2020 Starboard Generation ~ One Paddleboard for Surfing, Racing & Touring

2020 Starboard Generation ~ One Paddleboard for Surfing, Racing & Touring

So, we have this new board and we’ve named it the Generation. It’s a 12’6″ long, 28 inch wide paddle board. And what is it for? Wait, what is it for? I think the better question is who is this board for? We designed the Generation to have the DNA of a longboard. We refined the rails to slice through the waves, installed thruster fin boxes to suit different fin combinations, squared off the tail to give the board good handling to turns, and then we designed the board to have a thin profile to keep it lightweight and totally carvable. But don’t get me wrong This isn’t just a surfing SUP. For some of us, we aren’t too concerned about sprinting 200 meters in 46.38 seconds. But a lot of us do love to compete in races. This board has been great. With that same racing spirit that can be found in our elite range of race boards. In the Generation, we have included the slightly recessed deck in the standing area. As well as the double concave underneath the board for maximum stability. Then, of course, we added a gradual nose kick to make the board user-friendly in ocean chop and down winding. And keeping the outline parallel means efficiency. But enough for this race talk. This isn’t just a racing board. Hello explorers. Yes, don’t you worry. We have kept you in mind. The Generation features bungee tie-down so, you can secure your gear. And with the width of 28-inches, the Generation is plenty stable enough to paddle in nearly any conditions. So, exactly who is this board for? The Generation is for the paddle board enthusiasts. Anyway, let’s get on the water.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Jul H says:

    Please make an inflatable version !!!

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