10 Things Tyson Fury Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

10 Things Tyson Fury Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “10 Things Tyson Fury Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

  1. Triple L says:

    Woah ! The gypsy king drinks 8 liters of water a day !?

  2. MultiEmmey says:

    I like the phone switch off idea

  3. hundon fields says:

    this guy pissed me off

  4. Stefan Stojkovski says:

    That bell at the start was the most annoying thing ever

  5. Tu Ho says:

    #5 Suit jacket, tie, no shirt

  6. Crazy Cactus Adventures says:

    Who is here after he won against wilder

  7. Jamextra says:

    11. Winning

  8. Qwert Yuiop says:

    #1 Taste of Wilder's blood.

  9. John Conlon says:

    That cup of tea is right….

  10. I'm So Fly says:

    This was just an advertisement for his sponsors.

  11. mark ortiz says:

    He forget to mention cocaine lmao😂still took the dub tho

  12. Neil L says:

    No way that homeless guy had feet nearly as big as 6'9 Tyson Fury.

  13. Uncle Ade says:

    This dudes da man

  14. scifyry says:

    So excessive masturbation is the key to being a boxing champion. Who knew.

  15. Skyler Holic says:

    Playing snap with Tyson must be pretty scary, when that hand comes down the table must break…

  16. the PANTY RAID says:

    Tyson calls California the sunshine state
    Floridians: //gripping fist like Arthur

  17. slickaziandude101 says:

    Tyson fury is a toddler in a 30 year 6’9 body….

  18. sabojezles says:

    To this day!

  19. slickaziandude101 says:

    Tyson fury is literally a toddler in a 30 year old, 6’9, 400 lb, heavyweight champion of the world body

  20. Choco Later says:

    My next essential is: ''My hand. Comes handy 7 times a day''

  21. Amateur Unboxings says:

    Great guy

  22. kevin yang says:

    Who’s here after he won against wilder?

  23. Joey Orlando says:

    Who's watching this after he beat Wilder's A$$???

  24. DHV 1st says:

    Wixxxt du ? Luuul 7 times a day keep my testo high …GOAT Boxer i luv him

  25. Dmitry Winter says:

    He’s just trolling em. It’s obvious

  26. MagicMacMusic says:

    5:46 the guy is a walking talking contradiction😂😂😂

  27. Neil Jennings says:

    He's absolutely spot on about the cup of tea.

  28. Marcus Watson says:

    Hears the last essential. “Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those up”

  29. Anthony A. says:

    Is good to know he is not a drug addict, but a christ addict.

  30. plasticbudgie says:

    4:40 i'd just like to correct him and say the Tea Bad Strangely was invented in New York 1903 By Thomas Sullivan as a way of selling all the left over bits of broken tea leaf.
    As a Brit i'm shocked he doesn't know that i was told that the second i was born in the North of England.

  31. Coconut Head says:

    Looks up how much his cologne costs

    Yeah I'm gonna pass on that

  32. Jack says:

    Such a gypsy haha love it

  33. monika laosi says:

    When the 10 things you can't live without video is actually about the 10 things he can't live without.

  34. kanqquperze says:

    He has to smell like a million bucks at all times. The only exception is when going into the ring with Wilder, he goes in there stinkin'. And it shows in the end result of the fight.

  35. Muhamad Azri says:

    How big is that homeless guy

  36. mattroom says:

    we get it, YOU'RE BALD

  37. Norrise kelvin says:

    They forgot to mention he can’t live without tasting wilders blood. Check it out here https://youtu.be/kVNI7clDIZQ

  38. TherealBamsesFarm0r69 says:


  39. Saif alameri says:

    Does he mean that these are 10 things i can live without them?!

  40. Bob Dolemite says:

    1:31 I'm pretty sure whoever sampled this segment for the cologne, remixed my instrumental and just used more reverb. Tell me if I'm wrong. I'd enjoy seeing the stems.


  41. A V says:

    There is a homeless guy out there in the street who had red bottoms before you did. LET THAT THINK IN.

  42. Derangedxzombie says:

    Homeless man £1000 trainers. I remember playing Star Wars knights of the old Republic, some xbox game years ago. You can give a homeless person money in it, they literally then walk around the corner and get stabbed lol. Hope this homeless guy put some dirt on them just so they didn't look too new.

  43. John Bradford says:

    Cant live without his gob its big enough..

