3 year old twins sledding with Sebastian

3 year old twins sledding with Sebastian

Ha! Ha! Ha! Is it fun? Ok! It is Jasmine’s turn. Now, sit tight! Sit tight! Hold on like Big Sis did. Hold tight! Get ready! One, Two … [ both simultaneously ]
Three! Okay Sebastian. Sit tight! Sit tight! move forward. Oh! It’s Sebastian’s turn. Oooo… Are you going down too? I am. Hey! Daisy! Pick him up. She is busy taking photos. Oh! He got up on his own. Ooo! Upside down. Ha! Ha! Joanne, stay in the queue. Ha! Ha! Big Sis! Big Sis! Get up. Oh! Wait, wait. Let it stop first. Get up now! Come this way! Big Sis, come this way! Big Sis! Joanne! Over here! Joanne! Hey! Joanne! Why you didn’t listen to daddy? Daddy asked you to come this way! People are crashing down that way. Yes, this way. People are crashing over there. Coming! Okay now! Let it stop before you get up. Okay, get up now. Jasmine, get up now. Come towards daddy! Uh oh! Take your time. Wait. It is not completely stopped yet. Climb back up with mommy. Why does she step here? Watch out for Joanne. I worry she would fall into the lane. Joanne, don’t walk too close to the edge. Oooo! No! No! No! No! Watch out! Sebastian! That way! Uh Oh! It’s gone. The dish ran away! Oh! Upside down! Ha! Ha!

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