1k subs, blade, injuring myself, learning new tricks. (inline skating)

all right so we’re here post Monday
session playing some pool having some beers I wanted to record this moment
because after a year I have finally hit a thousand subs this is where it happened
super exciting stuff as you can tell we’re all here celebrating woooo thanks… I’m going to bank ride in. get me? (no) (racist) im gonne go in but im sort of like… drop into the wall. (ok) I don’t know what he just said. First off, horseshit. you don’t think i’m gonna do it? (huh??, what?) I heard horse shit over there. (I didn’t say anything) so yeah this was a game of blade on this day and both their
mentalities were we’re all gonna push each other as much as we can so they
went right out the gate with that first trick I didn’t land it but I was happy
with that attempt and I’ll be honest they were throwing some crazy stuff I
was just trying to keep up so a lot of the footage you’re seeing is just my
like my turn on those tricks basically right there they did a grind I was just
trying to clear the rail to see if I could even jump that high mr.
self-destruct with the beautiful porn star I tried that actually three times
the first three times didn’t even get close that last one did okay but still
didn’t land it right there all I was supposed to do is clear the top we
actually gave that to me like we let me have that trick but really we shouldn’t
have that was definitely supposed to be a letter right here great trick by mr.
self-destruct and then I just go and basically make a
mockery of it and then in this next clip for some reason I look mad I’m just
explaining basically hey if there’s on the other side I could probably do a
full-on monkey flip out of there and then I proceeded to show them let’s go
over there even though we were in the middle of a game blade I just I just
stopped the game and was like we’re going over there I’m gonna try this
right now which they were cool about you could
roll that right here had a little bit of a gap almost bottom doubt there but
cleared the cleared the pyramid no problem
cleared it now right here I was trying to do a fakie 360 because this next
trick I was supposed to have fakie 360 out of but yeah that didn’t happen
wasn’t too far out and then the game of blade is over so at this point I decided
hey it would be great to end this session with the 540 right still haven’t
landed it now unfortunately what ends up happening
instead is I hurt my leg so let’s realign that pause and you can see right
there my ankle just twists the wrong way like an ankle is not supposed to twist
that way that was honestly almost six weeks ago and my ankle is still messed
up unfortunately so we went to Duke’s afterwards got some beers so we’re here
post Monday session playing some pool having some beers I wanted to record
this moment because this next set of footage is actually
from two weeks later I tried to skate the next week but my ankle was still
messed up and then even two weeks later my ankles still messed up so the plan
that day was basically to do some switch stuff the back to bleeding community
challenge was coming up for Sol grounds so I thought hey maybe I’ll go learn how
to do a switch Sol which I did successfully learn and I’ll say I didn’t
do it amazingly but I definitely did it just as well as I was able to do a
regular Sol on my first day back to skating if that makes sense and then
just as the day went on vert also was not buggin it wasn’t messing up my ankle
too much so I was just going up there doing some stalls and whatnot it had
been a very long time since I had practiced dolls I used to be able to go
up and like perch and come back down so today I was just practicing some Sol
stalls basically – time went on benno and Mike started giving me some
advice on maybe – how to actually land the stall which eventually translated
into trying it into a grind and I do remember at one point I said the best
thing about being the worst skater here is that I get to like pick up on the
things that you guys are doing you can give me advice and they don’t they
honestly almost like took offense to that they sounded like a bunch of a like
Italian dudes we’ve been offended which was pretty funny to me I didn’t mean it
that way but basically I can make a whole video
just on the pros and cons to skating alone versus skating with people and I
got to say that the advantage of skating with people is that especially people
are better than you they can give you advice if you’re willing to take that
critique take that advice which I’ll admit sometimes I get defensive it’s
just how I am it’s not necessarily like I’m being
defensive but I definitely come off that way and I can understand that so luckily
my command of understand that and they just kind of work through it and I guess
my point is it helps skating with people because they can tell you how to fix
your tricks so they gave me two pieces and two pieces of advice that have stuck
with me that helped with that soul grind that day which was whenever you’re going
up to that vert go at it at an angle to bend your knees and oh the third piece
of advice which isn’t something they said but definitely helped and I
definitely recommend it is wax get some wax it will be a little scary with the
whole like perching thing if that’s all you’re trying to do because you feel
like you’re gonna get up there and your feet are gonna slip out from under you
but that’s not the case I was actually able to even do a backs back side or
back slider or whatever that’s called so it’s not as scary as it seems get some
wax put it on there it’s gonna help a lot son of a B Sam right when I stop yeah I
get you yeah can I have the different sizes anyways guys that’s the video for this
week it’s kind of all over the place I know so thank you guys again for the
1000 subs I appreciate all of you I can’t wait to do this again at 2
thousand subs I hope you’re all out there doing your thing shoutout to
everybody who made it to the back to blading community challenge this month
which was the sole grind and the soul grind that you saw in this video is what
I included in my submission keep doing your thing I’m gonna keep doing my thing
even with my messed up ankle I’m gonna go see a doctor because that definitely
needs to happen I hope you guys are all doing well I am at the point where I’m
repeating myself and the rule is once I start repeating myself the video is over
love you guys see on the next one seeing Kansas goodbye

Antonio Breitenberg

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