$1000 EPIC ANIME Trick Shots Challenge – Football and Soccer Pros Vs. Trick Shot Experts

$1000 EPIC ANIME Trick Shots Challenge – Football and Soccer Pros Vs. Trick Shot Experts

– (narrator) He jumps,
makes contact, and hits it! – Oh, it’s going!
– Oh, got it! – (narrator) We wanna thank
Google Play for sponsoring this video.
This challenge comes to us from the game
Captain Tsubasa’s Dream Team, which is available now
on Google Play. We’re challenging a pro soccer team
and a trick shot team to see who can pull off
Captain Tsubasa’s insane and stylish anime soccer moves.
Let’s meet the teams. From the pro soccer team, we have
former LA Galaxy player Bryan Jordan and former Houston Dynamos player
Euan Holden. – I was drafted in 2010
to the Houston Dynamo, and I played most of my career
in Denmark and England. – So, I ended up playing
for the Galaxy for five years, won two championships there.
And then I bounced around a little bit after that
and ended up in Germany last and played for about
eight or nine years. – (narrator) On our trick shot team,
we’ve got Daniel Locicero and Brett Easton.
– I’ve been doing trick shots mixed with stunts
in all kinds of sports, you know, for about
five straight good years. – The stunt work
that I have been doing has definitely encouraged me
to perform more trick shots. I’ve been lit on fire.
You’ve jumped from buildings while doing trick shots.
– I’m sure they’re tacticians, and they’ve been thinking
about this stuff. They’re used to doing stunts.
So, I’m not gonna underestimate them. – We’ll let them keep thinking
they’re professionals, but, you know, when the lights
are on ’em, and the camera’s rolling, you know, they’re gonna buckle.
– We like the challenge, but no one likes to lose.
Second place is last place. – This is gonna be child’s play. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
(electricity zapping) – (narrator) In this challenge,
both teams will be shown trick shots made famous by Captain Tsubasa
on a Pixel 3a phone. There are five rounds total.
Each team will have three attempts to get the move right.
They’ll get one point if they nail the move
and one additional point if they make the goal.
The team with the most points wins the challenge
and walks away with $1,000. Let’s get into it!
– All right. Let’s check these out. – And they– oh!
– Oh, wow. Two players kicking the ball
at the same time. Looks like one’s using their left
and one’s using their right. – Yeah.
– Ryan Giggs and David Beckham actually did this in a live game
when they used to play on Manchester United,
so I’m familiar with this actual trick shot.
– I think this one seems fairly possible.
– Don’t let me down. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Try not to.
(electricity zapping) – (narrator) Trick shot team
starts us off with attempt number one. – Good luck, guys.
Good luck. Best of luck. It was supposed to go in the goal.
Hey, you know it’s supposed to go in. Goal.
– It’s the thing right there. (buzzer) – (narrator) Pros are up.
– (both) Three, two, one, go. – Toe ball and a miss.
– Yeah. (buzzer) – (narrator) Trick shot team,
attempt number two. – Three, two, one.
– Wait, two. Wait, two. – One. (ding) – (narrator) Goal!
Pros are up again. Can they do it?
– Three– – One, two…
– (both) Three, go. – (Brett) Ohhh! Rolling across–
– What was that? Seriously?
– Goal, baby. You see that freakin’ whiz in there?
(ding) – (narrator) And that’s a goal! – This was our
very first trick shot. It wasn’t pretty,
but a goal is a goal. – Told you we would.
– Yeah. When you strike it well, you just know.
– Yeah. It’s all about teamwork. – Not our proudest moment.
Not gonna be adding that to the highlight reel probably, but we got the job done.
– (Euan) We’ll take it. – All right, second video.
See what they got. – Again, it looks like
just a single guy run up to the ball,
heads it to his partner, and which then heads it
into the goal. – That’s gonna be very interesting.
– Okay, wow. – Oh.
– (laughs) – Like plunging headers. Two!
