Month: September 2019

6-Foot Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

Even though it’s the world’s most popular sport, not everyone’s excited about soccer. And even if they love it, they’re not necessarily excited about playing it. Until now. Introducing the Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball, which stand at an impressive six feet tall. This super-sized sphere is made from durable vinyl like a behemoth beach ball.[…]

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– [Isaac] Go! (laughing) (fun music) – We’re the father and mother. – I’m the oldest. – [Jeremy] You the little baby? – Yeah. – I’m the mom. – [Jeremy] You’re the mom? – Yeah. – Which means I’m the dad. – [Jeremy] Awesome. What do you guys do as a family besides just sit[…]

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“rollende Reporter” interviewen Joel Kaiser, Roller-Skating Athlet

Joel Kaiser, Athlet Roller-Skating Christian Pohler, “rollende Reporter Wie ist dein Eindruck von den Special Olympics? Mein Eindruck ist gut. Wie sind für dich die Spiele hier in Kiel? Die Spiele sind gut, man kann auch andere Wettbewerbe anschauen, ich bin echt zufrieden. Frank Weber (Trainer von Christian) übernimmt das Interview… Welche Wettbewerbe machst du[…]

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