20 Seasons of Winter – A Short Snowboard Film – /W Subtitles (shot on BMPCC 4k & Mavic 2 Pro)

20 Seasons of Winter – A Short Snowboard Film – /W Subtitles (shot on BMPCC 4k & Mavic 2 Pro)

I know exactly what I don’t want, but I still do not know
what I do want. I’m still searching. [Hugo] You can add a nose on top of this board, but you can
also just don’t. [Ger] I’ve never been on ski holidays during my youth We came from a working-class family. And when I was young… Only the elite families went on ski holidays In my elementary school, there was only one boy who went on
ski holidays, and that was the son of a doctor. And afterwards, in my student years, I could join the guys
from my football team But then I had to pay it myself, and with that money, I
could go in summer for three weeks. Very nice tour. Well hiked… Nice on schedule, 4,5 almost 5 hours. 4 hours and 45 minutes. Now, still 30 to 45 minutes down the mountain and then
another 20 to 30 minutes back to the village. And then we’re back. So far a beautiful day. I started skiing, but right from the start, it was dramatic
with the boots… In the morning it was all fine, but then during lunch Boots opened up.. And after lunch ‘well, boys, shall we go
for another round?’ Then I would be a bit stubborn and say ”no, you go, I’m
quite comfortable here’. Then a group of my guests, I guess around 6, they had
snowboard lessons and invited me to join I joined, then I traded my skis in and never touched them
again. Then I started snowboarding. [Ward] We did it again, grandpa… [Gerwin] Yes. In my old days… [Gerwin] Think about me when you’re 51 years-old… [Gerwin] what you can still do I enjoy riding off-piste. I don’t want to go splitboarding every day. And if there are
good powder days on the slopes… is it kind of unnecessary to walk up all day for only one
run so, therefore I prefer to do as many freeride runs together
with a small crew of friends and colleagues I am herewith. When the usual runs are tracked out, we need to sit together
and plan out a splitboarding tour. And then we go splitboarding for a day… [Tobi] I think I am still in there from last summer [Gerwin] Here, Tobias! [Gerwin] This is already 20.01.20… That is quite… Every Sunday… The thing I’m doing that for the past 15 to 17 years Am I… DJ GERBS! I didn’t choose for that name myself, but the owner, Michi,
of the skischool, did. At some point it ‘Gerbs in the Herbs’, and then they called
me DJ Gerbs. We started the show so small.
And now it’s a show worth… Between the 5 and 7 thousand euro. Per show!
With fireworks, light effects, all the bells and whistles. These days it’s such a professional show, which I am very
proud of! Also of the other boys who are riding in the actual show who are freezing in the snow outside, because I do have the
best job standing in a heated container… So, that is DJ GERBS Every Sunday evening. A life without snowboarding is a lot of emptiness for me. Because it fills up 4 to 5 months per year, which I really
enjoy. You’re free. You’re outside, in nature, in the snow, in the
fresh air, in the mountains. It just brings me a lot of peace.

Antonio Breitenberg

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