2018 Ducati Scrambler Full Lineup | Mach 2.0 | Classic |  Desert Sled | Icon | RWR

2018 Ducati Scrambler Full Lineup | Mach 2.0 | Classic | Desert Sled | Icon | RWR

Welcome to the land of joy and that
is the Ducati scrambler land. Today, we are here to give you a full overview of
the entire Scrambler lineup and I’m super excited about this special edition
the Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0. This has been designed by the Roland Sands
design studio back in California, now let’s just start with the overviews and
we’ll just take you through all the specs, these features and also the special
additions to this bike. The Ducati Scrambler was introduced back in 2015
and many believe that it was the model that single-handedly turned around the
fortunes of the brand and became a best-selling motorcycle. The difference
in approach here was going back to the basics: eliminating everything from
complex electronic packages to aggressive riding postures. Ducati
managed to finally attract a new type of customer in the European market. Those
who loved motorcycles but at the same time that is not the central focus of
their lifestyles. I’m talking about young riders and even riders were looking for
a motorcycle for a simple commuter purpose. In Asian markets it became the
easiest way to associate with the Ducati brand and with the low seat height and
the wide comfortable handlebars coupled with upright sitting position and
pillion comfort the scrambler became very beginner friendly and the
seventy-five horsepower meant that even if it was your first bike you would not
feel the need to go up to a bigger bike any time soon. But they didn’t stop there;
the scrambler series was expanded to include multiple variants based on the
same platform. I kind of see it like getting a full modded motorcycle right
out of the dealership and if you’re thinking of getting a scrambler
motorcycle this video should help you find the scrambler that is right for you.
Starting with the Ducati scrambler Mach 2.0. This is a special edition and
one of the most uncommon motorcycles on the street. Specs wise it is identical to
the scrambler icon and only changes are cosmetic. The handlebars on the Mach 2 is
a low variable cross section handlebar and the seat is a flat track pro
dedicated seat and with the black exhaust cover and engine heads it also
gets a brushed cafe racer fins apart from that it is still running the Pirelli
MT 60 RS tires. However, the Mach 2 stands apart due to
its and painted style teardrop tank. Notice
the side panel of the tank as found in the scrambler icon is missing here and
instead, there is a very artistic and and retro paint job from Roland Sands design
studio from California and the paint job has been inspired from the Bell Cross
Idol helmet from the scrambler 2017 apparel collection and in case you
decide to get this bike perhaps you should get the helmet as well The Roland
Sands design logo appears on a few places in the motorcycle but it is not
overly done and it is kind of like a subtle appeal yet it is a dual branding
with Ducati so the Ducati logo and all of the usual features that appears on the
other scrambler motorcycles is also present on this bike. Next up, we have the
Ducati Scrambler Classic I don’t know why I liked it so much but at first
glance there are three major changes. First of all the spoke wheels which
gives this motorcycle the proper retro look and next up is the cushion seat I
just love how luxurious and comfortable the seat looks and maybe it would look
good on all other variants of the scrambler as well. Thirdly, is the
aluminum front and rear fenders: it kind of gives it the 70s’ retro off-road bike
look the side panels are polished aluminum which goes well with the sugar
white colorway all new for 2018 there is a single black stripe running across the
top of the fuel tank and the letters Born Free are written on the tank cap
just like other Ducati scrambler models. Ducati also makes a Full Throttle
variant which was not at stock in the dealership while we were making this
video and the notable differences are lower handlebars a racing seat with
sporty tail and Termignoni twin mufflers right out of the box.
it also has full blacked out theme making it look the sleekest in the
Scrambler family. Now we have something entirely different, this is the Ducati Scrambler
desert sled, I definitely didn’t ask you to check out my full review on the
Ducati Desert sled because I’ve covered it in a lot of detail there but
as you move closer I’ll just walk you through the changes. First thing, we have
a different handlebar so this is a different, style handlebar it’s a little
differently designed it’s a little lower and as you can see there is a crossbar
that’s the first change the second change is obviously on the front fork it
is thicker it has a 200 mm travel which is much more than the previous to carry
the icon which is standing right behind also you would see this full of
old-style hardcore plastic from fender the
Rear end is also different and as you can see spoke wheels specifically
designed tires for this bike which is designed by Pirelli, the Scorpion rally
STR. These are knobbies, I’ve ridden this bike and can tell you that the best part
is that this bike can actually do good on highways on actual asphalt and tarmac
and then when you take it off-road it gives you good performance there as well.
so these knobbies are good for both city and highway and also off-road so suppose
you’re taking this bike to an off-road touring but you go through highways then
you would go through some bad patches that you don’t really need to change
tires or compromise on grip while you’re doing on the highway so I really like
these tires. Moving back, this headlight grill, this headlight
grill is an accessory part on the other scramblers but for this bike it already
has that there is a history behind this. This is designed based on the old
California styles of desert sled where they used to take their bikes into the
California desert and there’s the headlights needed to be have some extra
protection. They have been there in the classic versions so they’ve kept
to that original design now through this bike obviously you have a lot more
changes they’ve changed the throttle system which I cannot show you here but
when you ride it the initial throttle response is a bit lower so that you get
more traction while you’re off road so that’s there so it is not that twitchy initially.
