10 Must-Visit Places & Hidden Gems in Fukushima Japan

10 Must-Visit Places & Hidden Gems in Fukushima Japan

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “10 Must-Visit Places & Hidden Gems in Fukushima Japan

  1. Daisy C says:

    Come to brisbane

  2. Yellow Productions says:

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  3. Kim Jong-un says:

    Excellent ♥️🇰🇵♥️🇰🇵

  4. Pilot In Cmnd 1 says:

    Absolutely great video! Thank you for sharing this with us! All the best from the west coast of Florida USA!!!

  5. Juba says:

    Can I get Radiation Poisoning in Fukushima?

  6. Kaye Rey says:

    I love ur list. Simple and informative video indeed!

  7. Colleen Huntley says:

    Great video ! Fukushima Japan looks amazing. Love the cats, and the Historic town. You showed so many wonderful things to do in that area. Plus your Japanese pronunciation sounds perfect. Thanks Chris !

  8. Linda S says:


  9. Autum Breeze says:

    The cats definitely are tempting to go see… but my dad is allergic to cats and I will (hopefully next year) be going to Japan with him, so we would be avoiding areas with cats

  10. Scottman895 Travel says:

    I wish many other places in the world had free public foot baths! My feet would be in heaven in Fukushima as I bet that is quite soothing! I really like the cat who patrols the station! Those are some great views of the city from the observatory near the planetarium! The area looks quite exciting!

  11. JAMES HIGA says:

    Hi Chris. Love these old villages. You really get a sense of culture and history. Thanks for the great video.

  12. Ario Handoyo says:

    I don't like strwberries they are very sour, but japan is so lovely.😘🇯🇵❤

  13. Eddie Munster says:

    Love your work Chris!! Absolutely loved japan, I’ve shared your videos with family and friends. Videos are informative and interesting. Appreciate the effort .

  14. Son Le says:

    the strawberries look so fragrant

  15. jurassicgalaxy9 says:

    I hope one day you will do a video explaining who you are, how you came to be able to travel so much, what inspired you to do these videos. You have a fun personality and I'm curious about who the Yellow Productions host is behind the scenes and commentary.

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