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(funny instrumental music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All Three] That YouTub3 Family! – And today, we are going
skiing, and it’s actually going to be night skiing soon. So we’re headed out skiing after
the kids get out of school. Which, we’re just taking Audrey this time, because Jordan is sick, Jake is sick, and Ty has a broken arm. (Audrey laughs) – So many problems. – So we’re about to hit the slope. This video is a paid promotion for RXBAR. So when we go skiing, we
like to take snacks with us, because it takes up a lot
of energy going skiing. – Yeah, I’m hungry already. – And so, we are going to
throw in some of the RXBARs into our pockets, and Dad’s backpack, and then we’ll get on our
snow gear and get going. – So the RXBAR kid’s bars
comes in three flavors, Apple Cinnamon Raisin, Berry
Blast, and Chocolate Chip. And my favorite is the
Apple Cinnamon Raisin. So I’m gonna stick a few
of those in my pockets, and finish getting ready to go. – Okay, so Audrey is getting ready, but what I really like
about the RX kid’s bars is that they’re easy to throw
in when you’re on the move, so like I can throw them
in the kids’ lunches for a fast grab-and-go healthy snack, and when we’re traveling, we like to take snacks with us, as well. When we’re doing an activity
like skiing, tubing, something crazy, because
we’re a busy family, we’re always on the go, so
grabbing an RX kid’s bar is a fast, convenient, and a healthy snack that works for us. – There is the Mixed Berry,
there is the Chocolate Sea Salt, and then, Mom’s favorite
Coconut Chocolate. – [Mom] Yep. – So, I’m actually going
to throw in a couple of Chocolate Sea Salt, because
I really like the salty with the sweet mix, that’s
one of my favorites. And the cool thing about
these, is, especially today, going out and going skiing,
I can throw one of these in my backpack, I can
eat it as I’m going up. They’re really great, they
give you lots of energy and they taste awesome. – To get 25 percent off your first order, visit rxbar.com/thatyoutub3family and put in the code thatyoutub3family to get your discount. Make sure that E is a 3. Also, we’ll leave the link
in the description box below. – Okay, so we are all in our snow gear and we’re headed up the mountain now. – Yeah! – And we decided we’re going to do a game where we dare each other
to do crazy dumb, things. – Whoo! – My first dare is for Dad, and when we get to the
top of the mountain, I dare him to ski backwards for five seconds. – Can you do that? – I’m gonna try. And my dare to Mom is to go off of a jump. (Audrey gasps) So I wanna see her catch some air, not this little, just move
your body up and down, but I wanna see the skis leave the ground. – Hey, they’re pros, so they can do it. – I’m not a pro! – So for Audrey’s dare, what
should we make Audrey’s dare? – Something easy, please. ‘Kay, I’m gonna fall all over the place. Remember what happened last time? – Let’s first explain this. Dad and I skied when we were teenagers. I have skied for over 20 years! That doesn’t make me a pro. – You’ve been on blacks,
and then when you try after 20 years of skiing
again, you were still good. – Okay, Audrey’s dare, and
she doesn’t have to do this on the first run, because
I can’t see anybody here, but she’s gonna give
somebody a high-five today. – No! – Oh! – Somebody has got to receive
a high-five from Audrey, that is her dare. – Do it to the lift
operators, say thank you, and just reach out and do a high-five. – High-five. Alright, so before we
get going let’s fuel up. So here’s Mom’s Coconut Chocolate RXBAR. – [Mom] Awesome, thank you. – And Audrey, you wanted, you
want a Chocolate Chip one? – Sure, I’ll try it. – Try the Chocolate Chip. And I want my Chocolate Sea Salt. Where did my Chocolate Sea Salt go? Yes! Alright. (wrappers crackle) Let’s get powered up. – Cheers. – Okay, ready? Cheers. Cheers. – I’m going to be able to do my dare. – Give you the inspiration, and the power? – [Mom] And the energy? – These are gluten-free, as well, so if you’re on a gluten-free
diet, you can eat these. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Do the dab, wow! Oh, you’re doing the floss. The floss and the dab,
while skiing backwards. That’s awesome. – Yeah! – Thank you. – Yeah, no problem. – I did my dare. – Audrey, you make a dare for
Dad, I’ll make one for Audrey. – My dare is you can’t
ski with your poles. – I can’t ski with my poles. That’s okay, because
