2019 William & Mary Men’s Soccer Post Game vs. Elon

2019 William & Mary Men’s Soccer Post Game vs. Elon

Well, I mean, you know as I cited in the preview these games are always just incredibly hard-fought, and you know, Elon’s been struggling a little bit in conference play, but we we know that it doesn’t matter, that they came out with a good plan and a really high energy tonight, and and they were on top of us in the first half. We were a little bit lucky to get out of the first half only down a goal, and you know, I thought we gradually picked it up in the second half. We had we had to use a number of different players. I think we’re a little fatigued at the moment with you know, a midweek game this week and two overtime games, but the guys that came off the bench really changed things for us. You know guys like Derin Kokuuslu and Diba Nwegbo, Cole Smith, Devin McCarthy, all these guys that came on and really gave us say a lift and that was critical for for us to be able to claw our way back into it. We had all those guys as I mentioned come in and really do a good job and lift us and and for a lot of those guys they haven’t been getting a regular game. We had a couple of injury issues, and you know, we brought on Zach Hosseinian, and he gave us a great 15 minutes, you know, and that was basically all he could do tonight, but I thought it was really important for us to be able to kind of flip the momentum. So yeah, it’s great and it’s good when those guys do get an opportunity and and then perform well. It gives confidence to them and gives confidence to the group and certainly makes us feel more confident that those guys can come in and in big moments and really lift things for us. Yeah, I mean he had shown the ability. He’s got a couple of assists. He’s shown the ability to serve a dangerous free-kick into the penalty area. We hadn’t quite seen The direct free-kicks yet and obviously tonight he hit two great ones. He got a third that the goalkeeper pushed around the post for a corner You know, it’s it’s a great thing to know that you have the ability to be dangerous at those situations. We were fortunate the last four years to have Antonio and know that he can come up with something special, and and it’s great now to Know that Alfredo can do the same. I think we’re certainly finding some confidence. We’re learning how to try to … we’re learning the importance of believing and and how belief that we express can lift the whole group. I think we’re learning that if if the tactic plan that the other team puts together is a good one and challenges what we want to do that we have to find a way before halftime to sort things out and it has to be done sometimes with the same players that are on the field and they have to show a bit of leadership and come up with some solutions, and so yeah, I mean obviously look when you win four in a row, it the mood is good the feeling is good and people feel like there are a lot of positives and we can do a lot of things.

Antonio Breitenberg

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