24MX ALESTREM 2020 | CITY ENDURO 2/2 | Qualification 3 & 4 Final  | super enduro

24MX ALESTREM 2020 | CITY ENDURO 2/2 | Qualification 3 & 4 Final | super enduro

5 seconds head in the handlebars we’re watching Wade Young, great start from Fabien Poirot! inside He overtakes Wade Young Wade Young a little late But he will regain the advantage over Fabien Poirot Fabien Poirot who is still in front of Wade Young very good start from Fabien Poirot it’s always the mess at the end of the first corner But what departure from Fabien Poirot The gate dropped quickly, it surprised
tout le monde I think there were 2 seconds, 3 seconds That’s random it’s in the rules
It’s within 5 seconds So you have to be ready We will of course look at the images He will try to follow Wade Come on, we’re already on the other bank of the Gardon Will he pass like Manu always very close Fabien Poirot But Wade Young is less spectacular
that Manuel Lettenbichler because Manuel Lettenbichler is someone
who goes flat out It will be interesting to find them in the final all the top drivers because they all ride differently Fabien Poirot who participated in the super enduro world championship a week ago he is 4th in junior Who is here today you have to chain
Enduro is riders that are complete And Wade Young who will soon finish his first lap He must cross the bridge to reach the last sector of this first lap of this 3rd series of this 24MX Alestrem Minerva prologue thanks for being with us It is 5:18 p.m. it is a pleasure to meet you and to be back live after doing two magazines this week with Jimmy in particular Thanks for coming Jimmy it was super cool Wade Young who completes his first lap a ride in 2 ’27” slower first it goes fast and then he manages a little bit. That’s why in the final They will not be able to manage They will have to go fast during all the laps And this is where it will be impressive
Fabien Poirot regular for now He managed to keep a rhythm in this series 19 seconds difference is good Ben Wibberley who had finished 3rd
from the previous round He’s starting to have a huge gap Wade Young his technique, his class Really under the bridge He will soon join the bridge to pass on the other bank
We saw some drone images, that’s enough fab to see them
It brings a plus It is impressive the images that we have
we manage to follow a race On a motorbike we never had that so it’s really nice to follow it like this And then let it be broadcast live It’s a sport that is not easy to cover
at the video level Thank you very much for being with us.
We will see if you asked questions on the live
Even if you have questions in English Don’t hesitate to ask them
We are here to answer them We saw Wade Young’s jump
At the bottom on the other side there is a call with tires
A reception further the riders manage to double jump
This is what Manu did earlier And there Wade just did it Go Wade Young Almost finishing
That’s it While there is a pack finishing
the 2nd lap While Wade Young is going to finish, very
clearly Martin Vignal 9th
Qualified he had to make mistakes Because he has the level to be ahead Wade Young crossing the bridge of this C series We attack the stones as well as the tires And the wooden logs, there they are
And it’s over! Wade Young victory
Sherco victory There are some who did not even make the second lap Come on we evacuate the starting grid
15 seconds before the riders set off What will Graham Jarvis do
Is he going to be careful Where will it fly directly
I think maturity he will be careful Let’s go ! come on Alexandre Queyreyre who gets the best start Well done by the French pilot Where’s Graham Jarvis? He’s a little bit in the middle of the pack
Yes but you will see it will move very quickly Jarvis who is blocked Someone fell in front of him, he got stuck
Ah, he’s wasting time there. It’s good, it will give a little spice Jarvis is back 2nd Alexandre Queyreyre who is blocked. And Jarvis 3rd already. You saw the speed at which it goes up
It’s impressive They said he was lost There were 10 people
in front of him a quick acceleration and it’s over
That’s maturity Lift your head, anticipate Keep a cool head and get out of improbable situations That’s what he has been doing for 30 years Graham Jarvis That’s it And there it is a little complicated Because there was 3 series
And that is digging and it’s a little more complicated
Who is in the lead? It seems to me that it’s Loris Gubian
Loris Gubian actually Alexandre Queyreyre Graham Jarvis who returns
Gradually experience The passing of Graham Jarvis on Alexandre Queyreyre I think Loris can feel Jarvis coming “Listen to me you’re going to shift you are going to let me pass” I don’t know if he’ll take the time to say it all But he will understand I think it will blow Loris Gubian electric trial world champion in 2018 So a hell of a pilot Different discipline, different motorcycle
But hey it’s motorcycle, it’s offroad Graham Jarvis here on Loris Gubian
Well Loris will be able to say I went a lap in front of Jarvis
He gives him a hard time It’s very very good what Loris does