I don’t need my poles. (Mom and Audrey laugh) – Okay. – Okay. That was a good one. Um, my dare for Audrey is to, I was gonna say ski, and then touch the ground,
while you’re going down. – Oh, there you go. – And then go back up, so
try to touch the ground with your hand, and go back up, but I’m afraid she’ll crash. – Well. – Even with my poles. – We’ll see. So Audrey’s gotta touch
the ground with her hands, as she’s skiing. Alright, that’s a good
one, I like that one. – It’s gonna be hard. I don’t want her to get hurt,
so we’re gonna be cautious. She can use her pizza. – So comment down below,
because we’re going to probably ski quite a
few more times this year. Comment down below if there’s any dares that you would like to see
us do, as we’re skiing, and we’ll maybe
incorporate those into some of our other video clips, and
some of the bloopers, maybe, depending on how well we do. (Dad chuckles) Alright, you guys ready? (lively music) – Okay, I’ve got two dares
completed, I am in the lead. – Yes. – So what’s my next dare you guys. – Your next dare is you
have to go down the mountain with less than five turns, like back and forth. – [Mom] Oh, that’s a good dare Audrey. – I’m gonna go fast. – [Mom] You’re gonna go fast. Vroom. – Are you serious, five is all I get? – Yep. – Alright, I’ll try. Okay, Audrey’s doing her dare. She’s gonna touch the ground while skiing. – Whoo! – It’s on film, it’s legit. Mom’s new dare is she has to
ski with one food raised up, so she’s only on one
ski, not the whole time, but just at different parts. And Audrey’s, is that
she’s gotta do the floss as she goes down. So, Audrey’s is she’s gotta do the floss as she goes down the mountain. So we’ll see how well she does the floss. – Ready to attempt one leg. – [Dad] Okay, here we go. I’ll follow you and watch. (lively music) – [Mom] Ha ha, that’s the craziest floss. – [Dad] Keep going. Keep going. – [Mom] Wow. – [Mom] Okay, are you
ready for me to chase you down the mountain? – Okay, this is going to be a speed run. I can only turn five times,
down the entire hill. – I just did my floss too, I did my floss. – [Mom] That was a beautiful floss. – I don’t know if I did
it right, but I tried. – [Mom] We’re going to
ditch you on the mountain, because Dad’s about to go zippity-zi-zo. – Okay, wish me luck cause, it’s a good thing I have health insurance. – [Mom] What’s me like, I’m
gonna be with the camera and poles trying to keep up. (bright music) – I think I turned four times. – [Mom] Yeah, you didn’t
use all your turns. – My eyes are like, totally watered because I forgot to put my goggles on. – [Mom] That was a fast run. I hope we got it on camera, because I was just trying to keep up. – Whoo! And Audrey’s like gone. – [Mom] Yeah, she’s up there
on the mountain somewhere. – Whoo! – [Dad] I did it Audrey. – [Mom] He did it. He completed your dare. What’s your new dare for dad? – You ready? Sorry Mom, you’re in both for this one. – [Mom] Great. – Your new dare is you have to, you have to spray snow
at Mom when you go down. – [Mom] Wait, what? – So she goes down the stops,
and I come down and spray her. Perfect, I love it. – [Mom] Great, what’s my dare? – Oh, you have to sing
when you’re going down. – [Mom] Oh, thanks. I have such a lovely voice too. – I’m singing. – [Mom] You should have given Dad that. He actually can sing. – Want me to give you a different one? – [Mom] Yes, I’m a terrible singer. – Okay, let’s see, what was the other one? Oh, you have to booty scoot for, – [Mom] What’s booty scoot? – On your butt, down the
mountain, for like one-fourth. – [Mom] Okay, I can do that. – Okay, Audrey’s gotta sing. – No, why did I say that? – Audrey’s gotta sing,
Mom’s gotta booty scoot. – [Mom] And it can’t be muffled, so you’ve gotta pull that face mask off. – Yeah. – It’s cold. – [Mom] I know. – And I get to spray Mom, yes! – [Dad] Sing to that light. – Okay. – [Dad] Okay? Audrey singing. Here we go, what’s your song? – “Thunder”. – [Dad] It’s called “Thunder”? – Yep. – [Dad] By? – Imagine Dragons. – [Dad] “Thunder” by
Imagine Dragons. Okay. Here we go. Loud and proud. (starts singing) – Louder. – [Dad] Louder. (continues singing) – I can’t hear you. ♪ I was dreaming ♪ ♪ Of bigger things ♪ ♪ And wanna leave my own life behind ♪ ♪ Not a yes sir, not a follower ♪ ♪ Fit the box, fit the mold ♪ ♪ Have a seat in the