This is nothing like the other one. – This one will have a lot
to do with individual skill, so I’ll have to count on Euan
not letting me down on this one. – Gonna be some (chuckles)
head work on this one. – I’m really confident that
we’re gonna be able to do this. (electricity zapping)
♪ (rock music) ♪ – (narrator) The pros are up. (buzzer) – Ah, so close!
That diving header was kind of weak. – (narrator) Trick shot guys
are up next. – We’re ready. Oh my god! Ah! (buzzer)
– Ah, see. See, that’s what a diving header–
– The ball never lies. Ball never lies.
– Yeah. – (narrator) Pros are up again. – (Brett) Oh, that’s too high.
– (trick shooters) Aww. – (Brett) That’s two. Two down.
I don’t’ think they have the skills. They’re too in their heads.
– (narrator) The trick shot guys are up next. – (grunts)
(buzzer) – (narrator) That’s a complete miss. – (pros clapping)
– Good attempt, boys. – (narrator) The soccer team goes
for their third and final attempt. He’s going for it… and it’s in!
(ding) Goal!
Trick shooters go for their third and final attempt.
– What’s going on? (ding)
– (narrator) And that’s a goal! – His feet were on the ground.
– Are we standing headers? – Feet were on the ground.
– Are we standing headers like this? – (Brett) Yeah,
third time’s the charm. – Yeah. I think you had
the biggest, toughest part to actually plunge and then
redirect it to me exactly, and I had the easy job
to just put i in. – Can’t take credit for it really.
We were just doing our jobs. – Third trick shot. – (players speaking Japanese)
– What? They’re going sideways and hitting the ball.
Whoa, they scissored the ball at the same time.
– Yeah. – Both of us running up again.
Oh, man. – (both laugh)
– This is gonna be difficult. – Those are good trick shots.
Yeah. Have they seen the video? I don’t think they can do that.
Even professional can’t do that either. – Yeah. No, yeah,
nobody’s done this in the pros. – Yeah, I’ve done
a couple scissors before, scored some scissor kick goals, but never a double scissor.
– Never a double. (electricity zapping)
♪ (rock music) ♪ – (narrator) Soccer guys
go for attempt number one. – (victorious laugh)
– It’s beautiful! (buzzer)
– (narrator) Looks like they didn’t get it.
And now, for the trick shot guys. – Do exactly what we did guys.
That’s the best advice we can give you. Oh, that’s– oh, no.
– Wow. – We’re gonna need a medic out–
– It went the right direction. (buzzer)
– (narrator) The pros are up. – (Bryan) Get in there, baby!
– (Euan) Goal. It’s a goal. – (Bryan laughs)
– (Euan) It’s a goal. – Yes! (ding) – (narrator) Goooal!
– That’s how I’ll be shooting when I’m 65.
– (narrator) Up now are the trick shot guys.
Let’s see if they can catch up. – (Daniel) All right?
– (Brett) Yeah. (buzzer) – You were only
10 feet away that time. Getting closer.
– Woo! This is the last one. – (narrator) Trick shooters go
for their third and final attempt. – Guys, take your time.
This is only your last chance. Oh, no.
– Oh, I heard a wait cymbal. I heard a wait cymbal. – Oh.
– Is it one touch? (buzzer)
– (narrator) Ooh, it’s a miss. – You guys weren’t clean
on the first one and the second one. We were perfect.
This one, you know, we weren’t that clean.
But we still– – They’re still looking
for your other ball. – Those mountain lions
I think got it. All right.
Here’s our fourth trick kick. – Here they come. Whoa! – (laughs)
– What? – There seems to be
some upside down action? – Oh, wow.
– Yeah. So– – (both laugh)
– Both of them bicycle the ball at the same exact time and score.
– Yeah. Yeah. This is gonna be the most difficult one for sure.
Not only is it timing, it’s acrobatic,
and it’s definitely challenging. – My confidence for them
has started to shake, because have they seen this?
Are they confident about this? I don’t think so.
We are probably more confident about this than–
– I feel like we have ideas to accomplish this.
