Oh oh hope she doesn’t take out anybody on
the way. Good morning, it’s snowing, it’s cold, we’re
downtown Duluth. It’s been a rough morning so to give you a
little background, cross the street real quick. Last night Mommy dropped our hard drive all
of our footage from our Minnesota trip, cruise footage, Jones Family Travel footage, Videos’
to make all gone. Including Dog Sled. Like Kelly said including the dog sled. All the footage gone. I kinda felt like the Christmas Story when
the Turkey was gone. Gone all Gone. Yup. all the footage is gone so we had to
come down to a little computer shop here in downtown Duluth and they said 905 chance that
they can recover the footage. So keep your fingers crossed cause I know
you guys want to see all the footage from our trip. But while we were down here we saw the Duluth
Trading Company so we’re gonna head over here because Tim wants to do some shopping. Crack Spackle..Oh my gosh. Extra Long Shirts. That is awesome. What? So you know when plumbers lean over and you
get the butt showing plumber crack, these shirts are extra long so you don’t get Plumber’s
crack butt. Hunter’s veyr confused. That’s one, Step 1: define the problem, yup
that’s the problem Step 2: Carefully remove shirt, Step 3: put on a long tailed t-shirt
Step 4:…to work .there you go. Look at these hats, I love these hats. Look at them so cute. I don’t like it. Oh look at this one. Those hats are awesome. All right what do you think? You like, I like. I like it on you. I like it on you . All right what about this
one. This one is like a rain hat. You could wear this one in Florida. I like this one. Rain hat, just in case it rains. I like these gloves. Take this off and you see you can like pin
it right here. Wow, it’s taking forever. So much fun stuff. Ok we found a buck naked dog toy. So let’s see. Buck naked underwear. Is that what it is, They’re famous for those. So there’s this little guy and it says dog
toy. Copper need a dog toy? Yes. All right what color do we want orange? or
Green? Orange..Green. Ya orange, no green. Kelly you’re standing right next to the women’s
underwear. That’s the underwear. Didn’t realize that huh, you were wondering
what the box was for and ya. Holy Moly it’s windy and freezing, Holy Moly
All right we walked out of there with a dog chew toy, Kelly got a wallet with his Christmas
money, a multi purpose wallet. Awesome and then Hunter got some gloves for
ice skating. They’re half gloves, half mittens. Awesome. Oh we’re walking by the ice cream parlour. Do you think they have ice cream? Uh huh, and snow. You have snow on your eyelashes. I do, you do. Right there I can see it. All right off to our next adventure. The kids have been asking to go to this park
here, it’s right next to the light display that we went earlier this week so we decided
to come over and play on the playground in the snow. Crazy town. But that’s what we’re doing. This is a cool playground. This is crazy. Look at this mom. Are you gonna rock climb in the snow? Ya but look you hold onto this..tada. You climbed the mountain. What are you gonna call the mountain? Mount Hunter!! Wow, kid you got some seriously dirty pants. yup. You been playing hard in those pants today. How you doing over here Kelly? Ha ha ha. It’s hard I bet Is it slippery? An Hunter what lookit, oh lookit be careful. They have a nice little area over here for
us to chill out so we could play in the little kids play area. Play in the little kids play area. Look at this little guy. All right I’m gettin on that one. you’ll break it. No, as an adult I used to ride these things. Its’ cold on the behind though. It’s a little chilly. Whoo hoo. Kelly..ha ha ha. This fun. Here Daddy you can get on this one over here. No I don’t think so. Get in the little ship. I think you can get maybe a foot in there. Can maybe get my foot. Ya that’s pretty much the sum of it. You’re gonna break it. Oh this used to be..oh ya. Hello, it’s me. Are you gonna park sign language? ooo it’s icy here. It’s an interesting one, it has a gear shift. Teaches you how to shift gears even though
nobody does that anymore. Oh Ya. Hunter knows some sign language. This is the only sign language I know ..you
know , you know sign language. What’s this? milk , milk. And what’s more? wait..hands together. yes, that’s more. I know what tower is. Tower, so you know some. And then I know A. Squirrel. That ones big, squirrel, look at that squirrel,
he’s like super furry. Be careful. do squirrels attack here? Ya, I don’t know. Ya, ha ha ha Kelly got bit by a squirrel once. Look at squirrel trying to get food, trying
to get a nut. Wow you are one furry squirrel. Look at the little footy prints. Squirrel Stew. Look at his little footy prints…squirrel
stew? Really. Daddy’s swinging in the snow. Kind cool to see all of the houses up on the
