☀️❄️I Miss Summer || Sledding in a Winter Wonderland || Fun in the Snow❄️☀️

☀️❄️I Miss Summer || Sledding in a Winter Wonderland || Fun in the Snow❄️☀️

Good Job Nelly! Nelly why don’t you go try the slide? (Nellycat) I’m going there.

Antonio Breitenberg

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69 thoughts on “☀️❄️I Miss Summer || Sledding in a Winter Wonderland || Fun in the Snow❄️☀️

  1. TheNorma says:

    Me too. I like complaining about the heat more than the cold.

  2. TripleGs says:

    Love summers here in Arizona, but I wish it wasn't so hot. Only if the temp would be in the 80s, that would be awesome. Great video 🤙👍

  3. J&J Channel says:

    All i can say is just wait few more month lol

  4. Eli's Adventures says:

    The snow looks like a lot of fun but cold 🥶 Its summer here now and it’s super hot I can’t wait for winter 😀

  5. P-Nut Party says:

    What is something that you miss?

  6. Super Fancy Mom says:

    Yes!! Sooo ready for summer!!

  7. The family show Of 4 says:

    I also miss summer

  8. Super MomGo says:


  9. slimchelle says:

    Looks like fun

  10. FREE MIND says:

    FunTime with sledding;) Havefun Nelly and Dad…
    El20 HaveANiceDay…

  11. Soyers World says:

    So much fun!!!!

  12. Eva's Toy Reviews and Adventures says:

    Great time sledding though. Only thing is its so cold. Burrr! I don't like winter either. Great video we had a great time watching.

  13. Mallerlyn says:

    how fun :)!

  14. Community Tours Australia says:

    thanks for cooling me off its very hot in Australia now

  15. BlueIvy Angel says:

    Nice video 💕💕💕

  16. Magic Dara Somnang says:

    Wow beautiful place big like thank you for sharing have a nice weekend my dear friend 👍😍😊💐💕…

  17. Big Man and Quisha Family says:

    Fun sledding, love all the fun time in the snow. Beautiful and enjoyed watching, FV, like 27.

  18. Bond Elixer says:

    Subs me back

  19. BlacqueOne976 says:

    Like #29 👍👍

  20. Eats and treats with Eugenia says:

    How is this happy and sad at the same time lol I miss summer a little too. But that snow ❄️ looks awesome 😎

  21. Sundry Girl says:

    This was so fun to watch. The title says you miss summer funny cuz I miss sledding. Super cool thumbs up my friend hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!💕👍✌🏼✨💖🙋🏻🐕

  22. Jake Phelps says:

    I often also get tired of this gloomy weather, then I remember how great it is going to be when spring gets here! Without pain there would be no pleasure! Great work here!

  23. Princess Mia Time! says:

    This is truly an Awesome video!!! Great job and great music 👍 We would love to see snow one day but we are #TeamSummer

  24. koh pochi says:

    Nice video!! 👍😃

  25. The Susie Channel says:

    this was such a sweet video… very creative.. I loved the editing and the music you used… no matter the season… time spent with our children is a precious gift.. it sure flies by too fast… such a sweet video…

  26. Rodneys Toy Garage Review says:

    Omg this looks so fun 😁😁😁34 like with a full view😁

  27. Destinations Chronicles says:

    I am always ready for the next season. I love them all (Except Spring, my sinuses explode LOL) Looks like your family had a lot of fun even without summer 😊 Loved the back & forth shots

  28. BlueEastCoast says:

    I like winter and snow for about a month..lol. Think summer.. just subbed 👍

  29. Living Coast 2 Coast says:

    I miss summer to my friend _ Kaylla

  30. How To With Angie says:

    I miss summer as well but would be great to have some snow.

