2019 William & Mary Men’s Soccer CAA Tournament Preview

2019 William & Mary Men’s Soccer CAA Tournament Preview

I think, you know, we’re arguably coming off of one of our best performances of the year, and so there’s certainly a bit
of confidence in the group, and I think we felt like we put in a good defensive
performance. The goals that we conceded were very unfortunate, and we
thought that our performance on the day deserved a little bit more in terms of
goals conceded and to score three goals against a good team like JMU is also
good for our confidence. So, you know, going into this contest, we won’t
take anything for granted for sure, it’s not always been our forte this
season to put together back-to-back good performances, but I think we’re playing with some confidence right now. Yeah, I’ve been really pleased with the older players in recent weeks. You know, they’ve, when we haven’t had a
good performance, I think they’ve taken responsibility and been
accountable. Really happy with the attitude going into the JMU game, you
know, knowing that we were already in the CAA tournament, the attitude from the older guys and they expressed this to the younger players, It was look we’ve been through this before, we know that, you know, you kind of have to have some confidence. You want to be feeling good about the way that you’re playing. You
want to feel like you have a little bit of momentum going into the CAA tournament, and I think that that went a long way towards the performance that we put in at JMU. Those guys expressing that I think gave the group a lot of confidence
and in a particular focus for that JMU game. Yeah we’re not really too concerned about the format change. You know, for a lot of our guys who this is their first year anyway that’s not really something new. So for us to be
honest our focus is just on Northeastern. It’s on, you know, trying to learn from the things that we struggled with when we played them a couple weeks ago. Trying to build on some of the things that we thought made us a little bit more
successful against JMU this past weekend, and you know, just trying to feel fresh going into Friday afternoon’s game. You know, we want to have a better start for sure, and you know, they played a little bit differently than we expected them to in terms the way that they set up, and there they have two
guys up front that are handfulls, and we have to make sure that we do a better job in transition than we did in the particularly the first half of that game. I think that, you know, we weren’t quite prepared enough. We didn’t do a good enough job higher up the field in defense of moments of stopping service
and we didn’t figure out kind of what their adjustments were from a from a
starting position standpoint in midfield particularly that caused us some
problems in the first half. So, you know, we’ll have to deal with some of those things and you know, having seen them once I think it’ll be a little bit
easier for us.

Antonio Breitenberg

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