⛸Ice Skating FALL!!

⛸Ice Skating FALL!!

(Dad grunting in surprise) (upbeat guitar music) – All right, so we are headed into Ikea as family this morning,
and we’re kind of laughing because we just had a hilarious experience getting Jeremy into this contraption. – I, with my mini-van,
brought my four children (Mom and kids laughing)
to Ikea for Saturday. Because I am a man’s man. – Anyway. We’ve never been to Ikea before, at least not here in the Kansas City area. The kids have never been, so this is quite the Saturday adventure for us. So we were really excited to find out that Ikea has like a child care center. This is genius, we’re
really excited to try it and the kids are excited to be here. So we’re checking the
kids in to Small Land. – All right the clock is ticking, we have one hour before we have to come back and get the kids. But that looked like a fun kid place, there’s like a huge ball pit. So Ikea’s a unique store in that you actually have to like
walk through the maze. – [Mom] No, there’s shortcuts! – [Dad] Oh, are there some shortcuts? – I’m excited about the show room, though. – Yeah, so the whole place is just set up as though it were separate living rooms. Or kitchens or whatever, and you can go look at it and you go later to actually purchase the stuff that you want. – [Mom] There he is. – Have we told you guys? We’re expecting. (Mom laughs)
Just kidding. – So I think this might
be a good storage solution for some spots in the house. I’ve seen them with like the bins, and acts as a bookshelf. – [Dad] So I’ve always
talked that some day I want to have a computer
lab in our house, and with home schooling our kids, like we need more
computer access for them. So we’re gonna have to
buy all this, I guess. – [Mom] Or something like
this would be amazing. – Coming to Ikea is kind of a bad idea unless you’re a multi-millionaire and you can buy everything you want. – That’s not true, it’s
pretty inexpensive. Except that we want so many things. – So Ikea is a Swedish company, and being here just reminds me of the month that I spent in Sweden. My ex-step mom, you’ll
have to watch the video about my dysfunctional
family to get a hold of how all this works, but she’s Swedish, and she was married to
my dad for 13 years. And I got to spend a month in Sweden when they got married. And it was really a big deal for me, I was 12 years old, and it was kind of the first time that I was like, “Oh, there’s other countries
besides the United States?” It was a good experience, I needed it. But I was wondering from you guys, where have you traveled
outside of your country? And if you’re not in the United States, let us know what country you’re from. – So we came to get some
ideas for our bedroom as we look towards decorating our bedroom. We’ve never had a bedroom set, never had like a comforter. And I’m feeling ready, like it’s time to decorate our bedroom. So I’m excited, and a
little bit overwhelmed by it so we came for some inspiration today. We were just looking at all these beds, and Laura says, “I want to sleep.” Look at that girl. – Beds. – [Mom And Dad] Beds. – Here they are.
– Can I climb? – [Dad] She wants to climb on it. You want this one? (playful music) – [Mom] Laura what are you doing? You’re pooping? What are you sitting on? (Laura mumbles) The toilet? – [Dad] Did you flush? – [Mom] This place has me
daydreaming and scheming about storage solutions and
trying to get more organized. It’s a battle, this is exciting. So when you drop off your
kids, they give you a pager. I think that’s pretty smart. – [Laura] I want toy. – Let’s go get the kids, where’s the kids? – Neesie! – [Mom] How was it guys? – Good! – I hungry. – You’re hungry? I’m hungry. – I hungry. – I’m hungry. – I love the way they carry the trays, we need these at like every
Church potluck we ever go to. – [Dad] We need these in our home. – So we decided to try the Ikea
restaurant while we’re here. Jeremy got the Swedish
meatballs, and a salad. I got a veggie wrap. And the kids are trying out the meatballs. We’ve been mazing through the
marketplace with all the kids just trying to figure out how to get out, and we found a shortcut. So I think we’re almost out. – Look how huge this room is! – [Mom] It is huge! (laughing) Can’t imagine with Laura is begging for her turn on his shoulders. So on the way down here,
we started reading aloud our next read aloud, and
it’s already a big hit. It is Sideways Stories
From Wayside School. – [Dad] It’s just ridiculously hilarious. I like it. – I read it growing up,
somehow Jeremy missed it. – [Dad] I didn’t read a
lot of books, growing up. – Jeremy went to get his hair cut, so I’m sure he’s going to come
home looking quite dashing. And the kids are outside playing, because it is gorgeous, so I made a rule, you have to stay outside and play, because it is gorgeous. Leesie chose to color. And I dunno what these boys are up to. – [Leesie] They’re playing football. – [Mom] Caleb, why are
you sitting on a chair? And why is Isaac hula hooping if you guys are playing Football? – [Caleb] No we’re playing Football, because this is a training break. – [Mom] Oh, this is a training break. – I’ve not swung for so long. – [Mom] Yeah, does it feel good? – Yeah. – [Mom] How about you, dude? – Yeah. – So our freezer meal for tomorrow got frozen to the rack in the freezer, so I had to just pull out the whole rack for it to defrost here. But it’s gonna be good, for tomorrow. – We live in here. – [Dad] Oh, is this your house? Oh, well very good. Can you guys fix it up and make it nice? – That’s what we’re doing! Me and Isaac are the mom and dad, and Caleb and Laura are the children. – [Dad] Of course. You make sure that they obey, okay? – Okay! And you are the papa. – [Dad] Perfect. Then you take care of your kids, I’m gonna leave.
– Okay. – We’re gonna go ice skating. – You’re gonna go ice skating?
– Yeah! You have fun with the baby sitter, okay? Cause mom and dad go on dates. – [Leesie] To keep their marriage. – To keep our marriage good! – [Leesie] So they won’t, um, avorce. – We won’t avorce. (laughing) It’s called divorce. – [Leesie] Divorce, get divorced. – Yeah, it’s important to keep dating. Laura, are you sitting on my foot? (kids laughing) – All right, so we came
down to Crown Center in Kansas City tonight, to enjoy the area and to go ice skating, check this out. That’s gonna be us. (Dad laughs) Hopefully we don’t fall. – We probably will. We’re heading to the ice skating ring, and as we’re walking in our ice skates, Kendra says, “this feels
just like walking in my high-heel wedges.” – No wonder I fall all the time. – I’m so glad I don’t wear girl shoes. This is so fun! – So we are honestly a
little wobbly at first, Jeremy is picking it up quicker than I am. I am struggling to remember my groove. People are crashing like
left and right around us. – I feel so bad, there are
so many wipe outs going on. – There’s a lot of kids, so I
think most of what we’re doing is trying to like watch out for people. (bright instrumental music) – [Mom] Start spinning and– (Dad grunting in surprise) – I fell, on my face! (laughing) But I’m okay. – I can go backwards! – [Leesie] Goodnight, J House out. (Mom laughing)
– [Dad] Oh no. We didn’t have any alcohol tonight.

Antonio Breitenberg

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