  31. A&I FunTube says:

    Great video👌🍀

  32. grokiz says:

    Nice video.
    Big like 👍👍👍👍👍😀😘😘😘😘

  33. Aliviah and Akayla toys tv says:

    Very nice video we miss summer awesome video new Friends here liked and subscribed 😊

  34. B&N Squad says:

    Nice here from James live new friend here

  35. Carla E Show says:

    Stopped by my new friend from the live

  36. MySoCalledLife1977 says:

    Great Family time. I love Winter! It is my fave season. I came over from #iamacreator to show your channel some love. TFS! ~ Nona

  37. 3G Outdoor Adventures says:

    Hi new friend, awesome video, stop by sometime!!!

  38. Willz World Media says:

    I'm having those summer day dreams too. You had a very chill attitude in the cold. Peace!

  39. Barbie and Tina ! says:

    Right I’m so ready for summer because this cold just isn’t for me lol 😂

  40. WHAT I SEE JOURNEY says:

    Fun and sweet video. Love summer and winter adventures you guys have.

  41. BarrowBoy Woods says:

    Cool I miss summer to its hot not the cold weather thank you for sharing good job

  42. Queen Mia AU says:

    A lot of fun in the snow haha I like the contrast between summer and winter footage well done but summer is more fun of course 👍

  43. President Saad says:

    Awesome video

  44. Keeping up with the Joneses says:

    That looks so fun especially all the beautiful snow around!!! I just love me some snow I guess cuz I'm a winner child LOL great video

  45. Viviana Bunea says:

    Very nice video my dear friend!

  46. Eben & Dre Toys Video says:

    great video & awesome content mate, 🙂

  47. Anjali Says says:

    You miss summer? We all miss summer. I can't believe the temperature is in the negative numbers… What is going on? Love your look when you are in the cold. Hahahaha… That look is the look we know very well. Hahaha… Love Love Love it. 💖💖💖

  48. OorLittle BigFamily says:

    Hi new friend
    So glad we found you
    #iamacreator stay #stayawesomesauce

  49. Food Lover says:

    Great video. Thank you for coming over. Here I am to support you back. Have a great weekend 🙂

  50. Ghost Mafia says:


  51. TurtleCreativity says:

    I saw you in James Cox Live. I am here to show you love and support. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Sledding Video. I can’t wait for your next one. Much love to you. I have watched your video in full, I added a like, I added you to my playlist, and I tweeted this out. #IAmACreator

  52. Kitchen Plaza says:

    Great upload dear friend

  53. Hazzell Urey says:

    Ty for visiting my channel and leaving a very nice positive comment is greatly appreciated 😊I miss summer too even though it gets very hot 🥵 here too very nice informative and interesting video footage

  54. Shawn Ivan D says:

    Looks like so much fun, brings back some good memories of being a kid. I love that huge swimming pool YAS! TFS returning the love and support #IAmACreator 🤗👍😊

  55. Zahra Fun Kids says:

    Nice My Friend…

    P-Nut Party

  56. Dean Marroni says:

    Hey buddy

  57. Mel and Toys says:

    Funny video and too funny how your dad is looking. Nelly Cat is having so much fun and all poor dad can do is think about summer. Love it guys, full and like 38.

  58. My Kites. says:

    Nice video. Having fun well done

  59. Varshini Vijayakumar says:

    Winter wonderland looks beautiful

  60. Kids Fun Science says:

    This looks like a great place. Very fun LIke 39

  61. Amir Tv says:

    Lol funny video

  62. Happy Shappy kids says:

    Beautiful comparison but each season has its own charm and beauty really enjoyed the expressions of dad in the snow enjoy watching big thumbs up

  63. This Single Mom says:

    Enjoy the moment! Cute video


    this was such a sweet video

  65. Ross K. Foad says:

    That is a ALOT of SNOW. Wow.

  66. RadioHills says:


  67. TheNorma says:

    I already miss the snow. Not a fan of the hot weather

  68. Sparksmania says:

    Oh, I love all that snow!!

  69. Joyfull Rains says:

    Sledding is fun! nice video! New friends from Pusa studios.

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