Graham Jarvis is always by his side He really keeps pace Jarvis and careful where is Lauris who is really strong? Loris Gubian has a very good level After Jarvis it’s maturity But he will not stay behind you will see But Graham Jarvis is passing The double winner of the 24 MX Alestrem he’s passing Loris Gubian Here it is clean it sets foot it passes Loris who makes a small mistake It’s Jarvis no fault no mistake We have someone in the crew Who has never seen this kind of motorcycle competition And he tells me it’s amazing what they do He looks a little surprised (laughs…) Let’s go back
But it’s true that it’s impressive for someone who has never seen that That’s why we see so many people at the edge of the track Everyone is impressed everyone is happy to see It’s a show no more no less Outdoors It changes from stadium We are almost in the city center at the edge of the Gardon river Easy access compared to tomorrow’s race where it’s really spread out over 80 km yes full downtown, hyper accessible Both sides are crowded In addition they are high they see the whole track Beautiful show With a little bit of momentum and it goes away When we don’t know how to do we tighten the buttocks and we accelerate While this D series is ending There is already the last series which is being placed There will be Julien Gauthier in particular, we will try to have him Graham Jarvis he is in the penultimate sector He will arrive on the bridge, you will see him Romain Baberger who just took 9th place in front of us to Charles Feyrit, They were stuck. So he plays the qualification place both I think there may be a fight at
last lap between this two One is 10th the other 11th
So whoever finishes in front is qualified for the following round Graham Jarvis’ victory The British rider who comes to win
in this series D From this 24MX Alestrem Minerva prologue Little wheeling that makes you happy This is what breaks morale
When we’re done and we’re all tired And Jarvis, 44, who comes out, makes wheelie as if nothing had happened. Loris Gubian who just finished Final of the Minerva prologue 24mx Alestrem
2020 edition 5 seconds Come on, let’s see in a few moments What a start! a very tight start
With the first turn Great start for now
Lettenbichler left in front Manuel who is leading We will check in a few moments Fall of Wade Young It seems to me that behind it is Fabien Poirot and Yannick Marpinard
No Loris Gubian who was off to a good start Well done by all the pilots so far It’s a little bit complicated on all sides We saw Loris Gubian falling it was him In front of it is the KTM of Manuel Lettenbichler The German rider in the lead
Sherco rider right behind Is it Wade Young or Mario Roman
We will see it in a few moments It was Alexandre Queyreyre who was 3rd at start He made a great start
He did the show on the extreme challenge And he is doing the show tonight
He was with us earlier Rather quiet before starting Well, that relaxed him this little interview Go to the start of this final with Lettenbichler leading Leading riders making the gap This is the strategy to immediately set the pace and the tone at the first lap To break its gaps, to break this group And here we make the difference Attention there are 2 riders who are detached Wow, Manuel Lettenbichler’s jump We are more careful behind we saw it Mario Roman who arrives and who passed quietly Oh! the fall of Mario Roman it’s a harmless fall But this is where we see the precipitation There may be a rush but there is also the night It sent a message to the other riders Wade Young who is already ascended 3rd And the first one who will show up at the finish area the German KTM rider, number 4 Manuel Lettenbichler on the finish area Here it is already ahead So behind we find the Sherco riders
with Mario Roman Excuse me Maxime 2’12″ this is the best
time from today of all the Minerva prologue Third place Wade Young Then we find Alexandre Queyreyre, Graham Jarvis is 5th Fabien Poirot 6th
This fight is interesting Watch Alexandre Queyreyre with Graham Jarvis They are on the central area After the first turn The first line for tomorrow for now It goes to tenth place and it’s
for now Paul Bury then next is the second line Who goes from Michele Bosi 11th to 20th place We saw the leader’s passage Then we have second place Mario Roman and Wade Young We are now waiting for the rest of the peloton We are passing one by one all the riders So 6th is Fabien Poirot, 7th is Julien Gauthier, 8th Sony Goggia, 9th Neels Theric, 10th Paul Bury With Lettenbichler who ends at the end of the second sector of this second laps Ah the two official Sherco pilots who delight The 2 official Sherco riders feast and battle while this is just the Minerva prologue We will say it, because tomorrow is the real one
