15-year-old Māori athlete becomes Red Bull’s first NZ surfer

15-year-old Māori athlete becomes Red Bull’s first NZ surfer

To surfing now. Te Kehukehu Butler
is one of NZ’s top young surfers, and his prowess hasn’t gone
unnoticed by a corporate giant. For the first time,
Redbull have sponsored an NZ surfer with financial support
and all the gears of the trade. Kereama Wright caught up with one
of the newest members of the Redbull family. A son of the sea
has been given his wings, as global giants, Red Bull,
takes him on. Kehu was awarded
his one year contract, and a new labelled board
by his hero, Shaun Johnson, at a special ceremony
held at the Warriors headquarters, who are also sponsored by Red Bull. At the tender age of 15, Kehu is one of the youngest athletes
signed to Red Bull, much to the delight
of his coach and father. He can travel wherever he wants now
that he has their support. It makes me happy, because we’re a family
of little means! Kehu has won every junior
surfing title in New Zealand, including both the U16’s
and U18’s titles last year. His greatest achievement to date,
however, is taking out one of the most prestigious
junior tournaments on the planet, the OCCY Groms U16’s. His father say’s his surfing ability
was inherited from his grandfather, Tu Te Kehukehu,
who was born on Motiti Island. He was raised by the sea,
under and on the water, gathering food and surfing. Skills that will be on display
at the Junior World Champs to be held in Portugal
later this year, which he aims to take out, after placing 7th in the world
two years ago. He’ll have plenty
of practice before then as he heads off to Melbourne today for the 4th leg
of the Pro Juniors circuit. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

Antonio Breitenberg

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