  44. Gamer831crossfire says:

    Whose here after he knocked out WIlder 😀

  45. Olumese David says:

    Congratulations champ, great fight, and awesome performance.👍

  46. Tony Vincent says:

    Masterbastion 7 X a day. Wow. 😳 If you do 7X a day as well. You too could become a Champion like Tyson Fury. 😂👌

  47. B W says:

    Some homeless guy running around with size 28 shoes

  48. NickZoOoR says:

    I hope the guy Fury gave his shoes to was at least 6'6, cause if was average height it'd be like clown shoes for him

  49. Danilo says:

    everything looks so tiny in his hands

  50. Danilo says:

    those hands can make johhny sins' jack-hammer look tiny

  51. raw blue says:

    Tyson or AJ go

  52. hino823 says:

    he jerks off 7 times everyday….no wonder i dont like shaking hands with humans

  53. Squidward Tortellini says:

    Pudgy arms

  54. attached flower says:

    Same essentials as any other guy. Lazy thought went into this

  55. KerioFive says:

    Tyson Fury makes a bald head cool!

  56. Titus Pullo says:

    The shoes were so big that the homeless guy wasn't homeless anymore.

  57. Daniel Zakharov says:

    nice advertising, where are the real essential stuff

  58. for a dollar says:

    The king

  59. F4ck3d _23 says:

    Man wartet auf den Reaktionsboss

  60. TurtleBurger says:

    Can listen to him talk for ages.

  61. yung bathtub says:

    surprised one of them wasn’t the blood of deontay wilder

  62. Paul Aguilar says:

    I guess he forgot to bring the lil bag full of white stuff


    Don’t go bald 😂😂😂😂

  64. Stu Don says:

    I would have thought the top 2 essentials would be pants and underwear…?
    If he was only allowed to carry his top 10 essentials, Fury is clearly ok walking around in his jacket, with his cool sunnies and watch on, but also with his twig and berries swinging in the breeze.
    Fair play.

  65. Slider1236 says:

    Das Video kann man eigentlich nicht ohne den  Reaktionsboss anschauen!

  66. Most Mysterious says:

    I must have really high testosterone.

  67. MXFT says:

    Great person and great personalityb

  68. AlexDroog71 says:

    I watched a live stream of Fury/Wilder 2 laying in bed on my mobile phone.

  69. Oliver B says:

    when he said about the sunglasses Hahahahahaha he was defo hunting that they’re good for covering his eyes when he’s beaked up

  70. Noah Van den broek says:

    Thought he would say cocaine

  71. Fra Clarke says:

    Only jerks off 7 times a day when he’s in training camp , any other time about 20

  72. Murat Ünce says:

    Ich warte schon auf den reaktionsboss

  73. Shitty Jojoke Page says:

    You forgot Masturbation

  74. steven middlehurst says:

    I believe Tyson fury should be knighted arise sir Tyson fury . Hes certainly put the uk back on the map for boxing took it to the average joe I'm a bum wilder in is own back garden and beat him to oblivion.

  75. ski mask s says:

    How can anybody not love this guy

  76. PrafitRealtyGroup says:

    Beautiful Rolex Day date with olive dial. You seem like a real gentleman. It’s no wonder you are the Champion my friend 👍👍👍

  77. lol lol says:

    Was that lube used on wilder

  78. FreeRange James says:

    The Homeless guy probably used Tyson's trainers to sleep in.

  79. marcus epstein says:

    Brings out his wanking cream lol, they going to sell it.

  80. kreglfromworld says:

    Is he serious about masturbation? Lmao have to ask

  81. danspare says:

    L.A. The sunshine state.

  82. Chrisuke Doom クリスケ says:

    So we're simply gonna ignore that last thing??

  83. Lionel Hutz says:

    i sleep in it, i shower in it, i swim in it, i f*** in it!

  84. I know Obamas last name says:

    His voice sounds like he's been smoking for 3 centuries

  85. Purple Activist says:

    He speaks like he came out of the 1800's hahaha

  86. Lucas Ian Murray says:

    anyone noticed his fingers

  87. Hardus Helm says:

    Tyson the man

  88. Derek Daehler says:

    The best heavyweight in the world period

  89. Centrist Philosopher says:

    That homeless guy can say the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world gave him a pair of shoes

  90. Centrist Philosopher says:

    The most colourful heavyweight since Muhammad Ali

  91. Centrist Philosopher says:

    6:15 He is right about that. Smartphones have arguably ruined basic human communication.

  92. The Money Management says:

    Who came back after Fury absolutely annihilated Wilder

  93. Samuel Smith says:

    Surprised by the lack of comments talking about his personal lube

  94. PoeticSonic says:

    The homeless guy probably looked like he had clown shoes🤣🤣🤣 hopefully it either fit him or he sold it for something comfortable…

  95. Redtan Sonyeondan says:

    Apparently he also couldn't live without destroying Wilder.

  96. 934,577 views says:

    #11 knockin out wilder

  97. Adam Sharif says:

    This is just a 7 min advertising video!

  98. Gijs van de Pol says:

    I thought this was a Crazy Russian Hacker video.

  99. Crazy Ripper says:

    Thanks Tyson for explaining to us what phones do 😂

  100. marchrubes22 says:

    This has become a 7 minute unskippable add.

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