battle For the final victory Many of you follow us It’s always interesting to see your reactions What a battle tonight in the city center of Alès Sherco riders, the local factory since they are a few minutes from here The French brand that takes two of the best riders in the world Mario Roman the Spaniard, and South African Wade Young Oh the battle, the turn here side by side And it was Wade Young who took the best He is second 3rd place for the Spanish Mario Roman Wade Young has been twice passing Mario Roman You tomorrow you and I are going to fight There is a small question precisely What is the strategic interest for tomorrow to win tonight? This is what we said earlier the earlier we leave We take a better pace going ahead with the leading men So the goal is to leave in front, making a gap For when they will arrive in the 3rd round
it’s going to get really complicated, It is having a little bit of advance And we even have a nice little comment but if I win the hat, I’m driving 3 hours tomorrow to pick it up Even without winning the cap, the 3 hour drive is worth the show What you will have tomorrow on the 24mx Alestrem
it’s just crazy Go watch the Sherco riders with Wade Young escaping In front of Mario Roman 3rd, Graham Jarvis who took fourth place Fabien Poirot is 5th
It’s a great race from Fabien Poirot the first French
For now in the ranking not far from Graham Jarvis even if for the moment we feel that Graham Jarvis keep energy for tomorrow Fight continues for Sherco riders In second and third place watch with the realization that is interested precisely in action between these two pilots the slightest small error wastes a lot of seconds it’s kind of the accordion between the two While in front, he is quiet Manuel Lettenbichler he comes again to make the fastest lap in the race He gives the impression that it does not force In 2’ 21”
3rd round it’s beautiful with fatigue Go there are 5 laps left in this race we are already 7 minutes away from the clock And 2 ’21” While it’s still
the 3rd lap in this race. It’s huge what’s happening on the track
of the Minerva prologue With the two Sherco riders in battle at
elbow to elbow Wade Young has the advantage, the South Africans in front of Mario Roman who attacks who is coming back watch out Mario Roman for the attack here Maybe on the trunk and yes it inevitably gets stuck, He has grilled politeness And Wade Young who has cut the trajectory a little And Mario Roman who got stuck
We see that he gives everything There if he returns Mario Roman it will be a feat We feel that he takes a little more risk He had managed to come back he had a little energy boost it can happen to Wade Young also alone There are still 5 rounds And everything is possible questions to ask us here with Jimmy Chevalard you can ask them in the live, in the 24MX Alestrem live chat There are irreducibles of the 2 strokes For Pierre Miconi long live enduro Braap and long live the 2 stroke It’s nice to see real sport as he says it’s a demanding sport But each sport is a real sport in its own way Manuel is very strong tonight
Hope he wins tomorrow Anyway, he got fans tonight by his talent but also by his show because he closer to the fans he made them scream He made them get up, he made them move He even warmed them Precisely Manuel Lettenbichler who is entering the last lap of the Minerva prologue Come on, we will follow him this last round we will follow the fastest rider which surprised us all, again tonight by this speed watch how fast how easily he passes all the obstacles Manuel Lettenbichler number 4 Who from start to finish will lead this final of the Minerva prologue Manuel Lettenbichler’s performance it’s a quality lesson He did this last year already He hadn’t materialized on Sunday but we wish him for tomorrow anyway but this is really a lesson that it puts to its competitors a good reminder to remember don’t forget I’m here tomorrow Wade Young looking a little more confident at the end of the race And then Mario Roman he too clearly lifted his foot He had a good fight at the start After there was a fault and then it’s the first 10 in the first row We have the names and the pilots that we will be able to wait for tomorrow Lettenbichler leader, Wade Young will be there Mario Roman, Graham Jarvis is the top 4 Then good French Fabien Poirot, Julien Gauthier, Paul Bury Sonny Goggia for Italy with Michele Bosi and Yannick Marpinard to complete the top 10. Come on it’s the last lap And we can only admire his talent Manuel Lettenbichler who will have shown us his facilities and are huge talents tonight Actually Maxime it’s nice and we are very happy to have offered you this live from Alès on the banks of the Gardon and almost in the city center there is a huge audience And you were a lot to follow us live on the different networks and especially on Fbk Manuel Lettenbichler as champion, Wess winner last year and who will come to prevail here in this Minerva prologue the finale of this famous 24mx Alestrem He crosses the finish line Manuel Lettenbichler’s victory German pilot victory What a pilot what talent what a show he offered us tonite He arrives in front of the race director we are very happy to have lived this with you With his dad now It’s a beautiful image It’s a beautiful image The dad with the son, Maxime He’s just amazing and here he is Manuel Lettenbichler Winner of the Minerva oil prologue Well done Manuel big thumbs up to him

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