foyer, take a number ♪ ♪ I was lightning before the thunder ♪ ♪ Thunder, thunder, thunder ♪ (Audrey screams) – [Dad] Mom, get your boot scootin’. Okay, there’s Mama there. (Mom squeals) I don’t know what’s she’s doing. – [Audrey] Where are you going? – [Dad] I don’t know. (Dad laughs) What was that? – I don’t know. (light happy music) – [Mom] Here comes Dad. (snow whooshes) (Mom screams) – [Mom] Oh! Okay, you got me. – Go down there, I’ll do it again. – [Mom] Okay. – Should I spray Audrey? Let me spray Audrey. – [Audrey] No! – Yeah. – [Mom] Here he comes, here he comes. He’s coming to get Audrey. – No! (Audrey screams) – Whoo! (bright happy music) – [Mom] Ha! – Whoo! – [Mom] Haha! You okay? – Alright, we made it
back home from skiing. – [Mom] Which was super fun. – Alright, we’re gonna open up some mail, but before we do, we brought back some of the RXBARs for the kids. And so, they’re gonna try the kids’ RXBAR, Jordan which one did you grab? – I grabbed the Apple Cinnamon Raisin. – There we go. Jake? – I got the Chocolate Chip. – I grabbed the Chocolate Chip. – And they also have, I didn’t see this, and I’ve never tried these, I’ve only tried the Chocolate one but, they actually have Blueberry, and then Peanut Butter, as well. We can’t open the Peanut
Butter here in the house, because of the kids, but
I will take this with me when I got out on my adventures. – Because Audrey and Jake are allergic. – Yep. – [Mom] So we don’t really
keep a lot of peanut things in the house, but that is a
good one that we will have and enjoy later. – Absolutely. – [Mom] Okay, who wants to
open up our first package? Audrey. – Ooh. This is from Jordan. – Ooh! – [Mom] From Jordan? – This is from Jordan in Ohio. Lots of stuff in here, okay. So, this one, this one’s for me, this one’s, Jordan, it’s a blind bag. (Girls exclaim) – [Mom] That’s fun. – Wow, there’s lots of stuff in here. Okay. Let me see. That YouTub3 Family. – I actually really like this flavor. Like, I could taste all the
apple cinnamon, and raisin, it tastes really good. – So Jordan asks, “Do you love making videos?” Yes! We love the videos. We do it every single day, actually. – [Mom] Yes, everyday. – And she wants to be a
teacher, and a YouTuber when she grows up. – [Mom] Oh, awesome. That’s cool. – She drew some super cute pictures, Logan there’s Jake. – Nice. – There’s me. – [Mom] Oh, I love it. Look how cute. That’s awesome. – Thanks Jordan. – [Mom] That’s really cool. Now does she spell it the
same way as our Jordan? Wow, that’s awesome. – I got a Littlest Pet Shop. Thank you! – [Mom] Love it. – This is from Rebecca in Pennsylvania. Whoa! Okay. Look at this awesome emoji that they drew. This is so cool. – [Mom] That’s cute. – So this from Rebecca,
who is eight years old. She said she loves our videos. And she loves Logan, who
just barely ran away. He was over here. Hi Logan. – [Mom] Logan. She’s like, “Huh? What’s up?” – Thank you Rebecca for your package. – Our final letter is from
Emily, who lives in Michigan. And she said on the letter here, it says, “Please put it in a video, it
would be a dream come true.” So, hopefully you are
watching this, Emily. And she gave us some
really cool things here. – [Jordan] Whoa! – Yeah. Oh, here we go, Logan. – [Girls] Aww. – [Mom] That’s so cute. – That is cute. – [Mom] Going on the wall. – Yes. – And, oh, (Mom drowns out Dad) like Logan. – [Mom] Oh, wow. What a good artist. – Yes. – [Mom] Okay. Some wall pictures. – This picture will definitely
keep it up on the wall. – [Mom] Yeah, look for it
when we film on the wall. The wall sometimes gets seen
on Audrey’s endurance channel, so make sure to check out their channels. – Yeah. – AllAroundAudrey. – JustJordan33. – Jake and Ty. – [Mom] Yep. – Wow! – Oh, here we go. There we go. That’s on the wall for sure. – [Mom] Cool. – Aww. – Love it. ‘Kay, thank you so much, Emily. Did you guys like those RXBARs? – Yeah. – Ty did you eat yours all gone? You’re fast, man. Awesome, okay. Well, we want to thank RXBARs
for sponsoring this video, it was really cool of them to do that. Remember, down in the
description box below, we’ve got the like that you can go there, and you can save 25 percent
off of your first order, by typing in thatyoutub3family . – [Mom] With a 3 in place of the E. – Remember our YouTube, the E is a 3, so make sure you do that so you can get your 25 percent savings. Alright, thank you guys
so much for watching. Make sure you like, subscribe and share. – And hit the bell. – [Everyone] Bye! – [Mom] Go Audrey, go for the jump. Get some air, lift those skis. Oh that’s just great. (Audrey screams) There she goes. – [Dad] Whoo! Oh! Hahaha. – [Mom] Go slow. (Audrey screams) – [Dad] Oh, good job, and she landed it. Whoo-hoo-hoo. You did it Audrey.

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