110723 [ENG SUBS] 2pm Show Wooyoung Ice Cream Sledding Cut

We’re starting Come down Slowly~ Slowly~ Slowly~ Eat it!!! Isn’t it kind of weird? Chew!!! Look at his face Hole that Junho dug Eat it!!! -Chokes- He’s a bad person Grampa!! He took the ice cream like this And he was strangling me He as like “Ya, eat it. EAT IT!!!” We’re starting -stops- -stops again- Too fast, too fast! No!! Noo!! Come down quickly! Don’t stop! He looks like he’s holding him hostage There’s the camera, Say “Hi~~~” Look! He’s holding him hostage! He’s like, “If you don’t eat it, I’ll kill you” Eat more. Eat more. EAT MORE. We’re not there yet (to the finish line) -Stops again to shove more into his mouth- EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You child-kidnapper
-poor wooyoung-
What’s this ice cream in his hand? -Please..take care of the child-

Antonio Breitenberg

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