you want to rest? Again! I want to go again. You want it again. Phew, you’re good? No! You don’t want to go down? No! What do you want to do? You want to stay here? What about your sister? I want to…I want to go Ok, let’s go then honey. Skoot, skoot, skoot. Turn the other way though Skoot Turn honey I want to go with mommy Veronica But why are you crying? She’s down there, do you want to skate to
her? Let’s skate to her. Ok, come on Mommy! She wants you. No skating She just wants you No skating! I’m gonna do it with her. No skating mommy What’s going on? What’s wrong? You tired? Yeah Ok, honey I’m tired of walking ok, you’re tired of walking You want this? Ok Come on baby. No crying. Sit down You see how she stops? That’s how you stop ok Now, wipe your tears Cuz you’re wonder woman right? Perfect! Perfect, look at you. You’re a pro! Stop, stop! Ok, so who’s having fun? Me! Yea, Estelle What’s been your favorite part? Um.. My favorite part is Huh? Snowboarding? Snowhoarding Snowhoarding? Yeah I been on a horse You want to go on a horse? Wow A horse in the snow? Did you? Yeah Did you get hurt while you were up there? Yeah But you were brave right? Yeah You guys feel ok? Yeah Want to go again? Yeah No You guys worked up an appetite and pretty parched huh? Hardcore snowboarders Victoria Let me see your Mommy is gonna get napkins Let me see your nail polish Cray cray chicken butt I’m not cray cray Um… Christmas time! A baby shark do do do do A baby shark Eww don’t put it on the table The mommy shark do do do do the mommy shark do do do do do the mommy shark Nom nom nom I want to eat the baby shark Oh you want to eat a baby shark? I don’t know. The baby shark is gonna eat you first We wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas happy new year the towers we bring for you and the king we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! You’re putting your mocos on each other Eskimo kiss! Eww! I love it! Woohoo! Can I get a picture instead of No let’s do beauty and the beast Let’s do beauty and the beast Beauty and the beast, ok How do you do beauty and the beast?

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