2018 Quiksilver Young Guns: The Surf Ranch Showdown

Somewhere west of the Mississippi River
a group of Young Guns convened. There was, Sammy The Kid Pupo, Cactus Slignin’ Jett Schillin’, Justin Boondog Bandit Becret And Ol’ Ramblin’ Marco Mignot. One of these young guns was bound to win 10,000 clams. But first, there would be a showdown. Now before you go jumping out of your britches, here’s a word from the sheriffs. We’re here at the Surf Ranch with the Young Gun Surf Finalists. These kids came from the depths of Instagram and were chosen over a thousand competitors. Now there’s four left for a Final Showdown with $10,000 at stake and guess what… We are the judges.

Antonio Breitenberg

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