191031 CVA Ladies Soccer

191031 CVA Ladies Soccer

This is Mrs. Day. I know some of you, some of you I don’t other than from the field. It has been an absolute honor and pleasure
watching you this season and in the years past. I want to wish you the very
best of luck tomorrow out in Cortland. Go get ’em. Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, the
legacy that you ladies are leaving and coach Costin and the rest of her staff goes far beyond the results of tomorrow’s game. You have shown on the field and off the field what dedication and hard work can do. Your work ethic is amazing.
Your sportsmanship is incredible and as a role model not only to the younger
kids but to other athletes at CVA. And it’s so clear that you are more than
just a team you truly are a family. So God bless you all. Best of luck.
Bring it on home. We love you regardless. I just like to wish all the soccer
players good luck We have our theme song playing so hopefully this inspires Reilly
to score a couple more goals. Good luck guys. You ready?
Good luck CVA girls in your sectional final against Westhill. Go get
’em Best of luck girls. Bring the banner home.
Go CVA. Good luck ladies I’ll be there bring the banner home give me some blue
hair. Yeah! Hey ladies so figured it out it was
exactly 25 years ago that I was a senior on the very first girls varsity soccer
team that Ilion high school had. Fast forward 25 years and you guys are going to section finals I am so proud of you. You are awesome!
Kick butt today! Love you. Bye. Ladies I just want to tell you how proud I am of
you and how much fun it’s been watching you guys. I also want to say that you’ve
made this entire community proud. You’ve done something that nobody can take away
from you. And play hard, have fun, and I love you guys. Girls I want to wish you the very best of luck on your game, but I also want to
tell you one more thing. When you go out into that field and you try your very
best and you put your all into it, know that no matter the outcome of that game
and the score at the end when you get on that bus and you’re on your way home you
are all winners. Have a good time. Thank you. Congratulations girls on an awesome
season. I could not be more proud of you. What makes the run you’re on even more
special, I think, is the kind of people you are off the field. I’ve had the
pleasure of having most of you in class and I am just continually impressed with
who you are as a group. I’ll be there bundled up tomorrow night cheering for
you to bring that banner home. A special shout-out to my nieces Makayla and
Megan. You know how much I love you. Go get ’em girls. Hi girls you know how
hard it is to get a good camera angle so I’m gonna be moving all around maybe
maybe I’ll look thinner up here. Go get ’em tomorrow. Do really well.
Special shout-out to Cam Stone. You know what it’s like to go to the big show. Get that job done. Hey Maddie, Congratulations on making it to the championship game this season. We’re so proud of you. Good luck. Hi Maddie, just sayin’ you had the best season and you are the best big sister ever. We love you. Go Thunder! lLadies I heard you have a game coming up
you’d better win or I will never speak to you again and I will give a quote
from my playbook. When you are driven, whatever is in front of you will get
destroyed. Westhill needs to be destroyed. Good luck and bring it home. 5, 6, Ace! Y’all need to hype me up. Do that thing with your eyes. (Money Look) Do that thing with your eyes. Let me see them lips Muah! Attitude and give me face. Boom Boom Boom eyes, lips, face, wait Good luck C, we love
you. Tear it up. Period. What do you want to say to the
girls with their game tomorrow. Ummmm…Kick the ball Kick the ball, alright. Um…win. Win, that’s good one. what else Ummm… score goals Score goals. don’t say bad words Don’t say bad words. That’s a
good one. And try your hardest that’s a good one And one more. Ummm… I like your beard Yeah, it’s so good. It’s soft. Laughing Okay bye. Music playing Good luck Megan! music playing Central Valley girls we’re so proud of
all of you. Now let’s bring up the banner! Trick or treat from the ball boy! Hello Thunder soccer. I wanted to start
off tonight while you’re all eating and enjoying the potluck dinner with some
trivia questions for your entertainment. First of all who scored two goals in her
first varsity game of her career this year. The answer is Shannon flyin Brien
