#180sec Köln: Aggressive Inline-Skating mit Matwej

This is
Cologne Cathedral. It’s famous for the skaters
that used to be here. In 2011 they made
the whole area unskateable. They put in notches
that are called ‘grindstoppers’, so that we couldn’t skate here anymore. Ever since the grindstoppers
were fitted we can’t do grinds here anymore.
You either get stuck or you fall in the water. I grew up doing inline skating. I’ve been skating for 7 years,
since I was 13. It’s always been part of my life. I really enjoy skating and I met
lots of my friends through skating. It’s an awesome sport. Cologne is a great city for skating, except we don’t have enough
street spots to skate. Cathedral Square
used to have a lot of great curbs. It was a place where street skaters, people who enjoy skating in urban spaces,
could develop their skills. In terms of skateparks, Cologne has really improved a lot. The city has made an effort
to provide good alternatives. We have a lot of new skateparks,
such as the Zoo Bridge. We have many places to skate. Skateboarders and inline skaters like to use the same spots.
We were always two … groups who hung out,
who skated together. We all like rails and curbs,
we all like to jump ramps. So it’s a pity
Cathedral Square is closed to us. Sure, we can use the skateparks
but it’s a different ambience. But it’s gone now,
so we’ll have to live with it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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