mountain, we’re not used to that in Floirda cause it’s so flat. So It’s really cool to see all of Duluth kind
of on the mountain and the city scape. Kinda cool. Over here is supposed to be their ice skating
rink. Tim says the ice is not very good right now. All the snow has fallen on it. but imagine how pretty this will be at night
with all the Christmas lights up. Oh ya, you can just walk on it. Not very slippery. Not good for ice skating huh? Not good over there? It’s not frozen, oh it’s not frozen. Oh ya, not thawed. Ice is cracking. I know outside like that how cool is it? And I bet all the lights at night, I bet it’s
beautiful. Kelly put his snowpants on to do the x wave
two. This thing is cool, it like moves, like a
caterpillar. Monkey bars, yes. whoo. ha ha ha that’s so cool. whoo hoo and then do you fly off the end like
a slide? Whew..awesome. We decided to go back to Canal Park rink cause
the kids enjoyed it so much. actually we all enjoyed it so much and Hunter’s
finding a bunch of Pok e Mon while we’re here. Some good Pok e Mon that you don’t have before. Nope I have..oh ya. Now you can play Pok e Mon go on your phone
huh? How exciting? and look at this view. We’re gonna go out there and walk around afterwords
but so pretty right on Lake Superiior. The cheese curds were so good the last time
we were here, we had to..look at those fingers. ah ah. They were so good the last time we were here
that we got them again and look at him…he is a little excited So good. ah ah For lunch Tim and I got Walleye. The Walleye is a big fish up here in Minnesota
and Tim has caught this fish many, many times so we decided to get lunch, we wanted to get
something local and we got Walleye and it look like it comes with rice and broccoli
or is it asparagus. Is it asparagus. Broccoli..Broccoli, Borccolini and this is
wild rice too. Oh is it really? I’m not sure. It’s really good though. Try the Walleye. I already did, is it good? oh ya, it’s really good. Hunter ate all of my rice and now she’s starting
on Daddy’s rice. You really like rice don’t you? I like it..I love it. Hunter decided to try the lemon. No sour at all is it? Oh don’t get it in your eyes. Are you ok? Did you get it in your eyes? No, Wow, that looks super sour lemon. OK are you done? Oh you gonna go for number two? What!! OK this ones better. All right we’re gonna walk along this little
walk right out here that’s right along Lake Superior. It’s right outside the Prairie restaurant
we went to. Oh there’s the lighthouse. Look at this…Now the sun is all out, cool. The kids found some ice. whoohoo. Wha ho. A little windy, look at the snow flying. We came to our snow sledding park near the
house to do a little sledding and ice skating and Holy Moly, it’s like super packed. There’s a whole bunch of people out today. So Kelly already ran over there and Hunter
is doing some ice skating except the ice is like really really rough. So she can’t do too many tricks. Super Super rough isn’t it? Wow this park is super busy today. Last time we were here it was just us and
another family. There he goes whoo hoo. ha ha ha ha Go dude. Just keep walkin just keep walkin. You ready Bud? That’s hard work. Ya. Are you ready? Are you going on your butt? I’m going head first. Head First. Watch out for the kids. Whoo hoo. Straight for the fence. Have a hard time all the way back up here. How was it? Super fast man. All right down this hill? That one? Which one? this one right here? No There’s too many people on there. How about this one over to the side? Is it slippery, I’m going to try to slide
down without one. Whoo hoo. Pull me up I’m tired. ha ha ha I can’t. Pull me. ha ha hah C’mon pull ha ha ha all right. Done ice skating and now you want to do some
sledding? Ya the ice got really rough and there were
kids doing hockey. Ya, you gotta share the ice sometimes huh? So you gonna sled? Look out sled incoming. All right go for it, which hill are you gonna
do? That one right over there. Oh sweetness go for it. Kelly is literally rolling down the hill. ha ha ha Can you tell this kid likes snow? Just roll down the hill. There we go. Here she comes, oh oh I hope she doesn’t take
out anybody on the way. Oh no, oh Hunter took somebody out on the
way..oh no no. ha ha ha ha ha. Whoo hoo. So what happened you took out that little
girl. I couldn’t see her and I tried to stop, I
told her I was so sorry because I crashed into her. Ya. So I apologized, Oh I saw that and thought
oh my gosh there goes that little girl. Bail bail. All right you gonna go one more time? No You’re done? I think done ice skating too. Thanks give us a thumbs up, like if you enjoyed
the video, keep on dreaming, Bye Love you all.

Antonio Breitenberg

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