2019 William & Mary Men’s Soccer Preview vs. N.C. State

2019 William & Mary Men’s Soccer Preview vs. N.C. State

First of all, I think the the attitude
from the group has been really good. You know, the there’s a good positive spirit, you know, desire to continue to get better and we were able to pinpoint some
things from the first two games that we thought would would make a big impact if
we could improve in those areas, and we’ve been able to kind of focus on that
in training when we’ve been able to train. I think there’s a number of
players that have had had a big impact. A number of the young guys, you know.
Obviously, Kieran Baskett has been starting in goal for us and has has done pretty well I thought his performance against Villanova was pretty good.
Alexander Levengood has chipped in with some goals. You know, Diba Nwegbo has had some good moments where he looks like he’s gonna get goals and assists.
You know, Marco Villeda, Alfredo Bozalongo in midfield have come in and
looked pretty assured, so, you know, there’s a number of things I think that
are really encouraging from the young players, and really it’s just kind of at
this point trying to get them to adapt to the differences in college soccer – the
the speed of play, the physicality. And you know, also to get everybody kind of
clued in a little bit more on some tactical things that we’re looking for
from the group. You know, when you have a lot of young players, they’re coming from
different backgrounds where maybe they did things a little bit differently. And
you know, neither right nor wrong, just kind of expectations, setting those
expectations about what we want here and and then getting guys to understand some of the the tactical nuances. You know anytime that you you play against teams from Power Five Conferences, and in in men’s soccer we’ve only got three of those, but
the ACC being in this area in the Mid-Atlantic area is really the one that
guys see the most often, and when we play ACC teams, I think there’s a little bit
of a of a heightened awareness of, you know, kind of big-time college athletics
and the idea our expectation that all of the players are going to be you know
very athletic and very sharp and that things are going to move a little bit
more quickly. And you know, we are always preaching to our guys to have a growth
mindset, so playing a team, you know, with a from a big-name school is a challenge, you know, for us, and we try to constantly get guys
to embrace challenge, and so the hope is that the guys are excited. That they’re
not they’re not fearful, but rather that that energy is excitement and that
they’re looking forward to the opportunity to test themselves against
you know arguably one of the better teams around. You know, we’ve played NC
State consistently for the past few years. So there, for the guys that have
been here, which we don’t have that many of them, but um you know, I think that that they understand that it’s gonna be a tough
game. We’ve played them the last two years to overtime. You know, once here
where we got a result and then last year at their place where they got a results.
And so we expect it to be, you know, highly competitive, and again we know
that they have a few guys that are some will that will be some of the better
players that we see on our schedule this year, and you know, trying to contain
those individual players and and deal with situations that we might not see
every day, I think will be one of the challenges. And then it’s for us it’s
about being sharp and executing our plan, and we we’ve had stretches of that so
far this year, but we haven’t really put together a 90-minute performance yet
particularly on the defensive side where we’re just able to really feel confident
that we’re gonna get a shutout and I think that’s going to be important for

Antonio Breitenberg

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