I think they’re fully capable of doing it, but I think
they might be wondering how to pull it off. (electricity zapping)
♪ (rock music) ♪ – (narrator) Pros are up.
– One, two, three. – (both laugh)
– First kicker! – (Daniel) Nah, nah, nah, nah.
– (Brett) Replay that. Only Euan hit it. Clear as day.
– (Daniel) Yup. (buzzer)
– (narrator) And now for the trick shot guys. – One person!
– I kicked it split, so that’s kind of like two in one.
– Sounds like a loser’s excuse. – Yeah.
– (narrator) And now, the pro soccer team is up.
– One, two, three. Get in there! Ah! – (narrator) Replay confirms
that only Euan hit it. (buzzer)
Trick shot team, attempt number two. – Oh, that’s high.
– Wait. – Oh, that’s two! Ah!
– Too far away from the goal. – We can’t bank
into the goal, right? (ding)
– One, two, three. – Ahh.
– Get in there! Ah! How about that?!
– Two for two! – How about that?!
– Toe balls. Toe balls. – How was that?! (buzzer)
– (narrator) Ooh, so close. The trick shot team
goes for a third to get a perfect score.
– Say your prayers. (buzzer)
– Wait, it’s going! – Oh, it’s going backwards!
It’s going backwards! How did you do that?! – (narrator) After four rounds,
let’s check in with our teams and see what they have to say.
– When we saw the video, we knew exactly
that they can’t do this. – To be completely honest,
I was very surprised how that turned out.
– It’s a very difficult shot. All these excuses,
I’m ready for the next one. (claps) Let’s go.
– (all laugh) – Let’s go.
– Now. – They shout at each other.
– Oh, wow. We’ve gotta–
– (both laugh) – That is very interesting.
– (chuckles) They’re like a bunch
of Superman people. – This will be the hardest,
so it’s good that they left it for last.
– (blows raspberry) – I’m gonna have to
possibly give them this one. I mean… oh, but I wanna–
– Let’s give them a little hope. – Yeah.
– Yeah. The trick shot team’s got this one for sure. Undoubtedly.
– Yeah. I’m rooting for them. – I’m rooting for them.
– Yeah. – They’re nice guys.
– Yeah. (electricity zapping)
♪ (rock music) ♪ – (narrator) Trick shot team
starts us off with attempt number one. – Yeah. – Close, but no cigar. (buzzer) – (narrator) Pros are up. (buzzer) – (narrator) And the trick shot team attempts number two.
– Now! – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He’s on the ground as he heads it. (buzzer) – (narrator) Pros are up again.
– Three, two, one. – (Bryan) Ooh! Great, baby!
I felt it! – (Euan) That was perfect.
– (Bryan) Woo! (ding) (ding)
– (narrator) Goal! The trick shotters go
for their third and final attempt. – Now! (buzzer)
– (narrator) Ooh, so close. – It’s called a trick shot.
It’s tricky. I mean, two people have to try to line up their cleats.
But still, to get over somebody and clear them, it’s no joke.
– Yeah, we were a little nervous at first, but as we continued on,
our confidence grew. And by the end,
I was very confident. Hats off to Bryan
for flying in the air. – (narrator) With a final score
of 5-8, the pro soccer team wins the Captain Tsubasa
Trick Shot Challenge. – Yeah. (chuckles)
– Woo! (claps) Yes!
– (others clap) – Great competition.
These guys are very talented. But ultimately,
we backed ourselves, and you know,
we’re happy to come out on top. – Whether it’s soccer,
whether it’s trick shots, whether it’s something else,
it’s just a lot of things have to line up,
and it just didn’t go our way. – I don’t know if some of these
are realistic in game, but definitely as trick shots and shots for fun, you know,
they’re definitely doable. – Hey, guys. Ethan here
from the React Channel. Thank you so much for Google Play
for sponsoring this episode and to Captain Tsubasa for
inspiring this trick shot challenge. You can download
the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team app by clicking on the link
in the description below. Thanks for watching. Bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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