1080° Snowboarding Review – Definitive 50 N64 Game #23

1080° Snowboarding Review – Definitive 50 N64 Game #23

Welcome back to the Definitive 50, I’m Newbs. Extreme sports were all the rage in the N64
era. Although Nintendo’s console didn’t land its generation’s best version of Tony Hawk,
the system could boast the best jet ski game with Wave Race, and the best snowboarding
game with 1080. Hit up the ski lodge, pick your favourite
snowboarder, and grab a board, it’s time for 1080 snowboarding. 1080 Snowboarding’s main mode is Match Race.
Here, you’ll face off against a number of individual competitors in a series of races,
with glory waiting for you at the finish line. This is where speed is really key, but it’s
not as easy as barreling down the mountain. You’ve got to balance your boarder out after
any jumps by angling him or her to line up with the slope you’re about to hit. It’s all
about keeping the momentum going. There’s also a damage meter to watch. Deplete it,
and your race is over. Of course, there are also 2P VS and Time Attack
modes to take on a human competitor or yourself. 1080 shows off its elaborate trick system
across two modes. In Contest mode, you earn points by both performing tricks and passing
flags on the correct side. Chaining together successive flag passes is vital while you
fly down the mountain. Meanwhile, over in Trick Attack, you’re left to earn points just
from your ability to pull off stunts. A time limit and check points keep you moving. Tricks are performed by combining the B and
R buttons with moves of the control stick. The more complex and longer the trick, the
more points you score. And the ultimate prize? Well that’s managing to pull off three full
rotations in one jump, nailing the game’s titular 1080 Air spin trick. An international cast of five boarders along
with their eight snowboards are available for you to try. Both boards and boarders hang
out in a ski lodge just waiting for a chance to hit the slopes. Additional snowboards and
even some special boarders can also be unlocked. 1080 Snowboarding contains six regular courses,
each with its own personality. Some are narrow and treacherous, others leave plenty of opportunity
for tricks. Alternative routes can also be had for those willing to take the risk. What really makes a snowboarding game is the
atmosphere – and 1080 brings it. From the frankly bizarre music to the satisfying sounds
of cutting through the snow with your board, from the looming backgrounds to the blustering
weather, and from the realistic collision physics to the thrill of landing a perfect
trick. By the time of the GameCube, Nintendo’s extreme
sports edge had dulled. While 1080 Avalanche and Wave Race: Blue Storm were solid follow-ups
to their predecessors, they failed to surpass competitors or capture the same excitement
from fans. Let me know what you think of 1080 and the
Definitive 50 in the comments section below. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe. Check
back next week for entry #22 on the Definitive 50 N64 Games.

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “1080° Snowboarding Review – Definitive 50 N64 Game #23

  1. newageBoundhippie says:

    I loved both 1080 games….but the original is near impossible for me to control ( I can't even land a simple jump ) while Avalanche is over simplified to the point where doing tricks isn't very fun ( at least compared to SSX 3 ). I do hope Nintendo brings the franchise back in HD on Wii U with the SSX team handling development, maybe even make it another of those crossover games that seem to be all the rage these days….

  2. Shinra says:

    My favourite N64 game after Ocarina. A truly sublime title.

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