2010 winter games legacy – 100 sled dogs killed (cc)

Less than one year after the 2010 winter games
held in Vancouver British Columbia and Whistler. Whistler is once again on the media map. This time being spotlighted for something unfavorable.
The slaughter of one hundred sled dogs. Shot, their throats slashed, dumped into a mass grave. The reason being is that the economic turnout after the Olympics wasn’t as the government promised. We were told that with thousands of journalists
all arriving to British Columbia from all over the world there’s going to be so many spin-offs, for years to come. We’re going to have a booming thriving tourism industry. The tourists will turn into people that decide to
stay here and live here, work here. There’s going to be industries, all that sort of stuff.
It didn’t materialize. As a matter of fact, Gordon Campbell who ran all across the country
with an Olympic torch had to resign November 3rd due to an unfavorable tax that
he introduced. Now the government will argue that they couldn’t
predict the economic downturn. They couldn’t see that the dollar was going to go way up high, the recession
was going to be long. But if they couldn’t predict that how could they
promise one thing. The answer is simple governments and politicians
will promise you the world and deliver zero, more often than not. That happens everywhere. Now around the
world, people are standing up to these politicians and saying it’s time to get out. We’ve had enough. And perhaps that’s
a lesson for all of us here.

Antonio Breitenberg

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