it’s also heavier than the normal standard Icon because it has all
those extra parts like they’ve beefed up the frame they have beefed up the
swing arm, added some ground clearance to it
they’ve also wrapped the swing arm around and connect with it in a
different way to give it, you know, more ground clearance as well as making it a
little bit more sturdy so again you’re seeing the rear Scorpion rally STR the
brakes are same with the original scrambler icon but what I’d like to show
you is the gap here there’s a huge amount of gap and that’s been done just
so that the rear tire doesn’t slam into the back
of the bike again completely designed differently designed to rear fender. Now,
when you’re nothing back is on the Scrambler I can’t even see
this is not truly off-road worthy and you can see that difference the gap is
much different the swingarm is different so a lot of different changes
cosmetically you do have these exhausts also different designs on muffler at the end
pipe design separately that has a single canister this is more like if Ducati
Monsters’ dual canister design and I really like that as a styling
perspective; going really low; I can show you that it also has this skid plate (bash plate) which is actually a functional piece if you’re doing off-road because sometimes
rock jump onto your bottom of engine and that is happening from the front tyre
maybe something comes up and your engine can be protected so this can be
added as an accessory to the normal scramblers especially in the classic one
which also come with spoke wheels; so you can also make that bike to off-road; it
don’t have this suspension setup which is completely different and fit
specifically for awkward purpose another thing is this bike is very difficult for
shorter riders because it has 860 mm of seat height, I’ll get on that as you can see I am 5′- 8″ and I’m tip-toeing on this bike so that’s one thing you need to
keep in mind if you’re a beginner Rider this is probably not the bike for you. It’s hella lot fun; has an amazing ride quality on bad roads but there are certain limitations like this
seat height and also the riding posture is a bit different because of these handlebars, obviously the most expensive Scrambler that Ducati makes today a lot of people were happy over this;
specially the you know the enthusiast riders but not really the beginner
riders bike. So, that’s the comparison between the Scrambler Desert Sled
and Scrambler Icon or the normal Scrambler variants. Thanks for staying with the
long presentation and finally we have arrived to the Ducati Scrambler Icon
this is the basic model and it is also the highest selling variant this is what
you’d see on most of the commercials and so now let’s take a look at the basic
model and what it has to offer. Since it’s the basic model we could talk a bit
about the general features and styling of the Ducati scrambler
despite being true to the scrambler routes the icon is a modern motorcycle.
Designed with comfort and convenience in mind probably has the most comfortable
and long seat in the entire Ducati lineup and that is true for all the
scrambler variants and under the seat there is a USB charger hidden for your
smartphone. The high handlebar ends with two non adjustable mirrors. Frankly that
has always been an issue for me with Ducati bikes. Rigid mirrors break easily
in case of a motorcycle tip over and they are pretty expensive. The teardrop
tank shape looks slim but has a decent 13.5 liters of fuel tank capacity or
which is around 4.5 US gallons the headlight is halogen and has an LED ring
which I really like and would love it on all motorcycles that
come with a round headlamp. The brake lights are LED as well but the
indicators are not. Why I would call this bike modern is that it still gets Ducatis’
light and rigid steel trellis frame and the 803 CC engine though it is
air-cooled is still a modern unit with refined performance and 75 PS of power
with 50.2 foot-pounds of torque. Beginner riders don’t like heavy motorcycles and
Ducati delivers there as well despite having that huge engine the motorcycle
is light at 170 kgs or 375 pounds dry and 192.5 kgs fully fuelled, I can
tell you while riding it feels even lighter than that and that has always
been a case where to carries it even gets APTC wet slipper clutch with
mechanical control and the brake lever is adjustable on the motorcycle whereas
the clutch lever is not. One of the things that I always admire about Ducati
is that they don’t skimp out on brakes and tires to 330 millimetres semi
floating single disc up front with radially mounted Brembo 4-piston
calipers gets the job done as I’ve ridden that Ducati Srambler Desert Sled
though I would like to mention that they are nowhere close to performance of the
brakes of the monster 797 which uses the same air cooled engine. The two-in-one
exhaust style on the scrambler is directly taken from the monster and the
bike has a lot of aluminum parts everywhere giving it the overall light
weight despite not using plastic finally coming to the retro shaped modern LCD –
it’s one of the most minimalistic dashes that I’ve seen but it manages a speedo
and auto trip meters RPM meter and even a clock, a gear position indicator
would have really sealed the deal here. The motorcycle gets subtle Ducati
branding all over. The Scrambler lineup kind of extends into your lifestyle with
Ducati accessories and riding gear to match
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this is Rahul, goodbye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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