-10° SWORD vs 212° COKE

-10° SWORD vs 212° COKE

we’re gonna see what boiling soda looks
like when you slice it and ninja chop it outside where it is only negative 10
degrees Ready Vy? Ready! welcome to the Minnesota Airport as you guys can see it
is a very very busy time here so many people trying to get here to love and
appreciate the negative ten degree weather Minnesota has the best vending
machines they have digital potato chips it is much healthier Minnesota Skyway
that’s what we’re famous for that’s right because it’s so cold you have to
run running little hamster tunnels yes we are at the wonderful Dollar Tree
we’ve got Nathan and Jason helping us find some ninja items what did you find check our ninja poster
oh whoa oh these ninjas that they have all kinds of cool stuff okay this one’s
lights and sound of course in this one oh he’s smart one I didn’t know how to
pull that I gonna make some sub-zero ninja toys are you ready yeah doing
so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take these items we’re gonna chop open
a hole on the top fill it with colored water put them outside cuz it’s like
negative 10 degrees and let it freeze overnight and then we’re gonna cut these
open and have some ice dabbers didn’t my ninja item we’ve got
a nice opening there we’re gonna pour some food coloring all right Jason just
one drop it’s so cold this is probably freezing like half an hour thick get it
in the snow all right what do you got oh you got this side where your favorite
levels cuz Raphael is one of my favorite Turtles
that should do it cows don’t put it outside
all right into the stove yeah we did it who wasn’t making a weird noise it
sounds pretty good though sounds like someone’s flushing a toilet
does it look really green inside lots of really being leaked out on the snow oh
that’s huge dude well that pops in your face what you guys doing winter jewels
it’s gonna be frozen okay I can’t see you down there
alright guys it is the next day and we are now going to look at our item who
did the blade who did the side and I did the bat and Vy did a bunch of balloons
he’s trying to open the balloon with the sigh oh that works it’s all spiky whoa
that was thinking too it’s got a nipple does that have water
inside of it or is this actually does hold on whoa crazy
I froze I think it’s a so it doesn’t leak I can’t believe it it freeze all
the way overnight it’s coming along pretty good but my ice broke you know I
got it open but all the ice is shattered nice really this swords Exalibur now
because you know they have to pull it out of the stone Let me try! nope I guess I’m not the chosen one
let’s have let’s have Jason try the chosen one we’re gonna play some ninja
baseball now so we’re gonna make some blue snowballs there we go I got a blue
ball here are you ready Nathan are you ready Jason? what you gonna do baby I’m gonna break
the bat I miss Paul alright guys one ball that I made we are
going to play bowling with it we have the usual suspects the soda ninjas and
the water ninja first up we have got Jason let’s see your bowling ball you
dropped it alright we’re gonna see how you do go
for it Oh three that’s amazing it’s gonna be super hard to beat guys okay
who’s up next I’ve got a greenish yellow one and it’s
got a nipple oh you got one sprite can whoa I’m gonna challenge all the boys
here to see who can build to cook a snowman in five seconds Snowman?
snow angel I’m sorry snow angel one two three ha ha Jason’s like the ball here’s
Chad so they’re kinda draw see if you can
guess what is drawing we are at my parents house in Minnesota where it is
only negative ten degrees since smoke is you’re a forest fire oh no it’s just my
dad here comes the Sun over the hill oh it’s cold out I’m not smoking it’s just
it’s just that cold look at that red cardinal hey buddy come here there’s
even some seeds we’re gonna see what soda looks like when you slice it and
ninja chop it outside and we’re gonna try some boiling soda because if it’s
cold enough boiling soda turns into steam mist! we’re gonna be chopping this
soda up mom you are and you’re gonna chop some too
I don’t know if I can well here’s my parents items collection right down
here dad won’t you tell me what we’re looking at here my walking stick but in
case I should have to get mugged by somebody what you got on the handle
there these guys for Sarge oh look at your shirt look at that mom you love his
skull sure stone what’s this here a katana this year for Christmas oh look
at that engraving on there and mom you’ve got your old items collection
here brand-new Knight collection beautiful Oh back in 2002 some of the
people watching this weren’t even born yet
I like the pop here are sodas here you can’t call it pop in Minnesota that’s
fine it’s hyvee Hi Vy! you guys ready to go chop some
sodas do you like to go outside and chop sodas
yep you sure do are you a ninja oh good check out these coveralls my dad has
here I’ll wear this when we chop the boiling water so it doesn’t get my face
yeah I have two pairs of pants on two pairs of socks and I think three or four layers of clothes on we’re sort of rock it to sleep and look at Chad and
his dad matching snow suits oh yeah which word here we have the soda
my parents have their very own stool yeah you’re a first get out my trusty
skull believed here and hope I could put a wound in this thing this is about
the sharpest blade the world but it’s got a pretty good point on it yeah you
better get out of here you don’t want to get covered in soda aim like a pool cue
that’s right hey you get you missed some down here she’s shaking now good point our final
knife for stabbing a cardboard box play oh nice good advice
don’t play with knives never play with knives but I gotta check out my new knife
I’m gonna try to slice this little green bottle here no it’s a big bottle so how
should I do this just like this all you want throw it no no okay don’t
need to worry about our phones overheating out here we sometimes have
that problem my trusty brand-new knife will work for
this we’ll see one the ice right away but see all over my
pants those good guys know where check out his ninja skills from his parents
that’s right that’s right of course I wanted to use my hatchet but that one
told me no no no that wasn’t sharp enough yeah okay all right we’ve got
some boiling water down here check this out we’re not it’s almost boiling we’re
gonna fill a bottle with boiling water but first better have some blue food
coloring and make it look really cool slow motion ready right hot boiling
water your gloves on whoa oh ho it’s melting quick put the cap on
okay ready ready let’s see if it evaporates that means it’s really pulled does
boiling water just turns into steam everything that laid it on the floor is
frozen now we got a soda ice skating rink already froze really quick but you
never eat orange or yellow snow balancing bird it was in the stocking
it’s like a fidget spinner but it’s a bird
oh when it’s this cold outside you got to warm your car up oh wow it’s 20 30
minutes for free start driving it oh my dad’s filling it up with air what a good
dad oh that’s just barely started you

Antonio Breitenberg

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