2052 surfers

2052 surfers

yo… Look at this kook! What’s good? It’s all good. Yeah? Do you invited this guy? Do you invited him? Come on you guys Just get in the car! What’s up brother? What’s up dude? Guys… so where should we go? I’m ready to do this! Let’s put the surf plastic report Oh yeah, right, let’s see… There’s a nice little south swell in Ocean Beach… It says there’s over three thousand plastic bottles floating around Should we check out Pacífica? Even worst. Six thousand. What about Rodeo Beach? Oh yeah, maybe we can do that… No, apparently… there’s 1500 plastic bottles and caps floating on the water I mean… I don’t think we can paddle out on that Wait, I got one Yeah? Half Moon Bay! Yeah, there’s no way What are you talking about?
There’s always microplastics and synthetic fibers… you know that Yeah, I’m not trying to get sick… again! It’s fine!
Sorry we can’t…
No it’s not fine Close mouths! We did it last time Okay but I don’t want to do it this time
It’s not gonna happen man. You’re lame. You know what, whatever….we’re gonna figure it out. I’m getting in the water today, that’s happening! It is insane to think that by 2052 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean . The estimated number of particles today ranges from 15 to 51 trillion pieces. And the big problem… which we all should be aware of is that microplastic ingested by fish and crustaceans can be subsequently consumed by humans. I don’t want plastic in my food. So let’s not put plastic in the ocean.

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “2052 surfers

  1. krusher74 says:

    great cinematography and acting, I wish this was a full surf movie.

  2. Ryan says:

    This is awesome. I gotta comment though, that if that's a fleece the girl is wearing at the end of the clip – that's putting microfibers into the Bay and Pacific every time it gets washed.

  3. euga dude says:

    K now translate it into all the Southeast Asian languages and maybe that will make a difference since most of the plastics comes from there

  4. Hinos Estaduais Brasileiros says:

    How much bullshit …

  5. Diogo Pedroso says:

    This Is So True

  6. im not normal says:

    Black hole rotation 33 years 2019-2052= 33

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