scoring two goals at VVS she came in in the second half and wonderfully scored
two goals her first two of her career. Second question of five who scored a
hat-trick versus Notre Dame and then scored a huge goal against Clinton and
that’s the first time I’ve ever seen her smile and what a beautiful smile it is
the answer is Rachael Yardley Trivia question number three out of five how
many different players scored on the Thunder girls soccer team this year. Right now we have 24 players on the roster how many of those girls scored at
least one goal. The answer is 13 Fourth question of trivia out of five what are
the two nicknames for our new newcomers that joined our team last week
Payton Hoffman and Hayley Loomis. I didn’t get a chance to announce their
names at our last sectional game so here they are For Payton Hoffman – Payton
Hurricane Hoffman And for Haley Loomis it’s Haley leapin Loomis Fifth and final
trivia question. What do the numbers 50, 30 and 11 have in common? The answer in
five seconds. Talk amongst yourselves Here’s the answer. The 50 is the yard
line that Jasmine Gillette kicked the ball from against South Jefferson in the
section 3 class B quarterfinals at CVA The 30 is where the ball landed just
out of the reach of the South Jeff Spartan foot And the 11 that’s where
Riley rich took over and scored from with one second remaining to win the
quarterfinals against South Jefferson one to nothing To date that is the most
excited I have ever been announcing a sporting event It’s a memory that will
last forever To the 24 girls on the Thunder team I’ve enjoyed every second
announcing for you. It’s unconditional. You are by far my favorite team to date.
We are so lucky to be witnesses to this greatness that you have all showed. You
guys have so much strength, such a suffocating defense, a tremendous
relentless offense that in my opinion your dreams will come true tomorrow
night. and as I have heard you guys say many
times this year Baylor’s I won’t be announcing that game tomorrow night
against Westhill at SUNY Cortland so this is what it would sound like if I
were there ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to SUNY Cortland your host
site for the section 3 Class B finals between the visiting Westhill warriors
and the number 1 seed the Central Valley Academy Thunder good luck tomorrow night hi Megan we just wanted to tell you how proud of you we are and we’re so excited
for you and your team and we just wanted you to wish you the best of luck on Friday. Go CVA! Shouting and cheering Good luck Makayla, we love you Hi Makayla, we love you. Go CVA! Beat Westhill! Kick their (ding). cheering hey Sierra I guess I’m gonna just kind
of wing this but I just want to say you’ve made tremendous strides as a
goalkeeper especially within the last couple years your work work ethic is
absolutely amazing you can Jjump no matter what anyone tells
you you can jump and you proved that last game so you should have all the
confidence in the world in yourself I know your team does I know we as coaches
do but you really got to stop doing that thing where you dislocate your shoulder
ten minutes especially before a sectional game so yeah don’t do that
anymore please and I love you you’re my best friend look up to you every day I’m
so so so proud of the person you’re becoming into the rest of the team thank
you for dealing with me when I’m a little rough on you guys I love you guys
you’re the best team in the world now let’s go win a banner Hey Madison
congratulations to you and your teammates on an amazing season. It has
been awesome watching you girls play this far, Congratulations on getting to
the championship game. We can’t wait for tomorrow good luck. Hey Maddy I’ve loved
every moment of this soccer season.It has been so inspirational, uplifting, and
just overall remarkable. CVA girls soccer team go out there play your
hearts out. Leave everything you have on the field. Remember we’re here to win, but
go out enjoy you’re doing and play for the love of
the game. go get ’em at finals girls! Good luck girls Hey girls soccer we’ve got
some advice for you. Ready 1 2 3 Whip Westhill! Go girls! So the first thing
we’re gonna do is divide both… Good luck girls! Let’s win this one! All right so it’s true what they say,
the camera does add 10 pounds, but I think it’s more like 30. I have one quote
for you ladies and I’m gonna quote Braylen Costin kick their (bleep)

Antonio Breitenberg

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